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  1. I’d like to see you smile with your lips sewn shut rofl. How is she supposed to not be serious when she can’t open her mouth or anything 😛

  2. Beautiful eyes and face. I’m not a body modder so forgive me for saying I find this tragic that such a pretty girl feels the need to do this to herself. Please, no attacks, this is my opinion as a non-modder. Peace.

  3. im a female/lesbian…and i think this is great…i dont think sexual identity has anything to do with it…perhaps just modder vs. non-modder aesthetic?

  4. gidgey: You don’t need to be a “body modder” to understand peoples desire to change things, just think of anyone that wants a new paint job on their car and it’ll make sense. Oh and being a female/ lesbian (just saying lesbian would have covered it) only gives you internet credit if you can make it sound like your putting out.

  5. #8: Hah, I can disagree, but I’m a lesbian so it makes it okay! SEE! I’m still alternative. I’m still cool. right?
    just stand by your guns, you don’t have to “justify” your disagreement with such a distant topic as your sexuality, opinions on aesthetics vary from person to person. I would understand you bringing up your sexuality if it were say, two girls kissing with lips sewn shut or something, but in this case its just totally irrelevant.
    to each his own.

  6. also, I hate that “your such a pretty girl, why do this to yourself?!” response. My response to that is: so… its only okay if they ugly girls do it?

  7. So much for modders accepting a different opinion from their own. I guess “peace” doesn’t work with different opinions. *shrugs*. Oh, and P.S. I said I was a lesbian so that yeah, you wouldn’t think I was some Fundamentalist Christian who shrieks at anything outside the smallest box. Sorry some of you didn’t get that.

  8. I’m not trying to argue anything here, I curious more – why is this tragic for such a pretty girl? Maybe she doesn’t feel the ‘need’ to do this, what if she wanted to step outside the box herself and try this as something new and wanted to do it? the photo itself is not my personal style, I’d prefer to see a photo with the blood cleaned up – but it may now be something that was made to be a photo, it may just simply be the film is the means to show others a temporary modification she did. It’s all good. Oh, and this comment is coming from a tranny boy, if there needs to be any kind of clarification there.

  9. Sculla, I agree with you. For me its not just lip sewings, but any photo with blood around the mouth (which I know is clearly just my own opinion and that others will have polar opposite opinions)

  10. It’s funny how every time I’ve seen an entry on lip sewing a discussion begins on why somebody does it.
    Although she doesn’t look happy in the picture I doubt that’s representative of how she’s feeling. Many of us already know from experience that rituals can be extremely personal and it seems unfair for people to judge her when they couldn’t and/or wouldn’t try to understand her own reasons for undergoing such an intense procedure.

  11. i was actually tellin my mate stacey about lip sweings on the way home and iv decided to get my lips sewn shut for halloween

  12. Wish they did this to all girls, it would make the world much more quiet haha…

  13. Wish they did this to all girls, it would make the world much more quiet haha…

    Dude, in what way do you consider this to be even remotly acceptable as a comment? Because given the long history of men telling women to sit down and shut up, in many cases with violence, this is really quite insensitive.

  14. I also hate the “your such a pretty girl, why do this to yourself?.i did it basically beacuse i like the aesthetic of it and also for the experience,i also do enjoy seeing how far i can push myself,after halfway through it got to be pretty intense.i decided to leave the blood on beacuse i thought it looked cool. as for the serious face i was trying to hold still so the picture didn’t come out blurry.

  15. drama aside, i really love this. i wish she had taken a pic in natural light too

  16. I can’t see why anyone would pay good hard-earned money to have something like this done. With the price of gas as it is, something like this is such a waste of money. Sorry, but I don’t find this attractive at all for anybody, but that’s just me. I’d much rather spend my money on a new tattoo or piercing.

  17. Has anybody ever noticed this above the comment box? “If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends(…)”

    Maybe all you people that can only bitch should pay attention to things like this.

    I don’t like lip sewing all that much(but I can see where it’d be fun), nor do I really like this photo(no offense, nippples, but you look like you are getting ready to kick my ass 🙁 ). I can see why someone would enjoy this, and I think it’s great that people can express themselves like this. Lip sewing is very interesting(and yes, that is coming for someone who doesn’t really like it).

    Also, the whole “You’re such a pretty girl, why do you do this to yourself???” thing is so annoying. I’ve heard it so many times “You’re beautiful! You don’t have to stick metal in your face to make yourself interesting!” I’m not doing it so others find me interesting, or attractive! I’m doing it because I like it. ME. I enjoy it. I like it experience. Hell, I even enjoy scars left over from not so well thought out piercings. I love all my piercings, and my tattoo. I wouldn’t change them for a thing.

  18. i agree whole heartedly with Emaline, i think that those of you that don’t having something good to say about how a person feel, and how they express that, don’t have the right to push it in the persons face. the photograph is an expression of what nippples is feeling at the time, and that should be respected, it doesn’t matter if you accept it, or like it.

  19. This is a beautiful picture. I prefer seeing the blood. It’s part of the experience, so it’s that much more personal.

  20. I’m curious, does having your lips sewn together have the same feel as bondage? It seems similar in the sense that you are voluntarily allowing yourself to be restrained in some way.

    I think this is really sexy, and if I weren’t so squeamish about pain, I would probably want to do it myself.

  21. gorgeous..
    but all of the arguing ruined it a bit.
    and to whoever said something about why would you do this with the price of gas the way it is, then go on to say you’d prefer a new tat/piercing.
    thats kinda moronic, nothing personal but since when is a piercing or tattoo a necessity? even gas isn’t a necessity.
    but again i don’t mean to counter what you said.
    looks good, over-did the smearing a little but still wonderful

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