I’m seeing more and more chunky text tattoos being submitted to BMEzine, and it’s wonderful!

The following three photos are from xmakexoutx.. the first one wasn’t all that clear (but I loved it and asked her to take a few more) so if you have fuzzy eyes like me, read more..

The Goodbye Song – New Found Glory / If you do, if you don’t – Cartel

Legs by Tony Gilbert, Crimson Empire. Stomach by Jared Phair, Dragon FX – Both studios in Edmonton, Alberta.

75 thoughts on “Scriptalicious

  1. Two great songs from two of my favorite bands on two beautiful legs.

    Gotta love the stomach piece as well!

  2. Not one of my favourite bands but a beautiful tattoo (aswell as the tummy piece ^_^ )

  3. i have to say i don’t like it. with all that lettering, that small, lets see how it looks in 5 years. goodbye sharp looking letters. goodbye openings in “a” and “e”

  4. I disagree with cellfire. i have seen many, many pieces with large areas of small lettering heal up beautifully, and last. I think if the artist knows what they are doing, and the person receiving it knows how to heal tattoos well, there shouldn’t be a problem. To a point. I mean you wouldn’t use 6pt font or anything.

    Whatever. These tattoos are beautiful.

  5. Cellfire, i’ve had mine for 3 years.
    When done well its not going to bleed out or merge at all unless the skin’s quality is compromised by something like extreme weight gain or skin damage.

    People are such bumouts around here.
    Appreciate good work on hot girls… jeez.

  6. Did she really needed to wright on her legs to remember the words ? And just on these so wondefull legs ?

    Wasn’t better to play the cd and to leave her legs (delicious and) clean ?

  7. *purr* pretty legs, pretty tummy. shame on the spelling error, but unfortunately it happens. :(

  8. Damn, if I got to wake up and see those legs/stomach every day I would be in heaven!

  9. I don’t know, I think I would have looked over the stencil first to make sure everything was spelled correctly.

  10. Beautiful!
    Lyrics are a matter of personal taste – some people love them, some people hate them, some people say “you’ll regret this is X years!” but at the end of the day, the person on whom they’re tattooed got them for a reason and I don’t think it’s up to us to question that.

    Aesthetically, those look great. And I’ll second (or third, or fifth, or whatever) the comments above stating how fabulous your legs are!

  11. The spelling error occured due to the fact that yes, it is supposed to say “with nobody else” after 45 minutes of wiping the stencil had lightened a lot. It doesn’t help that I was lying down and not watching.
    I will be getting it lasered and fixed.

  12. 17 – I’m sure she didn’t get the tattoo to remember the lyrics. I personally don’t like those bands, but obviously she does and really loves those two songs. As for the legs looking better “clean”…that’s opinion. That could go for any tattoo on anyone. There will always be people that say “it looked better without the tattoo” but bottom line she wanted those tattoos, and I’m sure she likes them.

  13. oh the misspelling looks easy to correct (since you’re gonna be getting some laser aid) but all in all great pieces. from a graphic designer specialized in editorial: it is very well balanced haha.

    plus, i love NFG so that’s a plus… and yeah, your undies are cool

  14. I really like her stomach piece but her thighs not touching kinda weirds me out.

  15. I can totally sympathise with that mispelling. I have lyrics on my arm – one word was misheard, a ‘pray’ instead of a ‘breathe’. It’s a bitch, but I still love the tattoo. Y’know, it never occurred to me to get it lasered. Good luck with it!

    Anyway, the point I was originally going to make was that I just adore tattoos of lyrics (obviously) and these are just damn cool.

  16. I really like the way that type of lettering looks. I also love the idea of getting song lyrics tattooed, although New Found Glory and Cartel would not be my personal first choices…

    But, I almost hate to admit that I used a line from Goodbye Song as my senior quote…not a very big New Found Glory fan anymore, but their first album is amazing. Fight me.


    Either way, still cool.

  17. i love lyric pieces. if i didn’t have any inhibitions i would be covered in lyrics. as of now i only have one but am planning two or three more.

    awesome work/body/stomach

  18. To be honest I like the stomach piece better, but my opinion’s kinda biased since I don’t like both bands. I do like the symmetry though. :)

  19. be careful with the laser since it merely lightens it and rarely removes the tattoo 100%!! I’d rather leave the mistakes.

  20. all text should be read off pretty girls thighs, paper has just been outmoded, The internet shall be switched off, lets get the tattoo guns we’ve a lot of trans-scribing to do.

