There’s a Beauty in the Chaos..

My buddy Shannon sent me these lovely photos of her last outing to the iHung / Modified Soul barbeque.. I think I’ve mentioned it once before here, but it always makes me realise just how much I miss suspending and the atmosphere that comes with it.

It was an amazing experience. It really helped me cope with a lot of
events that have happened already this year, mainly my father’s
death early in January. I love my iHung family! They are always there for me
and offer me the greatest experiences I could ever ask for. They are
truly the greatest friends and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to
be there with me for such a meaningful suspension than my friends of
iHung and ROP.

Read on for her suspension photos, and some scrotal fisting shenanigans with Pauly! All but the first two have larger images beyond the clickthrough..

This was a four to two point resurrection and I’m being helped by Jason and Mikey.

HOT!! (Edit – Photos by Pestering Perk.)

All suspension photos are courtesy of Beverly Diane (Up The Down Photography).

28 thoughts on “There’s a Beauty in the Chaos..

  1. That suspension is HOT!!
    and on the last two pics, is that her hand through his sack??:O

  2. really need to try suspension
    and yes Skarsnick that is going through Paulys slack. what size is it now? anyone know?

  3. Is it me or is there very little action going on at the main bme site? That said, Roo is doing a stirling job over here…. oh and Roo also wrote the only front page article that we’ve seen since April….

  4. snoop – Click! / Click!

    I promise you we’re all very busy with something, ModProm/BMEfest organising, BMEvideo, ensuring things run smoothly, well, you get the idea.

    BMEzine has been updated very regularly though and I’ve got a couple of interviews in the works, as have a few other people as far as I know (but don’t quote me on that).


  5. All these pictures are truely amazing and I like em alot, also the last two look like a hellot of fun though hehehahahah just make me crack up hahaha

  6. i should also mention. the fist going in was easy. we were a little worried when it seemed to be quite a task to get my fist out. now that would be something crazy to see in the emergency room!

  7. That guy, Pauly. He looks like some kind of chinese demon, really cool.

  8. As much as I love suspensions it’s the scarification on her chest that is mesmerizign me right now. It’s so gorgeous.

  9. I love Modified Soul. Got all my piercings done there. Good and cheap. I think it’s closing for an indeterminate period of time soon (if it hasn’t already), so if you’re in the Columbus area, check it out now.

  10. Her scars are absolutely beautiful! I’d love to see more pictures of that :P

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