How I Learned to Stop Being a Vapid Moron and Kind of Love a Guy With a Tattoo.

Via those sassy dames over at Jezebel (“sassy dames” is the preferred nomenclature, right?) comes this inspirational story of a courageous woman named Sarah Robbins who learns to see past the gruesome disfigurement terrorizing the precious corpus of her boyfriend. Or something. Let’s give this the thorough FJM’ing it deserves.

Is Love Skin Deep?
One guy’s scary body art puts his girlfriend to the test.

Hey, we’re all pretty experienced, erudite fans of body modification here, so the chances of one of us finding body art “scary”? Probably pretty low. That said, I can certainly sympathize with the average un-modified person (let’s do everybody a favor and bury the term “plainskin”) who may be fascinated, disturbed or even, yes, scared by someone like, say, Skullboy. If body modification were totally foreign to me for whatever reason and I ran into him randomly? Might be a little spooked.

So … clearly the “scary body art” referred to in the title here must be something like that, right?

[...] on our third date, he made me dinner at his place. By then, I was really liking what I saw: a handsome, short-haired, glasses-wearing guy who owned his own business and attended the ballet with his mom.

OK — probably no skull tattoos on his face. Split tongue, perhaps? That might be scary. Come on, split tongue!

I was admiring the way he decorated his apartment with both framed photos and living plants when suddenly his lips were on mine. Kissing him was even more warm and wonderful than I’d imagined.

Damn it. Genital beads? Gotta be it. Hulking, intimidating, mountainous, pulsing genital beads.

Then he pulled off his sweater, and something came between us.

Third arm! Fuck! That was totally my next guess, too.

Technically, it was someone: a tattoo on his upper left arm of a vibrant, crazy, and most unmistakably skinless man. Not a skeleton, mind you; a man with no skin—just organs, graphically rendered in sickly red, orange, and yellow swirls.

Oh. Just … a tattoo? Huh. That sounds like a pretty cool tattoo, actually. Attention, gentleman with the crazy girlfriend who writes for Marie Claire: please send a picture of your cool-sounding tattoo to BME.

I was shocked by the aggressiveness of it. He’d seemed so…normal. Gentle, even.

Little did she know that he kidnaps men, peels off their skin, uses a complex system of rays to shrink them down and then buries them deep within his arms! Ahhhh!

“What is that?” I blurted.

Totally the sort of thing you’d blurt out after … seeing … a tattoo … on a grown man?

I regretted it right away. With those three words, our makeout session came to an abrupt end, as he pulled back, giving me the chance to sneak another look at that thing on his arm. Yes, there was no getting around it: a man made entirely of muscles and guts, with piercing green eyes.

I’d say he was probably actually made mostly of ink. And some sweat. And maybe just a little bit of love.

“What, this?” he asked. “It’s a tattoo.”

Excellent answer. Quick, to the point.

Uh, yeah. It was actually the biggest, brightest, scariest piece of body art I’d ever seen close up. “But what…is it?” I inquired, a little more gently this time. “What does it mean?”

Maybe I’m just antisocial, but I hate answering this question more than just about anything. I’d rather every meathead on the subway ask me, “How much them shits in you ears hurt?” than have to explain away my ill-fated high school interest in sacred geometry.

Anyway, not to be too much of a jerk, but I have a hard time imagining a place in modern-day North America where a grown woman could live 25-30 years (I’m guessing) without ever seeing (what sounds like) a half-sleeve in the flesh. Were you just released from a basement in Austria?

He tried to explain: It had something to do with his interest in the medieval artist Hieronymus Bosch. And there was a mention of total respect for the tattoo artist. Oh, and, “These designs are exactly what brain synapses look like…”

I’m seriously liking this guy more and more. Is it too late to invite him to ModProm?

I wanted to like it—to dig the anatomical accuracy and artistry—because I liked him. But the truth is, it was a turnoff. Skeletons and synapses? No thanks. While my mind reeled, he kept talking.

Was your mind really reeling? It sounds like you two were about to get busy, and now all you can think about is the tattoo on his arm? If someone were trying to tattoo a skeleton onto his penis while you two were having sex, sure, maybe that would be a turnoff, but you’re just being ridiculous, lady.

“…And I can’t wait to finish it.”

Turned out, he hadn’t had time yet to complete his masterpiece.

I hope when you’re cooking him dinner some day, he walks over, tastes a piece of uncooked chicken and then, in between retches off the balcony, makes a bunch of bullshit catty comments about how lucky he is to have such a talented gourmet chef in the house.

