Go West (Or Get Blocked)

Not keen on NKOTB?

This one-member-to-go Westlife tattoo on Vicky (who must be a huge fan judging by her email address) might calm things down. We don’t want any gang rivalry here. It’d be a bloodbath!

Not everybody is perfect, and I don’t think we should be looking for perfect people.” – Simon Cowell.

By Chris Govier, Dragon Ink, Swansea, Wales.

37 thoughts on “Go West (Or Get Blocked)

  1. Now thats dedication for you!
    I was never a fan of them, but the one she hasn’t had tattooed yet came into my shop recently. He was quite a nice person :)

  2. Daaaaaamn. Not something I’d do personally…but it’s really nice work!

  3. valy, I’m guessing she’d put the fourth member on her other shoulder (on the left of the picture). I think there’s room, but you can’t really tell from the angle the picture was taken from/the way she’s sat.

  4. having heard their music, i’m curious as to why she would want them inked onto her back for the rest of her life :S
    oh well whatever makes her happy ^^,

  5. nice ink, why get the westlife guys on you though… suppose fanboyism alright. Why oh why do they have to be from ireland! ;_;

  6. The ink is really well done… but… seriously? haha That is quite hilarious, what a cute girl.

  7. that tattoo is definitely the right stuff. you can tell the first one was a sweet one, and that the second one was a blast.

    i think i just lost my dignity again.

  8. resorting back to my twelve year old self… backstreet boys are better!

  9. westlife make me want to curl up and hide, (i do normally withold from casting personal judgements on content of tattoos, i just couldnt bring myself to do it in this case!) but aside from that i think the portraits are brill, really good work. i have the pleasure of knowing who they are and what they look like (and what they are responsible for!) and the portraits look excellent.

  10. Although I would never consider getting portraiture of modern pop ‘musicians’ tattooed (maybe because I’m not so into popular music hmmm)the tattoos themselves are very well done. Kudos for going to a decent shop to get this done, rather than walking into any old place :)

  11. I’m not a fan of portrait tatts of any type, but those are some awesome fucking tattoos.

  12. Why people ever get band tattoos is beyond me.

    It wouldn’t be so bad, but the one in he middle looks like the child catcher more than the bloke from westlife.

  13. Haha, it would be someone from Swansea that gets bloody Westlife tattooed on them. Ugh.
    I hate this place x]

    The tattoos are well done though =/

  14. I bet if it was a tattoo of some metal band members people wouldn’t be calling it ‘fanboyism’, when it’s the same thing really.

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