20 thoughts on “Captain Three Eyes

  1. what a beautiful young woman!

    seems as if these dermal anchors are all the rage now and i can see way. so many uses, easy to heal and attractive as all hell!

  2. Ooooo, I want want want! I’d get mine a bit lower, unless there’s more flesh an inch higher or whatever biological reason. She sure looks good with it. Gorgeous, really.

  3. To be honest, she looks A LOT like a friend of mine named Katie. So much so, that I’m going to call her and find out if she posted on here. I love her dermal anchor.

  4. This may sound way lame, but she looks like Irene from Real World Seattle on MTV, the one that got slapped by the black guy. And yea, i know, i watch way too much TV for my own good.

  5. It’s interesting how many people think she looks familiar… I wonder why?

    Anyway, I came down here to comment that she looks absolutely gorgeous with it, striking and beautiful.

  6. God how gorgeous, this piercing really suits her and it’s very well done, right on the third eye. She’s beautiful too.

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