When my friends heard the story, they reminded me that not only are tattoos totally common (more than a third of 20-somethings have at least one), but ink is, for many, a big turn-on. Bottom line, they said: A tattoo, no matter how weird, should not be a deal-breaker. The guy had too many other great qualities. Plus, it was still winter—there were plenty of months of sweater weather ahead of us.

They “reminded” you of this? Because you were just so mortified, so absolutely dumbstruck that these difficult and complex points just could not penetrate? You are so brave.

As the weeks wore on, I tried befriending the skinless man who slept between us. One night, after a few glasses of wine, I gave him a name: Telly Savalas, after the late, bald actor who starred in a detective series when I was a kid. Let’s face facts: It’s not like the tattoo was going anywhere. I was naming the elephant in the room.

You should have made an ultimatum. No, really. I would have loved to see how that played out. Also: you were seriously still hung up on this after a few weeks? Apparently Marie Claire needs to get you copyediting or something to occupy your time.

Our meet-the-parents moment came in the midst of a serious heat wave. Even sandals felt stifling; long sleeves were out of the question. Although Telly peeked out just a few inches past my boyfriend’s T-shirt sleeve, I was a nervous wreck, keeping tabs on which side of my mother my boyfriend walked on. Blessedly, my folks didn’t say a thing.

“Well, Jim, you’ve got a good job, handsome features, a winning disposition and you’ve never been anything but a perfect gentleman to Sarah. Unfortunately, it’s been brought to my attention that you have a small tattoo on your arm. In light of this, the guards will escort you to the gate, and a laser fixed to a satellite will disintegrate you if you come within 100 yards of my daughter. You asshole.”

As the work of art neared completion, strangers couldn’t help but take notice.

“Dude! What is that?”
“Can I see?”
“Where’d you get that?”
“Why’d you do it? Did it hurt?”

The questions came from all sides—in the subway, on the street, at restaurants and movie theaters. My boyfriend just blew them off. “Imagine complete strangers feeling entitled to touch you,” he told me. “Plus, I did it for me. I shouldn’t have to explain myself.”

Uh … yeah! I can totally see why you’re into this guy. Fuckin’ on point, man. Are you doing anything later? Let me buy you a beer. As friends! Just friends.

I was surprised, and a little irked, by his reaction: Why walk around with something so nutty if not to provoke a response?

Because not everybody is a narcissistic dingbat who puts the minutiae of their lives up on a national pedestal for everyone to scrutinize (and, ideally, praise). You know, like a columnist writing a dumbshit article about how difficult it is to love a wonderful man who has a single tattoo.

Seriously though, is this for real? You don’t understand why getting a tattoo in a visible place isn’t an invitation to strangers to come and touch it? This is surprising? Irksome, even? Did you get your journalism degree from the University of Phoenix?

I started thinking about our future. After all, a tattoo in your 20s is one thing, but what about in your 70s? If we had kids together, would they be terrified of that monster on Dad’s arm?


[...] Telly has actually taught me a few things. A little about anatomy, sure, but more about the ways I can be superficial. I’d long trusted that my boyfriend’s love for me runs far deeper than the way I look; now I can say unequivocally that I feel the same about him. It’s a truth that, every once in a while, bears repeating.

So, you acknowledge that you’re totally superficial, and rather than try to change that wholly unappealing part of you … you embrace it completely and, in fact, claim some sort of moral victory due to the fact that you’re occasionally able to set aside your own glaring flaws and not be disgusted by this entirely inconsequential part of your boyfriend (who sounds awesome, by the way) that actually means a lot to him?

Um … sweet.

143 thoughts on “How I Learned to Stop Being a Vapid Moron and Kind of Love a Guy With a Tattoo.

  1. I nearly fell off my chair several times reading this. Your comments are absolutely hilarious :D

  2. This sort of article is why I am not a fan of user-generated content. Her comments were wholly uninteresting.

  3. What kind of a world was she raised in? Setting aside the fact that I think (well-done) tattoos are extremely sexy, I don’t remember tattoos ever being unusual to me, and even if people had a “gross” tattoo like a Zombie ripping a little girl’s head off, they didn’t change my opinion about the person in the slightest bit.

    I’m going to write a letter to Marie Claire.

  4. hehe, this doesnt surprise me, an Ex of mine was so disgusted by the idea of genital piercings she told me it was them or her,
    i don’t really miss her.
    but good lord its just a tattoo, look at the other arm maybe?

  5. Gee, with all the build up, I was expecting a full biseection or something.

    Oh world, how you disappoint me.

