23 thoughts on “Painted Lady

  1. I wasz wondering the same as kt, wheres the nipples??

    I can handle missing lobes, chopped off fingers (and weenies) and amputated toes, but some airbrushed out nipples are giving me a wiggins. Beautiful girl though!!

  2. #8, this is a temporary body mod, if that’s good enough for you. If not, you’ll notice she has some ear piercings!

    Baaald <3

  3. i like this. i just got into airbrushing and body painting is something i will eventually do. It just looks like too much fun.

  4. BALD!!!! I love.
    Also, her body is perfect. She’s lean, fit and healthy rather than horribly skinny. I’m jealous and turned on all at once.

  5. she has a medusa piercing too. but i’m still weirded out by the no-nipples. it looks like they were photoshopped out or something, because even if she was wearing pasties, you would see em!

  6. The nipples are fairly obviously photoshoped out, which I think is kinda weird. On the first shot you can just *barely* make out the outline of her left nipple; by the look of it someone either specifically used lighting and shaded paint to blank out it’s signature/shadow (which I would find odd and overly time-consuming) or someone more likely used an airbrush in photoshop to blast both of her breasts featureless.

    In an earlier post of her (http://modblog.bmezine.com/2008/01/22/daisies-and-nipple-bars/) she obviously doesn’t have the smallest nipples ever, even without the bars in. On that note, I wonder how good airbrush paint is when coating nipple piercings with the posts removed? I have so little airbrush experience to guess from…

    At any rate, I have a better question: Why go to lengths to remove nipples when you can clearly make out her vag/slit/mound (take your pick of word for the creased opening of female genitals 😛 ) in the 2nd picture?

    Or for that matter, what’s with the increasing amount of post-shoot touchups/digital manipulations I’m seeing in pictures?

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