Girls Have Faces, Too.

Kaydee has a face, and this is what it looks like when she’s wankered and sporting a new pair of anti-eyebrows.

So does Jessica, but hers is usually partially covered by “the other acceptable form of mustache” (take note vegetarians, one day you will end up like this)..

PS – Shaving is like sunlight to this type of moustache, it just grows back bigger!

The next mug is Mel, and her heart implant by Brian reminds me a little of my friend Kara‘s..

And lastly there’s this mystery girl rocking out at a Tucson Sidewinders (I hope I got that right) baseball game, and I’m assuming that’s her “we’re kicking arse” face!

More faces tomorrow!

98 thoughts on “Girls Have Faces, Too.

  1. Take away the *Amy Whinehouse* make-up on that first girl, and I bet she’d look really pretty.
    I do love faces though..

  2. Ha ha #3 didn’t even think of that until I read your comment. I think the girl in the first picture looks terrible with so many piercings…maybe a few would’ve looked good on her, but so many just distract from her face which I’m sure would look lovely without so much metal! and…is that a belly button ring in the middle of her lip?

  3. I nominate Kaydee for “BME Ms Metal Detector” because she strikes me as the BME girl most likely to set one off.

  4. Hey, it’s Kaydee. People just love to hate on Kaydee. :)

    Incidentally, I love the guy’s t-shirt in the second photo.

  5. Omg, I can see track in her head! lol Bad white girl! >.< wtf, come on ladies, if you’re gonna sport a weave/extensions, do it right! I don’t know how many jacked up weaves I’ve seen…

  6. Haha aside from the fact that I’m not a fan of “real” mustaches, I seem to have a thing for making pretend ones. I guess I have a thing for vegan boys who wear humping bear shirts haha

  7. Yeah, I can’t stand the fact that I can see the track in the first girl’s hair, it really ticks me off. The other pics are nice, though. (:

  8. The fellow in the second photo reminds me of a younger, modified Maxwell Clinger from MASH.

  9. man..

    girls are so vicious to one another. Jeez.

    Personally not a fan of the heavy metal on the face, simply because i think instead of accentuating her natural beauty, its just slightly too much and is distracting from her beauty. But personal preference aside, they’re all beautiful and so is she.

    lol green mustache aside, I find the second girl looks… ‘pixie’ish? .. I’m not sure why either. Her features are delicate and elegant I guess, like Thumbelina or something. it’s a good thing, either way.

  10. I’m a vegetarian too, but maybe this isn’t working since I’m not beautiful as the girl in the 2nd picture! sob…

  11. It’s not like there have been several comments saying, “Eww, ugly” or other particularly trashy comments. It’s just negative feedback – and isn’t feedback what this comment section is intended to provide? If we all simply gave false praise and droned on about how “beautiful” someone was when we believed otherwise, this would be pointless, and only a place for fishing for compliments. We’re supposed to give our thoughts. It’s only natural for someone to have at least one opinion that deviates from the most praising, beautiful thing you can say about someone.
    If you just refrained from making any comment at all if you could find no beauty in it, we’d have a very meager amount of comments, and no real feedback.
    Personally, I don’t like the amount of piercings the first girl is sporting. I think it clutters her face. I won’t ‘rate’ her hair or her makeup, because that’s not real body modification to me.
    I don’t #1′s number of mods. But I respect her choices.
    And, as much as one could say that it’s the cattiness of girls, one could say that the men aren’t “trashing” her because they like to oggle females, just because “boobs are boobs”. Both are stereotypes with occasional, but not full, truth.

    Anyway. I know this was a long and sloppy comment, but it’s way past the hour I should have tucked in.

  12. the girl in the second picture looks like the one on the main page…. maybe its just the eyebrows lol…….

  13. i think kaydee is really pretty.. though the piercings aren’t really my kind of thing.. good for her to have the balls to do it [ & she can pull it off ]

  14. I just tried to count how many piercings Kaydee has and gave up… anyone wanna try? XD

  15. I can only agree with nr. 17 and nr. 22: the mistery girl looks great!

  16. Holy shit! That picture of Jessica with the lettuce-stache was totally taken inside of Saturn Cafe in Santa Cruz! Best vegetarian cafe ever.

  17. A mod blog post with girls….with their clothes on…more clothes than just their underwear!?! ’bout time.

    Thank you for restoring my faith


  18. ..and then I go back and read all the nasty comments made and my new found faith shatters to the ground.

    If they were artistic criticisms fair enough, but they’re not. Didn’t your mother’s ever tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?

  19. pesonally. less is more some times, note how i say personally.
    and about her extensions, i see tones of people get it wrong, but oh well no ones perfect are they. im sure everyone with a harsh comment has a few flaws of their own

  20. I’m going to try and agree with most people without being rude… I think Kaydee is a beautiful girl – I really do and I’m not “hating on her”, but I think that many piercings takes away from her face.

