Safety Pin Pull

Bug (who’s expecting her first child!) and her friend Paige, all tangled up and lip-locked..

I’m a little amazed they managed to pull it off, I’d be too busy laughing hysterically into Paige’s nose.

16 thoughts on “Safety Pin Pull

  1. Im betting ten that Paige wins….now i thought two girls making own would be kinda erotic but this beats it like a professional rugby team verses a group of intoxicated,demented and slightly schitzo watermelons.
    i love my imagination.

  2. You know loads of people will go and do this now.
    Me included, of course.

  3. Meh! This is kinda neato!

    About the microdermal…. You guys probably figured out they were horribly rejecting clavical surface bars.

    &&For who won, that was me = P

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