23 thoughts on “Power to the People.

  1. wow. i LOVE the blues. LOVE them.

    i’ve seen lots of people with this image tattooed, but never as a full back piece.

  2. love the quote, but id have to ask the wearer why that old over-used image for a backpiece? hopefully it has some strong personal meaning(s).
    nicely done, btw!

  3. Maybe it’s the camera angle but the arm looks out of whack. The bicep is really small compared to the forearm. The arm is bent at the elbow so the forearm would bulge a bit but not that much. The wrist as well is too wide.
    Nice tattoo though

  4. woot woot! daisy is the jam.

    dethkok, do you routinely come across people who use rosie the riveter image without having strong personal feeling behind the iconography? I don’t think that is has saturated mainstream culture enough to be even remotely compared to say Che…

  5. I love the combination of the quote and the image. It makes a whole lot of sense and can be analyzed and looked at from soo many different perspectives.

  6. oh helllllllllllllllllls yea!!!

    MUCH LOVE to the wearer of this back piece!!!

  7. daisy is our pride and joy!
    joe did a great job with her back piece and i think it suits her perfectly!

  8. Head and bicep look off. But considering everyone’s happy with it, whatev’s. There’s a lot of things going on in terms of angles, shading and back contours so you can’t be too critical of it.

    Rosie the Riveter is such an icon. Not only is she a strong, femme female, but her creation was a public acknowledgment that women aren’t weak, simpering creatures.

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