Captain Four Eyes..

Erm, yeah.. I’m probably abusing my ModBlog privileges somewhat, but clickthrough for another..

IAM: RooBot.

By Derek at Yonge Street Tattoos, Toronto, ON. This afternoon.

50 thoughts on “Captain Four Eyes..

  1. Love your lips, really. The tattoos too. :)

    on the click through: Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.


  2. Roo i can’t even tell you how long and hard i just laughed at this.
    I’m really slow when it comes to puns and jokes, so i stared for a while then burst out laughing… more at myself for being so slow i think.

  3. In the click through it looks like he has super long eyelashes, I guess they are kinda designed that way . . . only if you look really hard would it look any different! That just make the tattoo even cooler!

  4. so adorible, i giggled till my boyfriend got a little conserned and came to check on me. i loves the roobot.

  5. LOL congrats, Roo! You got ‘modblogged’ :P

    I like the idea; English is a gr8 language 4 playing with words, isn’t it?

  6. Sorry about the clickthrough before, my four eyes failed me :)

    Anyway, it felt a little queer around the middle of the eyebrows, but not painful at all!

    withinspace – YES! I’m one of those amazing spleenless boys, we should be friends.

    piquet – In Liverpool, maybe.

    Candace – Wooo, yay Derek!

  7. Holy Christ… I just got the pun. I thought the pun everyone was talking about was the fact that the title caption has Captain in it. This is my internal monologue: “Ah… I get it. Captain. And they say “Aye Aye!” Heh, thats neat. Not so clev– FOUR EYES! AYES! NO WAY!”

    I’m really, really slow tonight.

    Anyway, wicked tattoo/wordplay, and I love the nostril piercings you’re rocking.

  8. haha i didn’t get the eye/aye thing until like… right now? seems like i’m on the slow team tonight as well.

    Roo! your eyes look SO dark on the 2nd shot! reaaaaally cool haha

  9. Love the placements of your piercings :) and your tats are plain awesome :) xx

  10. Roo, after remving the cheek piercings, have you noticed dramatic reversal of the dimples they caused if you didn’t have them to begin with? Mine have been out for 6 months now and are still quite deep when I smile, not nearly as deep as they were, but they are quite obvious. Can I hope that with time the dents will dissappear more or less?

  11. Feel free to abuse, you’re pretty cute! Also, if you look at your nose the “AYE!”s look almost like long eyelashes.

  12. Moonchild – I pierced my cheeks 5 years ago and had them for about a year and a half. I still have very deep dimples.

    On the plus side, i love them, and everybody else does, i get complements about them all the time. And a friend of mine even pierced his cheeks just to get the same effect.

  13. MoonChild – Sorry, completely forgot to reply! I’ve had mine for about ten years, on and off (re-pierced three times during those years) and they’ve been out for about erm, a year and a half now?

    The dimples are still very pronounced (much like you, moreso when I smile), but I rather like them.

    From my experience you may well be stuck with them, but obviously over the years they may well decrease further.

    Oh, and thanks everyone :)

  14. 0.0
    that’s my name!!
    under your eyebrows
    that’s cool!!=)
    oh and I totally like the piercings

  15. ah, so this is what you were going to get done after i ran into you at the parade. did you get there on time?? haha, i was trying to look for you to survey your progress but could not locate you!.
    did you end up going to the island??

  16. Aye – It’s all for you!

    SiA – Haha, didn’t I tell you? I might have done but it probably got lost over all the gay chatter :) I got there on time, thanks to a policeman giving me a piggyback over the road. It was hilarious!

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