Bonnie Princess Johnny

I’m sure this is the moment John‘s been dreading since he submitted this photo to BMEzine, but I’m not scared of him. At least not when he’s dressed like this I’m not!

So to lower the tone a little after the last post here he is in his usual drinkin’ gear..

(Believe it or not the same hands that are holding that beer bottle ever so tenderly are the same hands that created these two masterpieces of scarification..)

35 thoughts on “Bonnie Princess Johnny

  1. I’m still not letting anyone near my face with a need except him, haha

  2. For God’s sake the man is pissed and having some fun; give him some space. If you want to be critical take a look at the curtains and furniture in that room – now they really are offensive to the eye. Superb tattoos, by the way.

  3. I’m sure he’s not dreading it. This is BME after all. Anticipating it is more likely.
    Just because a guy wears a dress there is no reason to assume there is a lack of masculinity or (even if it is an indication) that it’s somehow embarrassing.

  4. I let that man put a scalpel in my mouth! My goodness. Ah, John, you look so tasty.

  5. NICE! (I think I have that same dress!)
    What happens in Vegas APP NEVER stays in Vegas…
    IT happens to piercers and gets posted all over the internet.

  6. Yeah. This. This is why I love John. It’s just as fun letting him cut your skin off as it is getting drunk with him.


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