    My first glance of her was the piercings and then I tried to see underneath, it’s just hard.

    I dunno… girls got balls to go through with all of that and I can definitely say I admire her for that – but I think it’s easier for people to see all the piercings rather than the girl underneath.

    Kudos Kaydee – do what makes you happy!

  21. i love that no ones noticed jessicas microdermal in her cleavage yet… doesnt look quite centered thou

  22. I hope the first girl gets that HORRIBLY placed septum ring ripped right the fuck out of her face in penance for those lines she calls “eyebrows”.

  23. that first girl looks like she’s screaming for attention, the rest are really cute though

  24. I think they’re all cute in their own ways.

    I think the first girl’s piercings are very suited to her except I don’t care for her bridges (but I know bridges often move a bit even when they’re pierced straight).

  25. haha first off, dammmn people, if there is ONE thing you can learn from this community, it will be, to each their own. beauty is what YOU make of it, therefore, if she wants top amputate her nose and pierce that too, who gives a shit? personal preference.

    and also, im not a vegetarian. my boyfriend (as shown) is vegan, and thats why we were at saturn cafe. i was making fun of him with my mustache haha.

    lastly, yes the picture on the main page is me too. and my dermal anchor is fairly centered, i guess. but i wont even get into that, i dont want to talk shit ;]

  26. If people only said what was “nice”, we wouldn’t get very far in terms of diversity and freedom of opinion.

    But, anyways. I liked the last girl the best. :] I also believe that the third girl has an anchor.

  27. regardless of any persons want to express their feelings of personal preference, that is never an excuse to be rude about an area of body adornment to which you cant relate.

    dont get me wrong, im an asshole. but i can respect the fact that not everyone wants to hear my opinion of someone elses choices.

  28. Tired – Yes, but what people seem to forget is that they’re talking about a person, who obviously loves how they look and also has feelings.

    It’s not like saying “EW! I don’t like the way that tree looks, it’s got too many branches and the leaves aren’t straight.”

  29. #47 – that’s just plain bitchy, and very akin to somebody hoping, as we’ve heard of before, that a modded person gets all the piercings ripped out by an electromagnet for daring to look different. There’s a difference between feedback and malice.

  30. I think less is most definately more when it comes to that first picture! Loving that heart subdermal though!!!

  31. Free speech is great, but when you’re going to abuse that right to say negative, mean-spirited, shallow things about someone you don’t know, it stops becoming liberating and starts becoming plain shit. Stop it! This is really not what this community is about, is it?

    Personally, whilst I find Kaydee’s piercings would be somewhat overwhelming on pretty much every other face, she rocks it – because she evidently has a lot of confidence, unlike some people I could mention, and loves her piercings and how they make her look. Celebrate that as an emotion that you (hopefully, since you’re on BME) share; don’t bash her because you don’t like her freaking makeup or something.

    Oh, and 47 in particular, shame on you. What a shitty thing to say. *I* hope karma bites you in your big ol spiteful ass.

    On a lighter note, beautiful girls! :D And jinx’s boyfriend has a really nice expression on his face (also I want his hat).

  32. You can’t get free speech without the negitive side-effects. Otherwise it’s not free. Whole western democracy (at least in Europe…) is founded on the free speech, and people here don’t question other people who say out loud negative issues. They critizice those other opinions. And trough discussion (sometimes hard and ‘emotional’ discussion) the truth or solution is always found. I am huge fan of free speech. It is the basic element of progress!

    If a friend has dirt in her face, I’ll say it to her in real life, too.

    In my liking, Kaydee or whatsherscreenname has too many piercings to be aesthtic for good majority of humankind, and it makes it difficult to get a job – mostly because unattractiveness is self-caused, and huge amount of piercings are more likely to make people confused, disgusted and thrown back than anything positive.

    I think there’s good attention and bad attention, and too many piercings mostly attract bad attention – probably people who get huge amount of tattoos of piercings know that they attract the latter in most co-citizens.

    I hope she’s happy the way she is, and I’m quite sure she is! Just reminding the hard facts and wishing strenght while meeting new people (who probably don’t share her values and aesthetic taste and might be prejudice like me!) So good luck! :)

  33. another lovely roo posted pretty much ruined. too bad.

    nice photos, cute grrls.

  34. First picture is scene-trash overkill. She could be pretty.
    But, in my opinion, her make-up is worse than her unsymmetrical piercings.

    The rest of these ladies are quite cute, though.

  35. ewe – “the truth or solution is always found:”

    What would you say the truth or solution here is? That Kaydee should remove all/most of her piercings and listen to everyones opinions on how she should look and the way she should live her life? That ain’t democracy. Likening it to someone with dirt on their face make me really, really sad.

