BMEBoys are so moreish.

First up it’s IAM: Ferdudurke getting his retro on in Moscow, Russia.

Roaring up from the rear are Mike (left) and TJ on their mighty metal steeds..

Clickthrough for a larger view.

This beautiful dedication tattoo is by Jason Stephan, Hart and Huntington Tattoo (Orlando shop). Again, click for a closer look..

And lastly it’s Josh Justin, who looks pretty pleased with himself after a successful prom and a spot of automobile vandalism.

Josh Justin, as much as we appreciate the free advertising I don’t think that sort of reckless behaviour’s going to do us any favours.

43 thoughts on “BMEBoys are so moreish.

  1. I gotta ask, how old is that Josh guy anyway? He looks young in a strange way that i struggle to describe.
    I have to say,I envy TJ for his trusty pink steed though

  2. Ferdudurke is such an exceptional human being…
    I don’t know why, but ever since the pictures of his forehead tattoos were posted, I’ve been so fascinated with him!

    HAHA that didn’t sound stalker AT ALL.
    Keep up being totally AWESOME Ferdudurke!!


  3. ferdudurke is never going to give you up OR let you down.

    Running around and hurting you is absolutely out of the question as well.

  4. Metalhouse II – Well, he’s just left his prom in that photo so if he’s from Quebec he’s probably seventeen, if not he’s around eighteen.

    Coffee – Genius.

  5. The chestpiece is amazing and all, but seriously is it too much effort for people to straighten their septum piercings!?

    Such a pet peeve of mine.

  6. Wow nice chestpiece. Heh, septum. I never wear mine flipped down ’cause it healed slightly crooked and it bothers me too much..

  7. loved ferdudurke’s hair…and his lip plate (sorry if thats not the name) i like them in that size…

    Mike is looking pretty tuff…i had a bike like the one TJ is ridding…when i was 8!his sleeve is gorgeus,loved the blue colors

    a guy who really loves his mom…it can’t get much sweeter…

    oh…another bme boy in a suit..lovely ^^

    roo…you just made my day by posting this…lovely boys…lovely mods…i’m smilling ^^

  8. mmm. tasty modboys.
    I love that chest piece soo much.
    though, i haven’t found one I didn’t care for.

  9. call me dumb… actually no call em really tired, i dont get why coffee’s comment i so great… but i laughed and then forgot why i was laughing lol. so someone tell me why i laughed at it?

    :D thanks

  10. Vegas – think Rick Astley. And damn you Coffee for getting that song stuck in my head!!

  11. Holy crap.
    I had no idea that was Furdudurke. :)

    I’ve only seen pictures of him with dreads/longer hair.

  12. I’d bet alot of money that Justin’s ‘vandalism’ was done with soap. So its not really reckless. it would wash right off.

    I’m from quebec and I graduated highschool at 16, so if that’s the case, he’s definitely young, and doesn’t just LOOK young.

  13. My shop bike was found in some vines on the side of a barn and the rest of the bike (saddlebags and such) was found in the trash. the onlything new/baught was a tube for a tire!!!

  14. LMFAOOO Coffee!!
    Furdudurke is definitely a favorite :D

    beautiful, beautiful man….

  15. *sigh* You can never have enough bme boys themes entries. Hotttiiiiieeeessssss.

  16. Love this post :) Especially mike and TJ on their super tuff bikes!! (and yeah thats two ff’s!)

  17. I’m not entirely sure why, but the crooked piercing in Jason Stephan’s tattoo shot really bothers me.

    Also, Mike and TJ’s expressions are priceless

  18. I don’t understand why crooked septums bother so many people, aye! Mine ALWAYS gets crooked. Shit’s flopping around in my nose all day, how is it supposed to stay perfectly centered all the time! Straightening a septum ring for a photo is like airbrushing people for porn. I just don’t think it’s necessary.

  19. “First up it’s IAM: Ferdudurke getting his retro on in Moscow, Russia.”

    It’s not retro in Russia, they’re still figuring it out there :) I hear Vanilla Ice is coming out next week there

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