17 thoughts on “SFP. to the max.

  1. The girl on the left looks like she has a goatee, lol.

    ..unless its a guy. In which case, whoops.

  2. It depends Sculla, I got mine together with 12 other people. 1 was completely gone after 2 days, others have faded a lot but are still readable and now seem to remain like that. Mine is still pretty much the same like when I got it done about 8 months ago. Another friend has gotten it done a second time and it looks perfect.
    If I’m not mistaken there are people who got it for over 10 years without a touch-up, but I could be mistaken 🙂

    I’m sure the people in this picture had a great time getting it done, gratz to them.

  3. a friend of mine got “dropout” on his lip and had to redone it 3 times xD

    @Angiebabynz…i thought he was a girl too…unless he’s a girl with a goatee 8|

    nice tattoos…i would love to done something like that with my friends

  4. hehehe I’d have to say definitely a ‘he’ too on the far left.

    I think maybe it might also depend on the skill of the artist. Its not even skin there, its a mucous membrane, surely that changes the way one would tattoo to do it properly and make it last?

  5. lol @ lippi’s comment. I couldn’t peel my eyes off her mascara enough to look at the tattoos last night.
    …still can’t…

  6. Lippi-> fuckin’ LMAO indeed she does but at least it’s sort of a pretty peacock color

  7. yeah actually nobody in my town did lip tattoos until iam: spud-dawg and i starting trying it out on each other and friends, thats why they arent super duper looking. the far right one (one me) was his first attempt at a lip tattoo and the middle girl was my first attempt, thats why its kinda blown out. the far left is a guy he’s just very pretty, and his lip is prob the best done because we both had more experience by then.

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