  6. Jordan, did I mention how pleased I am that you’re writing for BME again?

    Also, I am so fucking glad someone has said this:

    ‘let’s do everybody a favor and bury the term “plainskin”’

    Alright, I’ll remove your cock from my mouth now. I’m out of compliments for the day.

  7. Someone should definetly send this link to Sarah Robbins as a response to her article.


    From a gal’s perspective, I’ve also dated guys who flat out told me tattoos were “ugly”, “disgusting”, or “unladylike” (when did I ever claim to be the opposite?) I eventually want a full sleeve on at least one arm, and it would upset me if my partner considered my tattoos to be a disfigurement or an ‘elephant in the room’ rather than a part of me, as beautiful as my face or tits or anything else. Personally I hope the author of that article got kicked to the curb and the guy has found him a hottie who appreciates good ink.

  9. Ahahahahahaha! Oh god!
    “Were you just released from a basement in Austria?”
    As soon as I read that, I actually laughed like a beast ;)
    And then felt kinda bad about it :|

    But then laughed again!

  10. ugh. that guy sounds hot as hell. what is a sexy, intelligent, tattooed stud like that doing with that vapid bitch?

  11. do you know what i find even worse than people touching my mods , the usual “How much them shits in you ears hurt?” and “what does it mean?” ( recently an older guy asked me in a restaurant, where i was having dinner with my sisters in law if my lip plug had a spiritual reason.)? ” do you actually think that’s pretty?” THAT is the worst question ever!

  12. I laughed, and I laughed.
    I’m thinking… lock her inside a basement with 5-10 of the more heavily modified people known to BME. It would either do her good and she would have a blast, or it would kill her. If the latter turned out to be true, anyone feel free to send her HORRIBLE awful beast of a man to me, ANY day of the year. Thanks!

  13. Absolutely fucking hilarious,
    though part of me is cringing over this whole article, because I know it will be used as an example of how “cruel” the mod community is.

    but then again,
    if they weren’t so fucking close minded and ridiculous…we wouldn’t have to write hilarious articles poking fun at their stupidity.

    fair’s fair.

  14. first…oh dear god…how i want to see this tattoo x|…second…the guy should be the one writing a article,about his dumbass girlfriend(sorry…but its true) that is scared of human flesh, hasn’t she heard about anatomy?the only anatomy she sees must be “grey’s anatomy”..on the tv..not the book…
    third…oh roo…please do this more’re so funny and serious at the same time, you’re talking about some interesting stuff with a funny aprouch..that i love by the way…
    i’m not saying she should start doing some mods, but at least respect it, not treat it like it was a freak of nature…

    oh…and if you’re reading this, guy with the me..i’m not that picky xD

    p.s:oh…sorry for my poor english x|

  15. That Austrian basement comment was cruel and sick and in appallingly bad taste. I had to read the rest of the article through tears of laughter and I’m still cackling now.

  16. Does the article in Marie Claire include a pic of the boyfriend? I’m just popping to the newsagent……

  17. Jesus, it’s good to know stupidity is alive and well in the pages of Marie Claire…

    Then again, this is Marie Claire. Not exactly Harpers or the Walrus.

  18. Jordan – Are you doing anything this weekend? Let me buy you a beer. As friends! Just friends.

    Solid. Fucking. Gold.

  19. Did any of you actually READ the article? You find it that unbelievable that many people find tattoos unappealing? That doesn’t make them wrong, or us wrong for having them. It’s a turn off, just like any other physical feature can be.

    The point of the article was that she learned to accept it and him (and now probably others). She even described the work she saw in the tat parlor as “spectacular.”

    Her boyfriend opened her to being more welcoming to body modifications. I can’t believe some here would have a problem with that.

  20. I never, EVER laugh out loud when I read something or even watch something funny on tv…

    but the “basement in austria” comment had me in tears.

  21. I’ll second everyone who’s said “I want to see this tattoo!”

    And as someone who’s only very *very* lightly modified – I’ve just got a couple of ear piercings – I’ll second how unfortunately common it is to find people who are disgusted to the point of utter distraction by even the most minor of mods. If my hair’s not covering my ears, he just sits and stares at them in horror.

    …Wonder how he’ll react when my tattooes start?

  22. You missed a few bits out! (Of the article I mean)

    Also, why in god’s name is he putting up with her?

  23. Maybe I’m missing something. But I don’t blame her for being put off by a tattoo of a man made of muscles. It doesn’t sound like the calmest tattoo, and gore and that type of stuff tends to freak a lot of people out. It was my take, from the original article, that she was more grossed out by the content.

