30 thoughts on “Spooky, but sweet.

  1. The tattoo looks great, but I always wonder if girls that get tattoos on their lower stomachs consider how it will look after having kids.

  2. Very nice. I do like Day of the Dead style tattoos. Great placement on it, too. Very nice work with the colors and lighting in the photo, I must say.

  3. jordan ~ your comment looks great, but I always wonder if people who say women should consider their post childbirth bodies consider how misogynistic and narrow minded they look.
    we aren’t all breeders.

  4. This is my tat. It was a commitment to myself to never have kids.

    If I ever want them when I feel I’m ready I would like to be a foster mother.

  5. beautiful. Though I can’t speak for the girl, not all people are getting tattoos because they look “cool”.

    Whenever I get questions about being old with tattoos or stretched piercings. I say, “I can’t wait, wrinkling, stretched, faded, tattoos are hawt!! Isn’t that the reason you get them?” yes…. hawt…….

  6. I can’t tell if Dull is being sarcastic or not….anyways.
    The picture is marvelous. Absolutely phenomenal the lighting is perfect, the pose, EVERYTHING!!

    It’s spectacular.

  7. I am damn sure I saw pictures of this tattoo before it got colored. Can onlybe a few days ago… Does somebody know where I can have seen the pictures? Not knowing is driving me mad!

  8. Hah…I always get that question “What happens when you get old…”

    Bullocks. I’ll be able to tell all the youngins that I lived a little and didn’t worry about the wrinkles and sags that come with age anyways. Might as well add some color and life.]

    I really like this tattoo as well. =)

  9. “If you’re gonna be old, you’re gonna be ugly. May as well be ugly and interesting.”

    This is just gorgeous. :) I want to see a close up! Hopefully there are some on her IAM page..?

  10. Why thank you kind sir.

    I’d like to add that I’m am in no way begging for hand outs. I am a young woman living out on my own for the first time, transitioning through jobs and just bought a new car because I wrecked my old one and then it got flooded (iowa floods ’08).
    I am overwhelmed by the heartwarming comments, thought provoking discussions, and over all openminded-ness of this site. I honestly think it’s become one of my internet safe-havens and homes.


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