The Wang Game..

WARNING: – This game is not suitable for minors and may contain nuts!!

So, the idea of this “game” is to work out what it is the wang’s being poked through! Don’t bother hovering your mouse over the thumbnails, it won’t help you!

Also, I have no idea where one would go to buy a set like this (it’s not for me, honest) or what you’re supposed to poke through the holes, but I’d be interested to know.

79 thoughts on “The Wang Game..

  1. Ohhhh they sell those at Spencers, you’re SUPPOSED to poke your wang through them…. one of those silly novelty gifts 😀

  2. i love how dismayed the fireman looks that his hose is really a cock. heehee

  3. they sell books like that in the uk… they’re called Penis Pokey…. and very funny.

    ahem, so i’ve heard.

  4. Neat. I had my pa for over 6 years. It does suck having 2 pee holes sometimes though.

    My husband has that same book!
    Yup, it’s for poking penises (Penii?) through.

  6. actually i saw that book yesterday at urban outfitters

    i think its made specifically for dicks

  7. It’s called Penis Pokey. My wife bought it for me a few years ago. heh.

  8. Do posts with links not go through or am I being stupid?
    yeah its a book called “penis pokey” in the uk – I wanted to get it for a friend for Xmas but their GF wouldn’t let me haha.

  9. Yes I was going to say, boyfriend and I just saw this at urban outfitters in tempe. very tempting. ahah.

  10. Adding to that – Not knowing exactly what it was before I put this up, I was sure it wasn’t anything to do with kids. It’s just colourful, adults like colours too.

  11. Wow, this looks like it would be good fun at a party after we’ve all had a few. (I usually need a few to find a penis amusing, though a pierced one is more amusing that a non pierced one.)

  12. i’m a little disappointed that the penis is flaccid in all the pictures. I feel that some of the photos may have been improved with a hard-on.

  13. gebbeth, I agree. I think wood could add to the over all look of a few of them.

  14. I bought this in Italy, where it’s called ‘Dai, Fallo!’ or ‘Come on, penis!’ It was near the children’s section, but I think that was an employee just trying to be clever.

  15. Awww man when’s there gonna be a put your vag through here book? Feelin’ a bit left out here…

  16. is it sad that when i see this all i thought was that i wanted the smiley CBR? lol

    bme has desensitized me form everything, i dont go OMG PENIS. i go OMG SMILEY CBR :p

  17. I think having an erection would make it quite difficult to insert and remove the wang from the holes, you know, with the swelling and all, and if it was erect it would tend to point upwards, which would block the cute pictures.

    Flaccid is the name of the game here.

  18. I love it! I worked at spencers gifts and that book was extremely popular. As soon as we’d put em on the shelf they’d be gone. Not to mention all the laughs we got from male employees who’d stick their wangs through trying to shock the girl employees haha.

  19. OH MY GOD. I bought this book as a birthday present for my friend last year, but I never thought I’d get to see it in use!

    This post is awesome.

  20. Best one: the blue alien thing with orange and yellow antennae…nice!!! Good times.

  21. Omg this is hilarious, and the smiley face CBR makes it that much better… who exactly does this penis belong to?

  22. I forgot to mention earlier. I seen a bunch of people post about how much they like the cbr. We sold those at spencers for a long time. Not quite sure if they still sell them or not but itd be worth looking into.

  23. where’s the one with the lollypop? thats what i want to know. or how about the elephant? or the photographer with the tripod?

    hmmm still a lot of fun though. i think i’d join the cowboy for a ride along with my sista from anotha mista.

  24. i think the only pictures that would’ve done better with an erect penis would be the banana-penis and cowboy ones.

  25. Hahahahha, that made my morning! I can’t see it’s designed for anything other than willies, thou…

  26. This was funny as hell and GREAT to wake up to and start my day with! I want that book – even though I don’t have a penis to poke through the holes. I wonder if my cat would volunteer his…..?

  27. There’s a gay bar in New Orleans called Good Friends that has that book behind the bar. They encourage their customers to take pictures with it.

  28. Hahahah, oh god! This is the BEST thing I have seen all week. Well, it’s only the 2nd day of the week, but it’s the best thing I have seen in a while.

  29. Someone posted a book of creative glory holes? Man, America just never stops changing.

  30. Lenore, the book it’s taken from is called “Penis Pokey”… you work it out! 😀

    I love that one review on amazon said simply, “Don’t buy this Used…” heehee

  31. its a book called penis pokey and your meant to stick your dick through it as I’m sure you’ve guessed lol, and the only place I’ve ever seen it is urban outfitters

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