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  25. It’s AUSTRALIA! Damn, people ;)

    Seriously though… Sounds like he could have done better, I wouldn’t have stuck a twit like that out. I can only imagine she was independently wealthy… And had one hell of a rack.

  26. While we’re debunking bullshit terminology, could we also stop referring to tattoos as “body modifications”? It’s a fucking tattoo, not a fully functioning pair of wings.

  27. I think it’s really interesting how quick everyone is to judge someone. I mean, this woman doesn’t sound like someone I’d hang out with – but – shit… people are different and people have shallow stuff that they can’t get over. A lot of people in this community look down on tons of things. It follows that other people look down on some of the stuff we’re into. We’re all just people after all. Jesus. Get over your self-righteous bullshit.

    And I mean – I live in the bible belt and you’d be surprised how many people still have VERY conservative views. 20-somethings still vote republican and go to church. She didn’t stop dating the guy. She dealt with it – despite her initial reaction that was probably due to the way she was raised… which is pretty cool.

    And her being nervous about it around her parents is COMPLETELY valid. You have no idea how conservative people are in some parts.

    I’m not saying I’m cheering her on or anything but I don’t know. I’m just sick of people in this scene feeling like they’re so much better than other people because those people don’t get or disapprove of mods. That’s just how the world is. Plenty of folks are raised to believe that you just don’t do that shit to your body.

    I don’t agree with it but I get it. And I don’t know. I just don’t think we should be so quick to pass such harsh judgment.

  28. “If someone were trying to tattoo a skeleton onto his penis while you two were having sex, sure, maybe that would be a turnoff, but you’re just being ridiculous, lady.”

    how would that be a turn off????? or am i just plane weird?!

  29. I’ve been on the other end of this situation, unfortunately. My boyfriend of 1 year at the time could not even touch be after I got my large sugar skill tattoo on my tummy.

    What really was salt in my wounds is that I was always honest in my intentions to be a modified girl, and his only response was that he though I’d never do it.

    Ink is in my blood, enough said.

  30. The only type of tattoo that would be an instant turnoff for me would be one about/for an ex. I have 2 tattoos and one of them is a skeleton and I know I wouldn’t want to be with anyone that was “turned off” by it. The closing paragraph commentary really says it all.

    58 – That’s terrible! You made it clear that you were going to be modified, and he obviously didn’t take you seriously.

  31. Hmmm, well said Southern Belle. I must say, I was cheering everyone else’s comments on, but yours definately gave me pause, something to ponder indeed…

  32. Just went to the original article on Marie Claire, and after seeing that Sarah Jessica Parker adorns the magazine’s cover, it’s not surprising that the website would have such a superficial article.

  33. Completely agree with #54…This lady is human, and every human has ignorance. Maybe it was an wonky way to react to someone with the kind of tattoo he has, but it happens, she’s human and doesn’t deserve to be treated and judged in the way most of you all are treating and judging her.

  34. Dear Jordan Ginsberg, will you marry me?

    I loved this post, and I think that the chick is a complete moron.

    You on the other hand, are a genius!

    I nearly DIED laughing reading the comments… ranting about something is always so much fun.

    This “girlfriend” needs to die though – or at least learn how to accept the people she does without having to question her feelings after seeing a simple tattoo.

  36. This is why cross-pollenation is a bad idea. Modded folks stay away from those plainskins. If they can’t deal with your tattoos, they probably won’t like your genital piercings, and they probably won’t like it when you tie them up, either.

  37. Excellent stuff:
    ‘Little did she know that he kidnaps men, peels off their skin, uses a complex system of rays to shrink them down and then buries them deep within his arms! Ahhhh!’

  38. I wonder what her boyfriend will think when he sees Little Miss Vanilla’s write up on his tattoo.
    Maybe he’ll do a write up here on going out with vapid preening brats?

  39. hahaha <3 Roo :D

    i’d be interested to know what her reaction would be if the tattoo was something notoriously peaceful, like a lotus flower or something.

  40. Hear, hear!

    This site exists for those of us who are into various body modifications of varying degrees. It’s impossible to expect everyone to agree on what is over the top and what’s ho-hum. OK, so she isn’t the biggest mod fan – maybe her pre-awesome-boyfriend experience was limited only to ankle butterflies and tribal armbands. Sure, she could have handled things a bit better – but reread one of the last sentences: “Telly has actually taught me. . . about the ways I can be superficial.”
    Is she completely cured of her aversion to ‘shocking’ tattoos? Probably not. Do I agree with her standpoints? Not a chance. But I cut her a little slack when I remember that I don’t have to see things from her point of view, just as she doesn’t have to see them from mine.

