Star Spangled Noggin

I was totally blown away when I saw this gorgeous head tattoo by CBY at A-1 Classic Tattoos in Killeen, Fort Hood, Texas.

I especially like the sideburns, Elvis would be proud!

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  2. @4, I think the non-uniformity of the stars is deliberate, I’m guessing they’ve been done to look childlike and naive, that’s part of their charm. There’s a difference between that and bad tattooing.

  3. UGH, Killeen didn’t start getting ANYTHING good until after we get out of the military. Go f’in figure.
    I like the tat though.. I couldn’t do a head tat like that though… (that or the armpit.. *shudders*)

  4. i don’t like it- the stars are just uncreative…
    Think she went to the studio and said “i want lots of stars there…”

  5. Shush about the mole, people, crikey!

    Eva – Not that she did, but is there something wrong with that? I left the placement of the hearts on my sleeves entirely up to my tattooist and purposefully asked him to make them non-uniform and slightly skewiff. I love them.

    sparrowgirl – See above :)

  6. I know we’ve heard enough about the mole…but it looks liquidy to me, and it’s too bright and shiny. Plus it’s in the center of a tattoo and there’s tattooing right up against the perimeter. Looks like a glob of blood or something to me.

  7. Seriously.. get over the mole! I have one on my head, but you’ll never see it because I wouldn’t ever shave my head.. most of us have them in one place or another whether they’re brown or pink/red!

    Now, down to the point at hand – I like the concept a lot, like Roo, I’m loving the sideburns. Personally I would prefer uniformity for the stars but that’s just me.. it doesn’t make the tattoo any less beautiful, just not something I’d go for myself

  8. when i look at the pic, it makes me happy. therefore, i say job well done and awesome tattoo! the stars are fun and childlike and if she chooses to grow her hair in, it’ll be something only she knows she has… well, except for the sideburns :P

  9. It’s a really nice idea, and I love the sideburns bit, but it looks a little crowded to me.

    But who cares, it isn’t my tattoo :)

  10. I hate to say this sort of thing about people’s modifications because they are quite personal and some permanent…
    I know at least 4 girls that do not know each other that have this tattoo on their feet by poor artists in cheap shops.
    A nautical star with a shooting star and “traditional filler” stars?
    At least you can cover the majority of it with hair…

  11. I wouldn’t like this so much if it were on, say, her wrist or her back. But the location of the tattoo and the non-uniformity are pretty sweet.

  12. i’m not usually one for star tattoos, but i LOVE this. tattooes instead of hair? hell yeah! i like that the stars aren’t completely uniform, too.

  13. All the hatred of this style merely encourages me to spend a few hours working in my graphics and print layout tools making my own star field as my first tattoo.

    Up until recently I would have also insisted upon uniformity. If her stars were uniform, they would not be as beautiful in my opinion as they are since they have a certain youthful charm.

  14. if the stars were done perfectly there would be tons of people saying how they hate how the stars are all perfect& how she should have thought more outside the box; it’s not something i would get but i’m sure she loves it.

  15. elvis would be ashamed! look at those small pussy sideburns.

    and @3, i was just about to call you a fucking idiot, but i just noticed that i misunderstood what you actually said :D

  16. I have a moehawk and I’ve been thinking about getting tattoos on my scalp, too.
    I’m happy to see a photo of what someone’s scalp tattoo looks like. I personally wouldnt get a tattoo of stars but whatever, it looks cute on her and as long as she is happy. :D

  17. Mummy says that if I can’t say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all :(

  18. LOVE. I especially like the ‘poorly drawn’ stars. I think they’re lovely. ;D

    I wonder if there’s only one side?

  19. I think this tattoo idea is hella awesome and people need to stop hating on it because of the “uniformity” or because she has a fricken mole. Grow up people. 1. It says right above the little comment box to leave if you’re gonna say something mean. 2. It’s just a tattoo. & 3. If she’s happy with the tattoo thats all that matters. :]

  20. this is actually the coolest tattoo i’ve ever seen
    i love this :)
    stop bitching about it, if you dont have anything nice to say then go away

  21. Eh it’s ok. But I think if she does grow her hair back and all you see is the sideburns, it’s gonna look really weird.

  22. Damn, Rooraaah, I wanted it to not be a mole for some reason…actually, it’s probably because the idea of nicking the mole while shaving has me a bit freaked out.

    I actually really like it–and if she decides a few years down the road that crooked stars aren’t her thing, bam, time will take care of that with a thick coat of hair.

  23. As someone with a shaved head, I can totally appreciate the concept. However, as far as execution of the tattooing itself…no. I see maybe one star that looks really good. The rest…not so much. I don’t mean to be an ass, keeping in mind this is on the head and all, but it’s also there forever. Unless of course she decides to grow her hair out. ;)

  24. Its nice. well I don’t really like it but I am sure she does and thats all that matters :)

  25. :/ dunno if “gorgeous” is the right word for it… interesting idea but… meh.

  26. That’s the best nautical star tat I’ve ever seen! I ussually don’t like star tattoos, but this one’s pretty cool- it reminds me of an article I read about a lady who tattooed her head after she went through chemo, ona side note.

  27. i don’t think anyone here stopped to think about what the girl who actually has the tattoo wanted!! even if others have meaningless stars on their feet or whatever, it’s not the same tattoo by any means. of all places, you’d think people at modblog would have considered the modified person’s thoughts. i’m sure she put a lot of consideration into a piece like this. the cartoony style is popular now anyway, so it may not be bad work on the artist’s part, but intentional. think people

  28. I like stars that way, I draw them that way myself. It’s actually pretty common, you can see plenty of those “uneven” type stars in various graphics.

    My one concern would be that even growing back hair, the sideburns won’t hide.

    But as it is now, I like it.

  29. Eeeee, that’s so cute :D
    Hmm. I do think to everyone who has left negative and postitive (and some even neutral and analytical) comments, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But at the end of the day, it’s the girl’s head, the girl’s tatto and the girl’s decision. Leave her well alone, I say! If she likes it, good for her :)

  30. Can’t say that I like it. The stars seem crooky and I just don’t like it, would have been fine with more variation. But that’s me. Aslong as she’s happy really.

  31. I really like that the big green star has a little star within it. The worst tattoo I ever got was from Dragon Lady’s in Killeen and it just happened to be a small cluster of stars. You’d think if you could get a proper star tattoo anywhere it would be the Lonestar State. Bummer.

  32. youthful charm?! wtf? they are clearly badly tattooed. head tattooing is difficult and to have some kid have a shot at it with one of the hardest things to tattoo (stars are hard as fuck) is just dumb.

    you can totally tell they are MEANT to be straight, but the tattooer fucked up. theres no flow, no nothign about this piece. the shooting stars are whack. nothign wrong with just walking in and saying ‘i want stars on my bonce’ just make sure you get a dude that knows what hes doing.

    wheres the quality control?

  33. i like that the stars are all wonky.
    and if she didn’t like it why would she let it be posted on modblog?
    if i got a tattoo that i hated i wouldn’t send it in so people could tell me how awful it is, i would already know.

  34. Roo ~ Totally understandable. I am not one to tell people they shouldn’t be happy with what they have if that’s what they want. Personally, I’m picky about my ink, so this was just my opinion. ;)

  35. I think this tattoo is very cool aand unique–never seen another like it. I think it shows that this person is very creative. Nice piercings, also.

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