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  1. I can’t remember seeing this piture before, and I’ve read through every single page here, so i doubt she has been blogged here earlier 😉
    OnTopic; I personally got a really bad feeling about the tattoo. The tattoo might end up excellent, but my hatred to weapons, guns and war will easily kill the exellency. jea
    Good luck anyways ; D

  2. Maybe its a texas thing, or a southern thing. (no, im not talking about not being able to spell…) but bullets for a tattoo is a GREATLY badass idea! oh HELL yes it is!

  3. she looks really young here – not on her IAM, just this picture. i think it’s her eyes?

    anyways, i’m sure the sleeve is gonna be sweet, but like soeppel said, i despise weapons.

  4. It’s good work, but the whole “TOUGH! HARD! VIOLENCE! GUNS! WEAPONS! BEATDOWN!” trend, mostly from people who grew up in privileged homes in nice areas and never had to “throw down” anything unless a frisbee landed on the garage roof, is pretty played out.

  5. So what’s the significance? Is she a “hunter” in actuality, or is this one of those urban “OH LOOK AT HOW DANGEROUS I AM” trends again. I sure hope she has some sort of legitimate background of violence, otherwise a “weapons sleeve” is so incredibly poser. Not that my opinion on someone else’s tattoos matters, but as someone who works in an extremely legit violent environment, I don’t see the appeal or seduction of insinuating a propensity to violent activity, especially when it’s not truthful. What happened to the tattoos that actually represented something other than false image? Please prove me wrong.

  6. I’m a little confused, her page said they’re a .22 .357 and ak-47 bullets respectively, but that looks more like a 9mm a 12ga and a 7.62? am I missing something?

  7. hey, if it aint on you why sweat if she is “hard” or a “poser”? you dont like the tat.? shut your fucking mouth. you like it? bust out with the props! take your flamer Dee-Dee-Dee attitude to some kiddy boards and let me drool on her arm in peace.
    Fucking Hosers man…..

  8. What’s the point of having comments if they’re all going to be “OH TEEHEE CUTE! I LOVE IT!” or “EW I HATE IT!”? Why don’t we just have a poll instead? Please.
    I’m not hating on the visual quality of the tattoo at all, but the connotations. Unfortunately for the wearer, she’ll clearly be dealing with a lot worse than us, considering she has a very controversial tattoo in a very public location.
    I am sick of the current glamour surrounding violence; it just so happens this instance is posted somewhere where I can question it’s origin. Is this tattoo a representation of “guns she’s shot”? Is it a tribute to serving on the military? Perhaps she’s an avid hunter? Maybe it’s an odd memorial for friends killed by those weapons? Or maybe it’s gang-related? Those are the rationales that come to mind.. and the questions that follow.
    Sorry, but when you have been around actual violence and seen the damage it causes, it’s hard to think a tattoo trivializing it’s wearer as being “hardcore violent” is trendy or cute.

  9. #14 E-Rich it says on her page:
    – .22, .357 Magnum, AK-47 Bullets (top of arm)

    these are lower/forearm. maybe she needs to update page on what she has? but these def. arnt top of arm.

  10. Dude. you are still a Hoser. and you just don’t get it. I’m sad for you…..wait……um..yep. no im not.

  11. Haha, whatever that is. And I’m not a dude.
    Do you have any legit points to make other than namecalling and showing how blatantly in love you are with this chick? Seriously now.
    And just for the record, these probably are the “top of the arm” ones. Top as opposite to ‘underneath’. Top of forearm.
    I know it’s shocking that they might actually be misrepresented. THE HORROR.

  12. Oh and I just actually looked at her page. RIGHT ABOVE the place you pulled your “top of arm” quote from, she CLEARLY differentiates between her “top of arm” and “upper arm”, meaning only that “top of arm bullets” are the ones shown in the picture.

    Glad I’m conversing with someone so high on the ‘sheer intelligence’ scale; it’s been an honor 🙂

  13. Love you to babe. And, your still a dude. Just a cute one. what? im just sayin…..

  14. lol don’t be hating! shhesh! you’re the one all anti violence. and here you are spreading the hate. Tsk Tsk i say. Tsk Tsk…..

  15. Ok, last point then i’m out of this one.
    Sometimes nyne, a cool as fuck tattoo is just that. cool as fuck. you start getting all social meanings and shit, you miss the coolness. not everything has deep Buddah hippie love dirt worshipping karma. Bullets are kick ass. Hence make kick ass tattoos.
    sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar……

  16. Oh, well I apologize for having a brain that hasn’t been completely programmed by MTV and myspace.
    “Cool as fuck” is definitely perspective, and if the tattoo can be pared down to simply being A TATTOO OF THREE BULLETS with absolutely no meaning, then okay, fine.. forget intellectual discussion. I still reserve my right to vote “I don’t like it” on the poll that is modblog.

  17. LOL @ Speedo telling people to “shut their fucking mouths” for having different opinions than him, and then accusing others of flaming. That’s great.

