Fortunella Beware!

It’s much easier getting blood out of a Kumquat than it is a stone..

So, last night I tried something I’ve always wanted to do.. I have mixed feelings how it turned out but I fucking loved the blood! It poured down from my forehead to my crossed legs, leaving a lovely mess of blood on the couch (which I adore). It didn’t end up looking the way I wanted it to but things in your head often don’t turn out the way you expect..

Read on to see the aftermath!

And as your finger’s still hovering over the mouse button, clickthrough for a chin-shot.

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63 thoughts on “Fortunella Beware!

  1. wow- the blood makes such a beautiful design on her face- kind of maori-style or something like that :)

  2. It almost looks painted on, I like how the light hits it and you see the different shades of red and almost orange.
    The before shot looks fun, but the after shot looks beautiful.

  3. incredible. did you think about cutting the plastic off the needles? I think it might make a nice effect of being pierced through whole face.

  4. i love that second picture – the red hair and bronzey eye make-up combined with the trickling blood make for a work of art…

  5. Wonderful before and after photos. The needles are amazingly straight for putting them in herself and well composed. I wonder how it is she wanted it in comparison, and what about it she wanted different.

  6. that is the most beautiful aftermath photo i’ve ever seen i could stare at it all night long not in a pervy way ofcourse

  7. Yeah, the one at the ends of her nose make me shudder. The second picture looks like it could be made into a bme logo.

  8. The blood picture is an amazing visul.
    If you could choose a way for the blood to go I think it’d be like that.

  9. Ayoye.

    Ouain.. those two in her upper lip make my eyes water just looking at it. I can hardly handle a blemish there… eep.

    The blood trickle is amazing ‘perfect’ in symmetry and design. cool.

  10. I like how calm the first picture looks…then the second picture…BAM! I wonder if she tilted her face in a couple different directions afterward just to see what pattern the blood made. Good pictures :-)

  11. Her eyes makes you stunned and the beautiful textue=re created by blood makes her look like a goddess

  12. People are, by default, naked, there’s nothing wrong with not wearing clothes. Asking if something is ‘necessary’ is silly anyway, nothing is necessary! Plus maybe she didn’t want to get blood on her clothes!

  13. And I don’t think it effects the photos anyway. It took me ages to notice she wasn’t wearing anything because she has a stunning face! I’m going to stop rambling now!

  14. I didn’t even notice she was naked. Anyway on the second picture you can see blood trails running down her torso, if she hadn’t been naked her clothes would be ruined.

  15. While it’s cool to ‘just be’ naked, I don’t think this would be a very clothing friendly project, what with blood everywhere~

  16. dang, I think its really neat how the first pic looks like almost black and white, and then how the second photo is popping with color! Its a very nice effect :)

  17. I’m sure I could stare at these beautiful eyes for hours and never get tired of it…

  18. Were the paired nostrils there beforehand or did she decide to put jewelry in after the play piercing?

    The pattern of blood looks like it was painted on that way, it’s a perfect pattern!

  19. She is so fucking beautiful and that second picture is amazingly intense. Wow. :)

  20. yarr. very hot. i especially like the black eyes. so if you want a new pair, come see me. and i’ll even toss in the strawberry shortcake for free. my favorite part? the look of intense contentment on the second photo. /sohot. /pttfc

  21. That is fuckawesome. Especially the after pics.

    But I’d be afraid to leave the house for a couple days. That’d leave some interesting marks.

  22. saw these in the galleries a little while back, and my breath is taken away just as much now as it was then. these are marvelous, beautiful photos, and i can’t believe how perfectly the blood flows down her face in the after shots.

    oddly i didn’t even notice the nudity (now or then) until someone pointed it out in the comments! i guess i was distracted… i can’t even imagine how concentrated she must have been to do this sort of needleplay alone. just stunning.

  23. WOW!! a gorgeous woman & really awesome play-piercing. i esp. love the 2nd pic! that would make a great facial tattoo!!

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