22 thoughts on “NKOTB!

  1. they are touring again i just found out. i think they aren’t quite new kids on the block anymore….actually they aren’t even kids or teenagers or young adults anymore. damn

  2. maybe it’s just me but that would be the kind of tat that I would only get when WASTED and then regret when I’m sober.

  3. Looks good, I would love to see her other tattoos.
    Shame I am not an IAM member. 🙁

  4. OH so jealous I want one!!!!!! oh and maybe the new kids are so new but they could still just be kids at heart….I know I am.

  5. The tattoo’s great.

    The funny thing is that their new song isn’t really that bad. I heard it today on the radio and it’s kinda catchy

  6. PEOPLE! This “band” were not even good in the 80s! Oh my I remember being 12 and being SO ashamed that some of my friends played their music 🙁

    Surely this is a joke? Please? Let it be a joke!!!

  7. Hahaaha you think Roo? Well, I can’t say I have heard any of this new stuff that has come out, but I did have a chuckle when I heard they had re-formed!

    It was even funnier when I clicked through the lin you have there to read the Wikipedia entry on them, there is a photo there somewhere of them now, it is hilarious, they look middle aged…but they are the “new kids”. Too funny!!

    If the tattoo is meant as a joke then I think it is pretty good…but oh man…I hope it IS a joke!

  8. HAH….no joke folks..Me and my friend both have them and they healed well too…I actually do like NKOTB well the old stuff anyways…and am more than old enough to know who they are….

  9. EPIC FAIL !

    i think i had my new kids tape for a week before i gave it to the slow girl in class, pretty sure she grew up to be a bombshell, or a crackhead retard.

    if the latter i blame it on the stupid hat that one of the mcguire brothers wore,,, a hat with a hole in the center,,,

    what the fuck .

    bit late there sweetheart, cute none the less….




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