16 thoughts on “Stop Batting Those Eyelids!

  1. whoa, i love it. though a little faded, i think it goes well with their other facial mods.

  2. erm – That’s a sweeping statement! I can’t see why someone else with a tattoo (anywhere on their body) they’re obviously proud of would cause you to be ashamed of yours. Also, think of the size of the tattoo, it’s pretty good work in my opinion.

  3. Is that a facemaze!? Bet this persons friends have fun with permanent markers after a big night out. Mice and cheese and whatnot.
    Seriously though, I’d be interested in seeing clearer pics of the whole face in various expressions.

  4. The maze looks interesting I’d like to see that in a bigger picture.
    But the bats are cute!!

  5. what’s with the rude, demeaning comments? If you can’t be diplomatic about your opinion, don’t share it.

  6. one sexy ass guy right there if i do say so…don’t be jealous of his facial artwork

  7. That crazy niggas got tron lines! He sure is awful cutew though, I’d still spoon him. Kame Ha style!

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