14 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising

  1. why were the comments origionally off?

    i was gonna make a comment earlier but i coudlnt, and now i forgo tit lol

  2. You know, sometimes a sultry look can just out-sex the most gratuitous of pictures. This is one of those times.

    Also, number 6 wins.

  3. lol as for the forgo tits lol, i do that alot, also like abou tit, and all those things. ive got a bad habit of trying to type faster than my fingers can move.

    and roo, contact tech support and bitch about the bug and get free stuff :D

    atleast thats what im told when i find a problem with a comp im building… but it never seems to work….

  4. That’s beautiful… I’d love to see the final color! I’ve got a phoenix on my right forearm that gets endless compliments- but it will pale in comparison to that!

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