What’s Your Flavour?

Fancy a bundle of wildly different suspension photos in a variety of location? Yes? Good!

First up are these atmospheric photos (thanks Dave) of Only Flesh (more..) performing in Columbus, Ohio, with the help of Modified Soul. Lots more photos after the break!

The next photo is IAM: plea4pain and her friend Alva (in the hammock) celebrating Peat‘s birthday in style, this time helped by the Freedom Suspension Team, and a little inertia.

Naypi all dressed and flying in Brazil

And last but not least it’s IAM: Stomberg enjoying a relaxing inverted calf suspension in Sweden (aided by Mr. Jaxon and Aghori Baba, on the right is Mathew have a single knees up at Club Fuel in Seattle.

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30 thoughts on “What’s Your Flavour?

  1. im really excited about this suspension thing. You’re really expanding the market for mutilations with this. I can’t believe you’re combining rock music and suspensions! whats next suspension barbeques? suspension bar mitvahs? the possibilities are endless!!!

  2. I personally like the Angel suicide suspension, but then again, both of my suspension experiences have been suicide suspensions.

    I’m surprised that a resurrection or chest suspension was not included.

    I wonder what Naypi got dressed up for and why she has blood on her legs.

  3. I think I just joygasmed after seeing the concert suspensions…I should probably go change…but those pics are fuckin awesome!!!!! *fapfapfap*

  4. hmm,

    Metal bands go quite well with flesh pulls and suspensions. Both of my suspensions were at “house parties” (where “house” means loft or warehouse”). There is no “market for mutilations”, but there are lots of people who enjoy suspension and other “extreme” rituals.

    I don’t see how suspension could be mutilation. My suspension scars from a year ago are barely noticeable.

  5. Dude, Only Flesh is tight for doing that and the Cross suspension a while back. I’ve never tried a suspension, but it’s something I want to do one day.

  6. anametamystik, thanks for the clarification. I now know that suspensions are perfectly valid forms of entertainment. And so is chopping your dick off, according to this site.

  7. mutilation is viewed the same as art. it is in the eye of the beholder. i can see both sides views. ill still see it how i see it but i can atleast understand why someone else views it in a different way

  8. Actually Hmm, a “BME BBQ” usually entails suspension.

    You might think this a waste of time or a waste of life, but really, we think you spamming us and you passing judgment and not exploring yourself is a waste of your time and a waste of your life.

    Thanks for your opinion though. I was starting to have faith in humanity again.

  9. _Stigmata_, damn you just got all philosophical on my ass!!!!
    TrickyDick, perhaps you should ‘nullify’ your penis and restore my faith in humanity.

  10. wise man once say “arguing with idiots on the internet (e.g. hmm) is like running in the special olymics. doesn’t matter if you win, your still retarded”

    he’s out for attention is all. just ignore him and he’ll wander off when he gets bored hopefully

  11. Telyn, hold on… are suspensions done for the visual effect, or is more for the thrill aspect of the suspendee?

  12. hmm: suspensions are done for various reasons… one can be for a visual effect or show, another could be for personal reflection/meditation, or it could be part of a right of passage ritual…

    there are all kinds of rhymes and reasons to do it…

    much like posting comments on the internet… some do it to discuss things like normal people others do it to act like self righteous dicks…

  13. Dude, I wish I had money. I’m a little hobo. I would go see them if they were playing in Chicago. Actually see some of this stuff I’ve been getting into done, and meet some of the community.

  14. I love that Roo used the term ‘knees up’! I love that saying. It’s right up there with ‘a bit of the ol in-out-in-out’

  15. Yeah Hmm seems like a real troll. He can’t use the English language and isn’t open to discussion.
    Oh, wait a minute…

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