  41. “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged…” She is judging someone with a tattoo.. I don’t see why people can’t do it to her then. If she hadn’t have *opened her mouth*, then there would be no judging going on.

  42. There’s a line in a Mac Lethal track. He announces his disdain for “people asking me to talk about my tattoos”

    God I hate that shit.
    If It’s a good question, I’m down. But people ask dumb shit. 99% of the time.

  43. What a close minded twit .. I could never date someone like that. From her description her boyfriend sounds pretty hot so I would gladly take him if he was sent my way:)

  44. ahahaha that was hilarious! This guy does sound awesome, we need a picture of telly. I almost kinda feel bad for this girl, you know? At least she’s honest?

  45. i really hope he stumbles upon a copy of this on her harddrive or something.

  46. It’s horrible,compared to most I’m “lightly” modified, yet even so, I meet people all the time who are very similar to the person who wrote the article.Hell, one of my good friends told me he thought all my mods were ugly and against god- what a way to make friends.

  47. ahahahahahahah your commentary was awesome! I hope you’re sending it in to the writer!

  48. This is probably the BEST post I’ve ever read on modblog! I fucking love it. It astounds me every time I read about non mdified peoples ideas of what tattoos are for people. Shocking really

  49. man… what a stupid bitch… what’s a lovely guy like him doing with someone who is so obviously repuled by his tattoo… and plans on expanding it. she shouldn’t be making such remarks when she clearly doens’t know what the fuck she is talking about!! but that commentary… best thing to happen to me all day!!! such hilarity!!!

  50. That here is one of THE most funniest things ever!
    I LOVED your comments !!!
    Bitches like that piss me off! They make my entire gender look bad. It’s women like her that are the reason why I can’t get along with women…….
    And yeah, we want a picture of the nice guy with Telly!!!!

  51. You know whats fucking stupid? ALl these idiots in here claiming how they want to hook up with this guy. They never even met him, just a second rate description of him that probably isnt even true and they are throwing their panties in air.

    I think we uncovered a whole slew of vapid morons in this forum.

  52. Thank you #35 and #54, yall expressed my sentiments exactly. It’s not very cool how the community jumps on those who are critical of other people’s mods, defending them for their right the express themselves, yet is so critical of another who has different views.

  53. Isn’t automatically swooning for a guy just cause he has a tattoo just as shallow as automatically being turned off by it? I like tattoos, but I’m not gonna ask some girl to pass her bf over to me just cause I heard he has a half sleeve of some sort. I’m tattooed and I think a guy who’d like me just for that is equally dumb as the guy who wouldn’t like me just for that.

    but, I did think the actual modblog entry was wicked funny!

  54. It really irks me how some people are passing judgment on this woman before they even read the article. The article talks about how she overcomes something that she finds unattractive for someone she cares about.

    Is this so different that someone who is attracted to modifications getting over the fact their loved one wants nothing to alter their bodies, whether implant or ink?

    Roo, it’s really unfair to make snarky snide comments if you’re not going to comment on the whole article, especially the parts that are POSITIVE, this is the kind of story that people should read because it’s good, it’s people accepting body art/modifications even if they’re not ‘into it’. You want to do away with the term plainskin but you’re not going to show that this woman was able to get over something many people consider a ‘dealbreaker’?

  55. Man, I hope he read her article and told her that it disgusted him so much that he´d need time to figure if he could ever see her again or something. Irony overkill. The sad thing though is that she wouldn´t have got the point.

  56. ^^ on second glance, the image of Mozart comes to my mind and his girlfriend talking to her girls
    “You know, he’s nice and smart and famous, but his music…damn that freaks me out. I don’t think there is a future for us, I’m going to tell him it’s either me or his ears.”

  57. I’m surprised that people think everyone should have to except them just because they felt like adding ink to their arms.
    The fact is, if you aren’t fully aware of the chances of people not wanting anything to do with you because of a choice you made then your tattoo artist didn’t do his job, you weren’t ready to get the tattoo and you have a lot to learn about life.
    It does sound like a rather nice tattoo though, hope it turns up on here sometime.

  58. @ 97 – Although I think the article is ridiculous and Jordan did a flawless job of ripping this bimbo apart, I do have to agree with you. As a general note, a tattoo is a responsibility that changes the way people – prospective dates, parents, bosses, etc.

    Frankly, I’m surprised the guy was patient enough to put up with her :D But a Hieronymous Bach-inspired tattoo? I’d love to see how that turned out.