  36. LOL at my comment being deleted.
    Mods, really, can’t handle anything that deviates from your own opinion?

  37. LOL at giving us “mods” a label.

    Our ‘problem’ is people who feel they have the right to come to a community which welcomes any form of modification, and be blatantly RUDE in the name of “free speech”.

    If you don’t like it, or appreciate what someone did to their own body sooo much that you feel the need to make hurtful statements, then you don’t belong here.

    This is Modblog. Not critisizeandberudeaboutthatwhichidontfindattractive blog.

    It has nothing to do with oppinions in all honesty. Its called respect. Some of you really need to learn it.

  38. Wow.

    People, call up your parents and vent your issues on them like everyone else. Don’t shove your insecurities on others.

    They all look happy, and that’s really all that matters.

    That said, they all look adorable, too, so that’s a plus.

  39. I have hair envy in regards to the girl in pic #2. Cute pics all round :o)

    Some people are just being downright nasty if you don’t like a picture don’t look or post simple as that.

  40. ewe (#63) – The thing you said about jobs and people being “confused” and “disgusted” by so many facial piercings – you could say that about ANY post on modblog. I’m sure she is well aware of what the “outside” world thinks, as do the other people posted here daily with scarification, lobe stretching and facial tattoos. But this is modblog, not the outside world. People are posted here for a break from the stares and ignorance, nobody here should care if she can go out and get a job. As long as she’s modified, happy, and is surviving, on modblog surely profession shouldn’t come in to it.

  41. Christ! They’re pretty, they each have their own personal style, deal with it and shut up!

  42. Lol! Woah. Seriously i can’t believe this haha.

    Okay one thing – the makeup.. i was wasted! i know it looks real bad, but it was a fun night … showed my piercings – which is why i even posted it! i didn’t expect an awful funny picture to get modblogged! lol.

    (note- When you look at a straight picture of my face you can see my piercings are symetrical!.. kinda doesn’t help that i dont have one though…)

    my piercings… as of a couple of months ago ive removed 11 of my facial piercings including 2 of my bridges,2 antieyebrows, 3 madonna’s, 1 medusa, 2 lowbrets and one out of my nose…

    i think i look better now.. Its sometimes hard to notice when you have to many…when you get used to what yourve had, and look in the mirror everyday.

    I dont regret my piercings, ive had them for years!… i always like to have new piercings… different looks.. its what i like! i get bored of my looks easy – deal with it?

    Anyway! feel free to state your opinions because i dont really care as to what you guys are thinking, im on this website because im modd’ed…

    lol and as for the weave… i actually shaved alot of my hair off as it was around the summer! so yeah i had to rebuild my hair in places!

    [email protected] picture.

    i like how i look, and at the time of having all the other piercings.. i loved how i looked then! but im always wanting something different…. I <3 my addictive personality

  43. #83: Good for your girl. I love that you like yourself, because in the end, that’s the only thing which really matters. Haters, jealousy and stupidity obviously have no effect on you, so maybe people will go back to ‘batin like they should. ;)

  44. Kaydee, I’ve seen you round town loads! Awesome piercings :-) And I think you go to the same piercer as me :-p

    Anyways, all you lot who are saying nothing constructive should learn some respect and shut up!

    This community is one that moans about how other people judge us for our mods, yet we are just as bad! This hyporicy REALLY gets on my nerves and has damaged my faith in the community.

    I was gonna make this longer but it won’t make any difference, but yeah, awesome piercings Kaydee :-) And the rest of you ^_^

  45. haha oOo mystery person??…

    to i get to know who you are??

    hehe link me to a myspace or something if you have oneee


  46. Yeah I’ll add you on myspace in a min :-p I’m the only person in our area with vertical lowbrets as far as I know o_O And a vertical bridge :-p lol

  47. haha i have a Third eye piercing.. only is on my forehead.


    So im guessin Al does your piercings? :P lol

  48. In my opinion personally…I’m not a fan of that many piercings.
    But I say Kudos for her going through with them all and sticking with them and she is beautiful.

    And the other girls are too ^_^

    And about the weave and all this crap talking…what are we all still in high school or something?

  49. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions,but then everyone is entitled to their own mods, too. Kaydee probably has a mod-friendly job. I think these girls are all beautiful.

  50. Kaydee-love your track- I just put one in my hair, too. And my hair is just over 4 feet long.

  51. Kaydee, I love that you’re so confident and that all these people don’t bother you. I wish I was more like that. XD I’m sure loads of us would like to see a more recent picture of you as well…any chance?

  52. haha! lol check out my linkage! the main pic is my most up to date, not very flattering – but you can also see 2 of my new piercings, yay :P

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