24 thoughts on “Evan Almighty

  1. I fucking hate autoplay music. It infuriates me beyond belief that people have to be told why it’s so obnoxious. Imagine, every time you met someone in the street, as soon as you started talking to them, My Chemical Romance or whatever shit started blasting full volume in your face. You’d walk away and not bother speaking to them, would you not?

    That’s the first time I’ve seen a warning like that, though, which is pretty cool. 🙂

  2. i feel like i know him, but in reality im sure i dont. it just a strange sensation.

  3. Yikes, his ears look a bit thin. Cute boy, but . . . his ears could use some TLC.

  4. they could look thin because they were stretched from nothing to two inches in under two years.
    but that’s probably not it.

  5. ah, were would ModBlog be if people didnt have somthing to Bitch about?
    its fucking music, turn the volume down, your done
    big deal, wow that was so hard!!!!!

    anyways. i think his lobes look healthy and very pretty, they compliment his face well and i think he enjoys them!

  6. This would be a really nice photo if there wasn’t a branch in front of his face, but the branch is so distracting that it completely ruins the whole thing.

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