  59. Well… I think the original article is a little melodramatic but reflects a fairly common set of ideas and opinions about tattoos. I regularly encounter people who are not into tattoos, are disgusted by tattoos with specific content, think tattoos are always just for attention, worry about their parents’ reactions, etc.

    My best friend has overcome a number of prejudices about tattoos since we met – she has seen that tattooed people can be smart, employed, attractive, interesting, etc. I’m glad Sarah can see past Telly Savalas and enjoy her boyfriend’s company.

    But I did enjoy the commentary – it matched, nay, exceeded, the melodrama of the original article.

  60. I loved this,
    especially the commentary,
    but ROO!
    if you read this
    we need to chat it up about sacred geometry dude!

    and what a dumb bitch.

  61. This article shows the depth of misunderstanding that the modified community has to deal with.
    Everyone hates the the questioning of the un-modified. But, what ever happened to ‘each to their own’?
    However, the editorial comments had me in stitches…

  62. Love the commentary.
    It makes me wonder if she ever brought any of these points to her man’s attention. Mayhaps he would have wanted to fret about how superficial she is and ponder about whether or not she would be marriageable material because of it.

    But, I guess permanent features are more essentially superficial than personality traits.

    At some point in time, something has to give in her head that there is such a thing as embracing someone for who they are; maybe an acknowledgement of unconditional love? What a lucky couple.

  63. The original article in my opinion barely rises above “crap worth reading while constipated for over twelve hours”. I’m pretty sure no one will read it.

    I’m amused by her need to nickname the tattoo since I don’t give nicknames to my mods.

  64. 59, 65, is that shit really necessary? I mean, do you really feel that you have to threaten to not only punch this girl, but that she needs to die as well? Seriously, that is fucking horrid, and if my experience with the modded community was through people like you, I’d probably be just as disgusted and turned off by mods as this shallow girl. Thanks for only proving her point. It disappointing to see that some of us would rather live up to the stereotype that moded folks are horrid, vicious people.

    I don’t agree with this girl’s view(obviously), and I don’t understand why this article was published. Its not anymore interesting than your average blog post, and it just makes this girl sound dumb. If we are wanting to be a journalist, lets try to showcase our skills, and not our complete ignorance.

    All of that being said, I guess I am some sort of huge freak of nature, since I don’t really differenciate between modded people, and “plainskins”(which is a pretty bad term btw). It has never occured to me that tattoos or piercings would ever be a deal breaker for some people, and I guess that a lack of mods is a deal breaker for some. That is insane! One of the guys that I am seeing now is unmodded, and plans on staying that way. I don’t have any problems with that. He is beautiful! And he loves my mods. Another boy I’m seeing has a few tattoos, and regularly dates girls without them. Both guy are absolutely handsome.

    (Please excuse any errors. I posted this huge long post via my freaking cellphone!)

  65. I found it more amusing that her relatives finally told her to let the poor boy wear a t-shirt because they didn’t care about the tattoos or if they cared, they knew it didn’t make sense to wear a sweater in 90 degree weather.

  66. I must say that I’m with several others here in being a bit disappointed by this commentary. I don’t really see anything in this article to suggest that this girl is (or was) against tattoo’s (or body mods in general). It’s just that she didn’t like this particular one. I’m with her on this, I do think that tattoos and other body mods can be VERY attractive and add a lot to a person, but that doesn’t mean that all of them do.

    I think it’s very mean to pass judgment on her for being closed minded when you don’t know what her previous experience of body mods is. While i admit it’s unlikely you don’t know that her last boyfriend didn’t have a full head split and tones of piercings. Just because she was turned off by one tattoo (which I must say I would probably find a turn off on a woman) doesn’t mean she is superficial or stupid or deserves to be mocked.

    Wouldn’t you find it difficult to deal with if that really hot guy you met at the club turned out to have a cleft palate when you got out into the light? or some other feature which you found un-attractive. Every time we meet some one we make judgments based on how they look, i think she should be applauded for having the guts to stick with him because she liked who he was not what he looked like.

  67. I am full on disgusted by most of the comments by people here. She accepted the tattoo for goodness sake and quite obviously loves him…she was just a bit freaked out by the design. I recently saw a guy walking down the street with a tattoo of a woman legs spread fucking herself with a carrot. Sorry but I didn’t like it and probably would have reacted in the same way if my new boyfriend revealed it. Doesn’t mean I’d break up with him, but doesn’t mean I have to like it!

    The fact that everyone here is either wanting to hook up with her boyfriend or kill her is horrible. Any of those people who say that the modded community is open and accepting are just liars…this community is only open and accepting to their sort of people.

