Appetite for Incandescents

IAM: SkiFik captured these gorgeous shots (click it for something maniacal!) of Pain Solution performing in St. Petersburg (show featured previously) last month..

I once lost a tooth (ok, I was five) biting into a Flump on the way to school, but that was after a friend and I had devoured about four sticks of the toughest liquorice we could find. True story that.

18 thoughts on “Appetite for Incandescents

  1. A lightbulb? Wow, what a fantastic photo– The shutter speed must have been miniscule, you can see the shards still suspended in the air! & the expression on his face is bad ass. Great shot!

  2. Roo, I like your true story :D
    I like that the glass is still in the air, it totally makes the photo.

  3. fantastic site… we brits RULE when it comes to e numbers and generally unhealthy artificial ingredients

  4. How do you eat glass and not die?

    Nice pic though, yes. The mouth, both the paint and the expression, really remind me of the Joker (and it’s not a bad thing here).

  5. Roo you make me miss England so so so so much.
    Canada’s great and all but no-one has any idea what i mean when i say things like Flump.

  6. um hi mr glass eating dude!!!!
    can i get u breakfast coz u look hungry !!!!!!

    LMAO just kidding …….. and yeah i agree with Greta

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