29 thoughts on “O RLY?

  1. That’s actually quite a decent inner lip tattoo considering the quality of many around.. YAH RLY.

  2. ugh i hate people that go off on one about how “DISGUSTING!!!” peoples teeth are when tbh they look fine to me! i mean have you actually seen photos of gum disease? not everyone has OMG WHITE HOLLYWOOD teeth, and not everyone wants them.

    all that aside, thats the best inner lip tattoo ever! i hope he finds a good friend willing to get the YA RLY!

  3. to expand on the argument made by #9: look at YOUR lower teeth in the mirror. do they not look similar?

  4. I think this looks great! I have seen some lip tattoos, and this one (to me) is by far the best!~

  5. haha, I have “pyow pyow!” on my lip, so I love that someone else got a lolspeak tattoo

  6. Orly is also a girl’s name in Hebrew. Maybe he loves someone named Orly (-:
    (By the way, “Or” means “light”, and “Ly” means “for me”)

  7. I went out with someone called Orly once – She was an Irish girl, Orla’s a fairly common Irish name but for that reason the family decided to swap the a for a y.

    Unfortunately O RLY wasn’t funny when we were dating, so I couldn’t take the piss out of her.

  8. oh roo..that would be a really nice joke on her xD

    that tattoo looks really nice for a lip tattoo..is it fresh?

  9. I don’t see the point of inner lip tattoos for the most part, but this one’s funny.

    @#3 and #7: Gums are supposed to be pink, if they’re red that’s when you’ve got issues.

  10. As someone said ORLY is one of paris airports, its also a town. IF this dude is french (like me)he wears this tatoo to represent his home town.

    I knew a guy from Noisy (zipcode: 93) who brand himself this name & zipcode on the chest…

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