  68. geeee, girls girls GIRLS! calm down now. The whole thing gave me a good smirk on my pale skinny face for anothewr day. Well done x

  69. I think as pure comedy the editorial in amongst the article is hilarious. But, as we all hate the dumb questions that the unmodified ask shouldn’t we just be the bigger people? Everyone has a right to think what they want and this blog lets us express all opinions. All I can end with is each to their own…

  70. How come this guy you don’t even know is so “wonderful” just because he might have a cool tattoo [that you don't have even seen] and the girl is a dumb bitch and deserves to die just because she is not used to tattoos? I suppose my 83-years-old granny is a dumb bitch, too: not only she doesn’t loke my fiancé’s full sleeve of skulls and demons, she actually screamed a bit in fright when she first saw it!
    Seriously now, there’s people here saying that they want to hook up with an unknown guy just because he has a half sleeve. To me that’s just as superficial as being repulsed by the same tattoo.

  71. On a different topic, I don’t think unmodified people asking questions are annoying. At least most of them are polite and genuinely want to know, and I do’t think there’s anything bad in wanting some information: some of then change their minds about body mods after having a talk about it.

    The person who asked me the most offending question about my tattoos ever was tattooed herself. She asked me why hadn’t I waited to get my half sleeve until after my wedding, so it wouldn’t spoil the bridal look.

    and anyway most people that appoach me on the street to inquire after my tattoos are modified themselves and want to know where did I get them!

  72. This was an excellent read :) Well the bits by Jordan anyway. I too really would like to see the tattoo, this story also reminded me of the weird middle aged woman who ripped up my shirt sleeve to look at my tattoo when I was carrying a box of dinnerware in a store, no excuse me just let me grope your arm.

    Tattoos do not make people’s body’s public property.

  73. I think everything I wanted to say has already been said – yes, this woman sounds a completely melodramatic bimbo and someone I probably wouldn’t like in real life, but she sounds like she’s starting to get over her whole complex, and who are we to judge?
    Anyway, @ Chrome, I think that’s great that you didn’t wait (or aren’t waiting) until after your wedding. If you had, that would have made me sad to hear. Silly girl who said that to you.

  74. “Now, after more than three-and-a-half years, I still don’t quite understand what Telly means.”

    Wait, are You SERIOUS!? He’s been with her for THREE YEARS!?!?!”

    “But I do admire what he represents: a certain fearlessness, a questioning of social convention, and the confidence to do something completely bizarre for no good reason other than that you want to.”

    Uhm…Yeah…(Apart from the worst English i’ve ever read)…she’s now trying to say she knows about it now?

    i think this comment sums it up:
    “what is shocking my lady is your ignorant self righteous insulting manner. i hope he dumps your shallow ass”

    Cos there’s a bit more in her articLe…

  75. for those interested there is a picture of the tattoo in the magazine. what disturbs me most about this article is the author’s apparent need to over dramatize the event which plays into gender stereotypes. i suppose this is just goes to show how Marie Claire feels about their target market.

  76. That guy should ditch the zero and get with a hero, wink wink.

    But seriously what a superficial whore.

  77. the original article was obviously written for a certain audience…an audience that does not have much experience with tattooed people. the article also obviously is trying to dissuade that audience from having the same stereotypes the author had about these tattoooed.

    she had to write the article that way…when you have a job as a writer, you have to write for your audience. this modblog article demonstrates that fact perfectly.

    so rather than criticizng the woman, how about you try praising her a little? who knows if she actually believed what she wrote – she was just writing the way her job demands her to do. but more importantly than that, she is trying to change the minds of a whole group of people who carry around those stereotypes.

    mocking people for a job well done. seems lame to me.

  78. After reading even more comments, I’m sad to say I’m actually embarrassed by this community. It’s like being in high school again, which judging from recent galleries lately many here are.

    The total lack of understanding that SHE GOT OVER HERSELF is astounding and pitiful. Will people here please get over themselves??? Probably not anytime soon. Apparently, the draw towards tattooing and modding here is more for the shock value and “right” to think that you are somehow more open-minded, intelligent, and thoughtful than those not in this community. So many of you sound like children with their fingers in their ears, not actually READING THE FUCKING ARTICLE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  79. so i was seeing this person and on our second date we went to dinner, i was really admiring their taste in mods and heavy rock music. when we came to pay the bill she pulled out her bag and something came between us, technically it was someone, a vibrant, crazy, skinny woman, graphically rendered. “what is that?” i blurted. i regretted it right away when our dinner came to an abrupt end with 3 words, as i snuck another look at the skinny woman with the piercing green eyes. “what this” she said “it’s marie claire”. i turned and ran as far as possible.

