And I’ve never seen anyone, quite like you before..

By the way, I’m going to be busy over the weekend (saying that, all the staff have been run off their poor feets over the past few months arranging everything, if you only knew!) enjoying BMEfestivities and ModPromiscuities, so for you poor folk who couldn’t make it I’ve queued up some posts to keep you entertained. l0s3rs.

If you’re coming though, enjoy yourselves, and hug me. I like hugs.

49 thoughts on “And I’ve never seen anyone, quite like you before..

  1. Fuckin’ sucks living in New Zealand.

    I really like his contacts and what is that ball on his forehead? Some kind of surface piercing?

  2. I’m going to guess it’s a dermal anchor on the forehead, unless there’s another bead slightly further up his head.

  3. nah man, NZ’s awesome. if we weren’t all so lazy and people actually organized a NZ/Aus. Mod Prom wed totally kick the US’s ass.

    and as for the piercing it looks like a dermal anchor or micro dermal to me

  4. Awesome look, but it would be better with less distracting jewelry in the ears to maintain a focus on the the facials.

  5. NZ/ Aus Mod Prom would go off :)
    also, I love the heavy ear jewllery he’s wearing.

  6. I can’t say that I’m a fan of the light coloured contacts, but even natural light blue eyes kinda freak me out for some reason.

  7. Bill – I thought I was suffering with OCD, I noticed that too, bugs ya don’t it?

  8. why must people bring things of such up lol
    his anchor is very off centre and its annoying
    i just wanna staighten it up

  9. Health and long life are the gifts of the spice… I have a set of full eye Dune lenses I should post some pix of them. It’s a 4 G transdermal implant with a 10 mm disk end on it. I know its off center, but wacha gonna do…

  10. Down for the NZ ModProm! Best idea i’ve heard in a while…and that dude is incredibly hot! Want to be my ModProm date?

  11. yeah the off center thing was the first i noticed it would shit me every day >.<

    very interested

    if anyone wants to start a committie or has any ideas email me [email protected]

  12. No, that can’t be excused with an angled head, that is very off centre. I know that’d drive me mental if it was me, but if the guy ain’t bothered – good for him! :)

  13. woohoo! fantastick eyes^^ he look like an eagle on this picture,i mean his glance;)

  14. What about an England ModProm?!!! :’( I think on the loser scale, me and the other brits win.
    Love this guy’s look. Great contacts. :)

  15. you guys definatly should put togeather both a mod prom and a BME fest in NZ because I’m moving to wellington in about 6 months.

  16. yep, id be keen for a NZ/Aus bme fest/mod prom in NZ. id be happy to organize it too, or at least get a group of us or something. chuck me an message on IAM or ask for my email if ur interested :)

  17. Wow, I had no idea that there were so many other New Zealanders on here, NZ modprom sounds awesome.

  18. I know that guy and the dermal anchor is quite centered, its just the angle.

  19. I love it when asymmetry pisses people off, it’s really funny imagining them getting all aggravated :D
    Honestly, take a deep breath and r e l a x; asymmetry is natural – we’re all slightly off-centre.

  20. I agree, Chaq. If Kry for Me was in the center of the pic, the anchor would also be centered. I think it looks great, and I love those contacts!! I have a pair of black & white checkerboard contacts that I like to freak people out with, especially at work (school bus driver). All in all, good lookin’ guy, and beautiful mods.

  21. LOL!
    His dermal anchor looks pretty off center..
    Or is that just me?
    I would be ever so pissed if I had one that was on a lean :|

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