49 thoughts on “Oh Changes, You Are Beautiful!

  1. Ok that just sent me on a huge search trying to learn more about the functionality of the hood becoming a penis f2m sex change.
    I was mainly wondering bow big and all it could possibly get during arousal and all..
    What I found was information about the penectomy surgery.
    I’m not interested in having it done but curious nonetheless if it’s possible for the hood to be able to be as large as a penis to have pleasurable intercourse..

    I’m a bit puzzled I guess is where my curiosity comes from.
    BTW beautiful piercing.

  2. as someone who is going to have one of those one day, i thank you for this pic.
    it looks a lot less fucked up than most of the post-op pictures ive found.

  3. TheLexPest – What you’re seeing wasn’t achieved entirely through surgery (I’m assuming), probably injections and perseverance. I can contact him for you and see if he’s willing to field questions, though?

  4. Roo – it actually does look like he might have had a metoidioplasty (and thus be post-op), but you’re right that it could just be T that’s given him that length (and if so, lucky! :))

  5. joshua – I didn’t want to say anything definite until he replied, hence me being vague 🙂

    But I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of testosterone and surgery later (but the length is probably from T), the sculpting is likely from a meto.

  6. whoa, i was half right.
    that is an exremely brave thing to do. right on, man.

  7. is it just me,
    or is a grossly enlarged clitoris kinda intriguing?

    I’d love to see just much more sensitive a large one versus a normal sized pencil eraser sized one….nibbling required

  8. One of my partners is a transman, and his cock looks very similar to this, with no surgery, just from being on T. It’s soooo hot!

  9. It’s a clitoris which is structuraly the same as a penis besisdes the urethra. The clit hood is the same as a foreskin. With testosterone therapy the clitoris enlarges to a certain point, it will never get as large as a penis but does get erect during arousal and is very sensitive.

  10. wow. all the size comments on here are so sad! i mean, honestly, what is WRONG with you people? (this is for the ones that sound like they are serious…)

  11. wow, thats seriously curious, i have to say i know a couple of blokes who went through this process and it is definately less well understood than the M2F proceedure.
    Yay for aqquiring the wang you need!

  12. I am so curious to see what they look like.
    Very manly from what I can see, regardless of the size.

  13. il know exactly what it is, its a chick whos used steroids an her clit has grown. me suck on it long time, sucki sucki

  14. Some of these comments make me so sad. I think it’s important for you to feel comfortable in your own skin, and if that means changing your gender, good for you for having the courage to face all that comes with being transgendered.

  15. grr, the imaturity of some of these commenters is imensly annoying, the yare on a website for bodymods,what more could they expect?fucking hell.
    On the other hand though I must congradulte the owner of said body part for the sheer dedication they have to thier body

  16. WOW. All I did was click on the pic, and thought “hmm.. peirced dick.. seen that already”. THEN I read the comments. I would have never guessed F2M. I don’t know what that says about me.. but I’d have to say that’s a decent looking cock still nonetheless

  17. this is what i honestly thought when i saw the picture, and it may seem silly, but oh well, now that i read the comments- thats awesome as hell. but i thought it was a black man who replaced his penis with a white one. and got it pierced. i know… silly. kudos to the owner though, thats awesome as hell.

  18. Roo failed at posting cock on modblog 😀
    Anyone that has seen maddox’s piece on advertising will understand why I almost cried with laughter when I noticed it was a clit.
    As for the mod I gotta ask if he’s noticed a change in sensation after having it done (on top of the testosterone enhancement).

  19. – The above was purely a play on the correlation between a head job and employment. No racism/offence intended 🙂

  20. theres hair on the …um…clitoris? does that come from the extra T? ??(i mean, its not normal for guys to have either..)

  21. When I looked at the pic I just thought I was looking at another cock! I had no idea till I started reading the comments! That’s friggin HOT!!

  22. Hm. Everyone is very fascinated by the genitalia – the first thing I noticed was what is apparently pus coming from the fistula. yick.

  23. I have done quite a few FTM triangle piercings with the intent of multiple piercings for the aestetic of a frenum ladder, which in turn also enhances the size (makes the clients “dick” bigger). As far as “pus coming from the fistula”. It appears that the triangle piercing may have shifted slightly, which can happen occasionally, especially if the piercing is done early in the (T) transformation process. Or it could appear that way from distortion of the tissue if the dick is in an aroused state. If you have a vaginal opening, normally you will have a bit of normal discharge throughout the day anyway.

  24. i think the piercing and the body as a whole look very aesthetically pleasing together and i hope the owner is happy with the result, it looks great!

  25. #39 RooRaaah Crumbs, yeah I see it again now on a different monitor and it looks a lot better – the contrast when I looked at it last time made it appear more yellowish and therefore nasty. My mistake! 🙂

  26. oh wow! you got me. i was thinking “oh great, a pierced cock i got it!” and them i saw f2m.”holy shit, its a clit!” id love love love to give the clock a lick. Although . . . this PIC makes me alittle sad. at least clean the shaved hair off before your photo op. oh well i guess im the only one to notice.

  27. I stumbled into this website by accident and have spent the last three hours reading posts and viewing photos. If I was forced to put a lable on myself I would say that I am a cowboy; and not the weekend wingut type with a new hat and $700.00 Ostritch boots. The reason I mention this is that while I am certainly not naive, I have never seen anything like this website before and I was both fascinated and impressed with some of the things done by the participants of this website. I had my tongue pierced several years ago as a gift fo my wife and my friends shit a pickup. I have been listening to “fag” remarks for so long they don’t even register in my head anymore. As far as they are concerned, peircing my tongue is comparable to Willie Nelson wearing a tutu at his next concert. Fuck ‘em, I’m keeping it.

    Anyway, the reason I bothered to post in the first place is that I wanted to tell all of you that you people kick ass. I am impressed with the fact (unlike most all of the assholes in this world) you all are supportive of one another regardless of body shape, size, color, height and weight. I hope to meet many if you in my next life; until then, keep it up and thanks for restoring some of my faith in the human race.

  28. my two best friends are an F2M couple. they are still transitioning, but live as men. i knew almost nothing about F2M until i met them, and its amazing what they are going through, to be happy in their bodies. I’ve not seen any naughty bits, but…. they’re more handsome than most “bio-men” i know. I love them as my brothers and support them whole-heartedly.

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