The Clock’s Stopped Ticking.

Wow, just wow.

I almost felt bad watermarking this photo, it’s absolutely breathtaking! Clickthrough to see it in all its glory, I’m going to shush now and stare a little longer. I suggest you do the same.

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20 thoughts on “The Clock’s Stopped Ticking.

  1. That has got to hurt, do the hooks ever rip straight through?
    I imagine it would be a pretty disturbing sight.

  2. this looks rather cool
    i like the ink on his arm
    and also the scarification on his leg, although hard to see
    nice picture all togther

  3. the first image in a long time thats made an impression on me ! and a good impression!

  4. I know how juvenile the last part of this will sound.
    But firstly before i decend into immaturity, i think he looks so peaceful :3
    Now for the immaturity.
    He looks like he’s swimming, eeee! :3

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