The best part is it would work with either of my hands, considering the other one says worm!” – IAM: Gangrenous.

By Greg Chorman, House of Ink, Wauconda, IL.

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29 thoughts on “Lunchbox.

  1. Love it, love it, love it! Just right-clicked and made it my screensaver (until the next stunning modblog pic appears).

  2. I agree with both Wills.
    It’s pretty nifty that they’re the only tattoos you can see in this pic.

  3. will- he has “worm food” across his knuckles, because in the end that’s what we all are.

  4. Will, Just read the quote above the pic. His other hand reads “worm”

  5. Re 13. Thanks for pointing that out – much appreciated. I was on my first cup of coffee when I opened modblog and my eyes weren’t properly open. Now I love it even more. Reminds me of my dear old mother – she always used to mutter “Worm food” if ever a hearse went past. I inherited her sick sense of humour.

  6. Will, LOL. No Problem! Coffee is our friend. I was pre-coffee when I responded if I seemed a bit terse.
    Your mom sounds darling. I don’t think there is anything more healthy then a good sick sense of humor.

  7. This is awesome, but it would be infinitely more awesome if he were using his “WORM” hand… hehe

  8. #9 and #17 thanks for clearing that up for everyone

    and Sam thanks for explaining because that sure saved me a shitload of typing because i ramble on about things forever haha

    #10 the only other tattoo i really have is almost a full sleeve of black on my other arm i have about half my bicep left to cover so obviously it’s not visible in the picture since thats the side that was holding the camera

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