23 thoughts on “Sushi, the Jesus Fish

  1. I fucking love it.
    Seriously. I read the title in a tab of my browser and went “Please let it be a fish nailed to a cross, please let it be a fish nailed to a cross”.
    Fuck yeah!

  2. I was wondering why the title was “Sushi, the Jesus Fish” and then I saw that it was written on the cross!! :) Ok that caused a laughing fit!

  3. scuba steve=famous skateboard filmer, and la grange reminds me of the zz top song!

  4. wellllll Jesus DID the thing with the wine fish and bread…no toooo much of a stretch.
    the JESUS fish thing was a symbol in roman times to let christians know who other christian were and not be caught,by the romans…
    the one guy would draw in the dirt HALF the symbol..the second person if they WERE a christian would know what he meant,then COMPLETE the symbol,hence the fish.
    the imparted “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior,” meaning was thus imparted on both parties and validated.

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