  21. kudos for the nfg lyrics! i love it.

    i wanna get a text tattoo, and seeing this has made me want one even more :D

  22. 17, old ladies are always approaching me and telling me how I ruined my “beautiful body” with my chest tattoo. So reading that made me snicker a little. We can’t decide for people what exactly constitutes as “ruining” a body part or the worth of their tattoo.

    That said, New Found Glory? How… uh… interesting o____o *not a pop-punk fan* (end hypocriticism here)

  23. Cameltoe? WTF?

    I looove word tattoos. The black-only on the stomach piece is an interesting choice, or is it in progress? (looking closer I can see the hint of some other colored pieces)

    Also, Erik commenting that someone’s body would look better “clean” on a BODY MODIFICATION SITE is kind of ridiculous. Sweet wounded Jeezus.

  24. Rose – presumably music taste is as subjective as mod inclination? That said – I can never harbour ill-thoughts about anyone who can conjure new words out of thin air. Kudos on hypocriticism. :)

  25. Love the aesthetic, but can’t really see the attraction of New Found Glory lyrics when the English language has produced hundreds of years of incredible literature.

    How about some Tennyson? Plath? Kipling? Milton? Wordsworth? Stein? Wolfe? Or some of the amazing work in translation we’re so lucky to have, like Proust?

    It’s the same problem I have with adults reading Harry Potter when there’s hundreds and hundreds of classic pieces of literature they’ve not read. I’m a snob, sorry! ;)

  26. #53 expect the magical revenge of Harry Potter fans to be unleashed on your butt :op

    I really like the tattoos especially the text it’s nicely balanced and looks really well done. I have no idea who the bands are though. Great legs to!

  27. The more and more I see this type of tattoos (with the text on the front of the legs) I like it more and more. Both those songs are amazing, I’m way too in love with her tattoos. :)

    And #53, couldn’t this be considered Incredible Literature in someones eyes?

  28. I am amused at Matt claiming to know what will be considered “incredible literature” in the future…Considering most of what we now consider “incredible literature” — you know, all those writers he listed — are long gone.

  29. Will “Fall Out Boy” be on side B of her legs? I say it’s a flop. And to waste/spend your money to put lyrics to a song on your body, you should put something decent on there. Not some band that just jumped on the fucking wagon to make a fucking dollar or two. Obviously not impressed.

  30. i hate new found glory and do not know who the other band is…
    however i have tattoos on my thighs as well and HOLY SHIT does this girl have some testicular fortitude to stay so still for the words closest to the crotchell.

  31. -45. To write on a body modification site in not limited to those who undoubtly like it. Moreover I like girls, not draws

  32. They aren’t really my style– but I must admit they’re pretty well done except for the typo..

  33. I think it must be absolutley sexy to see her walk around those lyrics on her legs. I love it. Those letters are large enough and sharp enough to remain legible, no worry.

  34. wowwww.. some of you are a bunch of haters heeey haha, tatt looks awesome! i was wanting similar font down the side of my thigh right at the top. and nfg <333333

    oh ps, hot legs and tummy, thighs not touching means shes not obese! how everyones thighs should be..

  35. #53, just because something is a ‘great piece of literature’ doesn’t mean that someone finds it special to them. It could hold special meaning or they might be able to it.

    I think it looks really great, and it’s a pretty cool idea!

  36. There’s no such thing as what you’re “supposed to” read, listen to, or like. I agree that classics, challenging material, philosophy, etc., enrich your life, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Harry Potter can enrich your life as well.

    If people enjoy reading HP but not Dickens, Proust, Shakespeare, whomever, are they supposed to do what they hate according to some arbitrary standard imposed by self described snobs?

    When I see someone reading The DaVinci Code on the subway, I’ll admit that I make judgments about them. But I immediately check myself, because really, imposing your will on someone as to what they can read is just as bad as imposing your moral will on someone else at any time. Go line up with the evangelicals.

  37. Wow, so much negativity! I don’t like NFG either, but its a really well done tattoo. Looks nice on her. I think its hilarious there’s always going to be some guy saying a girl “ruined” her legs/boobs/face/etc with a tattoo, even they are a tattooed person themselves. I hear that garbage all the time about my chest and my neck, but in a way the ignorance of others can be amusing…fuckers :p hehe

  38. Anyone have this NFG album… and at the end of this song the bonus track :P

    loverly lyrics and loverly legs

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