Strange Days

Apparently I’m not posting enough naked girls? Well, Lil Miss Strange has different ideas!

More photos of her and a friend (all by Rik Scott) are after the break..

40 thoughts on “Strange Days


    Gorgeous girls and some truly innovative photography. The second photo is absolutely stunning.

  2. I could’ve sworn she was getting stuffed head first into a hole of some sort.

    I’m going to leave that open for who ever wants to interject a perverted “stuffed in hole” comment.

  3. Though I can’t tell if it’s an HCH, VCH or what I love that at least you can tell there’s something down there in the last shot.

  4. Ive always loved lil miss stranges pictures, these are even more gorgeous. Its awsome that you can see her jewelry through her underwear in the last picture.

  5. Hee hee! my secret prayers are answered (by Roo, strangely enough but there you go). Ain’t she a corker? Elevated right side + kyphosis suggest possible whiplash effect, but hell, you can’t have everything :)

  6. Actually, not to be a big giant jerk, but I think you’re posting TOO MANY naked girls. Lately I’ve noticed a severe drop in photos of interesting/weird/funny/amazing tattoos and interviews, and a rapid increase in naked girls. This isn’t Suicide Girls. Enough is enough.

  7. valentxne – That was just one day of posting, and they were interspersed with other things :)

    I think the tattoos that I’ve been posted have been pretty interesting/weird/funny. As I mentioned in another comments forum the interviews are coming, I promise.

    The last few tattoos are pretty good, yes?

  8. thanks for posting my pictures Roo :) and thanks for the bunch of compliments and there is seriously someone who doesn’t like naked (modified!) girls? weirdo!

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