    See Speedo, funny thing about opinions is that there is no right or wrong. So you have the opinion that bullets are “kick ass” and that weapons make cool tattoos. Cool. Nothing wrong with that. And others have the opinion that if you don’t have a violent background or any experience with violence, that it’s lame of you to tat yourself all up with brass knuckles and guns and bullets and such.

    I don’t tell you to “shut your fucking mouth” for liking the tat, you don’t tell me to “shut my fucking mouth” for thinking it’s lame when people who’ve never shot anything except some hoops in the driveway of their duplex try to make themselves look all hard. Sound good?

  18. AND i quote “If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here”
    aaaaaand! end quote.

  19. Wait, is that a reminder to yourself? That whole quote thing? Cose really, you’re the only one doing the whole namecalling and swearing thing, just to remind you.

  20. your lips to god ears.”So what’s the significance? Is she a “hunter” in actuality, or is this one of those urban “OH LOOK AT HOW DANGEROUS I AM” trends again. I sure hope she has some sort of legitimate background of violence, otherwise a “weapons sleeve” is so incredibly poser.”

    yea, you aint hatin’ at all. you’re just a lover…right? hey, do you get nose bleeds up there on your high horse?

  21. perhaps she just likes the look! 🙂

    Now, FLAME ME!

    Modblog is making me sort of sad these days.

  22. Oh I’m not saying I’m not hating. I’ve just witnessed a lot of violence in my time. I’ve been involved in a lot of violence too. And it’s NOT cute, it’s not fun, it’s not pretty. It’s not hollywood.
    It’s called perspective coupled with reality. Do you honestly think a veteran to any war lately would think this tattoo is “fucking cool”? How about the widows of gang-related violence? The young children of a father who was killed on duty? What about the parents of a child who got involved in the wrong game and was murdered in cold blood? What about the innocent bystanders that get hit by flying bullets and leave families? Still “fucking cool”?
    Because THAT is reality. THOSE IMAGES are honest. That’s what I (and a lot of the world) see when we think of guns, and when we see bullets, as tattoos or otherwise.
    To see someone making light of that for a subculture, for myspace, for cool points.. that’s disrespectful.

    So yeah, I’m a hater. I’ve been called worse.

  23. And no, no nosebleeds yet. You do see a bigger view though, you know; the wider picture.

    You should try it sometime; you might learn something.

  24. Um, it was “cool as fuck.” im just saying…..not fucking cool.
    and your excuse or reason or whatever is kinda lame. Vietnam vets might see it? well then i hope they dont own a tv. violence is ALL over tv. i hope the mom of the kid that got ganked doesnt go to the movies, or watch the news. the tattoo is way way less “offensive” than the news. justify it all you want. you wrote CRAP about it. look into other modblogs here. i dont post in A LOT of them because its not my cup of tea. why bash it? you KNOW the person is gonna read it. wtf? you just want to feel superior to them? make them feel like shit? oh, she must be a poser. naw, you are. elitist snob.
    and i take it back. your attitude makes you not so cute anymore.

  25. And you wrote “crap” about people having a different opinion of the piece than you, so what’s the difference? Hypocrite much?

  26. Man, movies are totally different than deciding that you are SO about something that you tattoo it permanently to yourself.
    I’m sure (or at least I really hope) that whoever decided to get a tattoo of something so controversial would have thought it through enough to expect some form of negative backlash. I mean hell, I have fucking FLOWERS tattooed on my neck and I get a lot of shit for those, and they’re PRETTY.
    I’m sorry you find it so offensive that some people might not adore this tattoo. Sorry to shatter your picture-perfect modblog where real world issues don’t invade. Guns are designed to KILL. Bullets are DESIGNED to end lives. It has nothing to do with me ‘feeling superior’. I don’t know people who have tattoos like this in real life. I work with inmates for fucks sake, and I see less gunrelated tattoos in jail than I do cruisin’ the forums here. SO I was hoping to garner some insight as to why violent tattoo memorabilia is such a fad.. especially with our younger generations. Apparently there’s no answers here, either.

  27. Oh and just for the record, there are wars going on right now.. wars that your country (wherever you are from, Mr. Anonymous Internet Voice) may be from. Vietnam, as horrible as that was, is old news in the war world; there are definitely a lot of people walking around North America today that I’m sure would agree with me regarding the absurdity of glamourizing guns.

  28. Texas, USA. ok, what about the cow tattoos? why get them? they may hurt a vegens feeling. flowers. i have allergies. your tattoos offend me. get real…. its almost time for me to leave work. so, i will stop posting now because of that. however! lighten up. hug a kitten or some shit. who cares. its a tattoo. and a damn good one.
    think if you had a feature here and people threw stones. it would suck right? so dont suck.

  29. @ Nyne & speedoape, please just get a room you two! 😉
    Just remember: sometimes speech is silver and silence is golden.. .

  30. yea we kinda DO have that “Moonlighting” sexual tension thing going on eh’?

  31. I’ve had many features here actually, and I can’t remember if there were haters. BUT it’s called reality, and it comes along with this little thing called life.

    Texas, well. That explains the gunlove then. I rest my case.

