14 thoughts on “Shiny Fingered Salute

  1. aww what a shame! looks so great but i guess you cant really expect anything more tho eh

  2. Awh that’s a shame.
    I did a piercing similar to that on my friend on her little finger just a bar going across not up the finger…and it seems to have held well.

    But at least you got a great pic out of it ^_^

  3. oh..that’s a record :x…i wish it could last longer..it really looks great ^^…ye for finger piercings

  4. maybe he should have used discs instead of balls?
    i wonder what he does for work.

  5. well well anthony! look at you being fancy on the internet :]
    i liked it while it lasted!

    and to answer “DethKok” he works at Lost Kings Tattoo :]

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