  80. I bet you $1000 that she’ll become tattooed within the next 10 years.

    and Za (58) – that is so shit, after being with someone for a year its something you least expect, for them to react like that.
    of course, i don’t know you, but i feel you deserve better than that!

  81. @72 weefaery: you might want to think a *little* harder about what that phrase means.

  82. I don’t really understand some people being “embarrassed” by some of the comments here, even though some are either too extreme or irrelevant…but the fact is that there’s all types of people in all groups – just because someone has mods doesn’t say that they’ll be open minded, or mature, or selective, or anything other than…they have mods.

    I think most of the outrage at this woman’s article is that it is a somewhat stereotypical reaction of someone not used to mods, seeing one that’s not run of the mill (butterflies, tribals, etc).

    Though sounding shallow, I could understand if he had some huge disfigurement that she had to get over (since everyone has turn offs). However, that’s not what this is. It’s a piece of art that he got on purpose and loves, not a deformity. She certainly shouldn’t have been “reminded” by her friends that this tattoo shouldn’t be a deal breaker. I can even understand if she freaked out from some sort of genital mod (including jewelry) because if you don’t know anything about those types of mods, it could really be “freaky” and put a halt on a “romantic” moment…but this is just a tattoo and it’s not a tattoo of another girl’s name.

    The worst part of the article was “I was surprised, and a little irked, by his reaction: Why walk around with something so nutty if not to provoke a response?”. People are not walking interactive museum pieces, to be poked at and questioned. What if she had an expensive purse (as I’d imagine a Marie Claire reader would love), which not many had, and people kept coming up to her and touching her purse and looking in it, and asking questions. I think THAT would be irksome. Mods are intended for the person that got it – not for the world to poke and prod and use them as live reference material.

  83. “I started thinking about our future. After all, a tattoo in your 20s is one thing, but what about in your 70s? If we had kids together, would they be terrified of that monster on Dad’s arm?


    I love you.
    And I hate this woman.
    Seriously…she needs to grow up.
    Imagine if she witnessed something like…ooo…I dunno…a crime!!!!11!1

    Oh my. Some people.
    Also, reading something like this in the article itself would’ve made my blood boil and steam come out of my ears like in an old cartoon, but with the added comments, it was an awesome read. So thanks for that. =]

  84. I think he should have dumped her on date #3… what a twat.


    Dear Boyfriend-of-the-twat,
    As soon as you dump the horrible woman you’re with, hit me up. My number is…

  85. It’s funny. there are only 7 comments on the marie claire site and none of them are positive.

  86. Sorry to say, even if your comments are very funny, you did her wrong. she never said a thing against tattoos, shes only in dispute with the motiv intself.

    and at the end of the story she admits, that she learned a lot about herself and her superficiality. sad that most users here only see, what say want to see if someone isn´t 100% in touch with their bodymods…

  87. This woman sounds like an idiot, it was only a tattoo!! And people don’t get tattoos to please everyone else! If he likes that tattoo what’s it to anyone else??

  88. After reading the article and the comments that were left, obviously from readers redirected from this site, I feel rather disappointed in people. In a community that seems to be about self expression, freedom, and individuality its shocking that so many people criticize the author for feeling how she did. Apparently acceptance is only extended to those who think the same as you. No matter how she reacts or feels its her feelings. The comments that condemn and criticize her seem like a scar on the community as a whole and are going to be read by all sorts of people.

  89. Yep, there are all types of people in all groups. Being a fucktard isn’t limited to persons without tattoos, this is evidence that there are plenty with.

    And yep, she needs to grow up… or maybe people should read the article and realise that’s what it was about? Growing up, challenging the opinions one has, due to the way one is brought or due to the crap that modern society forces upon us, or whatever reason. Her ability and willingness to do that is to be admired, and in my opinion comes off a lot better than some of the immature, self righteous people here, who are only prolonging an ‘us and them’ approach to this.

    You want people to get over the fact you have a tattoo? great, in exchange you have to get over the fact that their initial reaction may not be favourable. learn that first reactions, much like tattoos, aren’t complately indicative of anything.

  90. It is kind of worrying me that so many comments involve a “she shouldn’t have opened her mouth if she didn’t understand”. Who are you, Stalin? Freedom of expression goes both ways, people, not just ours. I’m so disappointed by some of these comments.

  91. Wow. That tattoo sounds… magnificent. I could definitely comment on the ridiculousness of this article but I’m sure all has been said. But really… that tattoo. I’m amazed.

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