    I’m off to get a tattoo across my forehead that reads “I KILL PEOPLE FOR FUN, CUZ IM HARD TO THE CORE”. Who knows, maybe it can make modblog, and you’ll be my newest fan.

  32. “I’m off to get a tattoo across my forehead that reads “I KILL PEOPLE FOR FUN, CUZ IM HARD TO THE CORE”. Who knows, maybe it can make modblog, and you’ll be my newest fan”

    I think i just got wood…… :p

  33. is it just me or does this remind anyone of the Tats n’ toos video off of youtube all it needs is the flames…no offense or anything

  34. I’m glad it’s going to be part of a sleeve because it looks pretty weaksauce by itself. I think the whole thing could turn out really cool though.

  35. I’m from Texas myself, but I agree with nyne. I too am tired of seeing tattoos that people get to look “cool” or be something they’re not. It really is sad. When I go on BME, I try not to think of “why” someone got a tattoo, because there’s no way to know, unless there’s an interview posted. Nyne was never “hating” on the tattoo…just making the point that she hopes that the wearer didn’t get them just to look “cool” or “badass”…Speedoape got so flustered he just starts cursing and name calling, then defends points that no one disputed. I think that as far as blogs go, there’s no reason to try to make valid points because no matter what you say, there’ll be an army of people opposed to it that will argue you to the death without even taking the time to actually read what you were saying.

  36. #11 – why does it matter if you’ve been in a fight or not and get something “gangster” tattooed on you? I’ve got knuckle tattoos that read “Beat-down” I’ve never really had to be in a fight but does that take away from the tattoo? IE, you have to earn your tattoos? I thought people can get whatever they want tattooed on themselves, it just depends on how they represent it after they get it done.

  37. sweet!!! i hope to see more as it gets done!!! she’s a cute little fucker too

  38. #47–I just think it’s lame to mark yourself with the symbolism of a lifestyle you’ve never had anything to do with. Somehow, it became a trendy scene thing to get violent gang-type tattoos…brass knuckles, guns, weapons, tough gangsta-type slogans, etc. I’m not saying you did it for that reason, just making an observation that’s pretty hard not to notice. And most of these people have never handled weapons, never been in a truly violent fight, never spent a day on the streets, and would run crying if they had to spend a night in an actual ghetto, where instead of a trend, it’s an means of survival. I find that rather insulting to the people who actually do live that lifestyle. It’s like if I never rode a bike and got a bunch of biker tats, or was never in the military and got military symbols on me. Why would you mark yourself as something you’re not? And what’s going to happen when one of these people with all their tough guy or tough girl tattoos gets called out by a real thug who sees them? Are they going to be like “Oh, they’re just tattoos, I’ve never actually been in a fight or held a gun or anything?” Yeah, that’ll go over really well. Some trends should just really be better thought out, I think.

  39. My two pence is this…Aesthetically and mechanically, all weapons are amazing creations…it’s what the people who wield them choose to do that makes them so terrible.

    A weapons themed sleeve is, to me, a great idea, it’s everything I love about guns and none of the death!
    Great photo, looking forward to seeing the rest of the sleeve.

  40. #50 strangeasangels – Yeah. It’s not the subject matter per se, but the question of if people are appropriating symbols or not.

    I think the military tattoo would be a good analogy – if you’re not in the Marines, would you get a Marines tattoo? Wouldn’t it be awkward if someone started asking about your service? Granted bullets and weapons are less “trademark” but the question does arise with some of the trend.

    Of course, it’s a legitimate question to ask of people who get kanji tattoos they can’t read and traditional symbols of cultures they don’t belong to also, I suppose.

    But, to each his or her own, I guess. Just be prepared for the questions.

  41. Anyone else but me think the term “weapon themed sleeve in progress” to describe three random bullets on her forearm is a bit precious?

  42. I TOTALLY agree with nyne and strangeasangels!!! Y’all rock! (yeah, I said y’all, I’m from the south)

  43. This cracks me up, Im in the military, not a fan of violence, never been in a getto tough situation and just got done shooting trap. So cool rounds, would love to find out how the sleeve is going to tie together.

  44. no throwing up a gang sign? wha, wha?

    people can get whatever they want on their bodies, as mentioned here, but we all have the right as well to roll our eyes at it.

    bottom line: dont cry about your gangsta tattoo if people make fun. that shit, you gotta own.

  45. Im still trying to understand why anyone is still entertaining speedoape. Hes views are twisted and he doesnt make any sence. Anyway my opinion, the tattoo is nicely done but the image itself is completly wack, She’ll eventually find that she fucked herself. Oh and im a war vetern, theres nothing cool about shooting people or being shot trust me. You dumbass.

  46. drama is, of course, unfortunate and something to be avoided, but i think contrasting opinions–no matter how spirited, spiteful, or assenting–are an important part of modblog. we’re not JUST here to oggle beautiful people and their mods; part of this viewing community is about discussion. /end babble

  47. wait wait… those aren’t vials of blood?

    for some reason an image of bloody keyboards and scouring faces is covering my image of this beautiful girl.

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