No Big Deal, Cuz.

Emily* and her cousin showing off (rather awkwardly in the first photo, clickthrough for the second) their new matching inner lip tattoos..

* – Before you ask they’re both in their twenties and no, Emily isn’t related to me.

26 thoughts on “No Big Deal, Cuz.

  1. i cant help but think inner lip inkwork is far to over done now.. almost always seams to be on here … and before anyone kicks off … this is no disrespect to the girls …

  2. freekyeyes – Yeah I know what you mean, I think there are too many sleeves out there, and nostril piercings, blackwork tattoos, oh and tongue splits.

    And don’t get me started on script tattoos!

    It sucks.


  3. OK, so I go to drop something off at this guy’s house last year, and there’s the usual, like, 20 or 25 kids hanging around there aimlessly. I asked one of them if she wanted to go out for a smoke, and she says, “No, I can’t…None of us can.” I look around. “None of you?” Everyone in the house proceeds to roll their bottom lips down at me, so I can see the fresh and bloody ‘Slut’, ‘Baby Girl’, ‘Pimp’, ‘Weed’, ‘Pornstar’-she was fifteen, ‘Idiot’-, ‘$$$$’, ‘Cunt’ and ‘Sk8r’ inked into their mouths. Every single kid in the house had one, all done by an ‘apprentice’ tattoist in the garage. He rolls up to me with his thumbs tucked into his belt, looks around with pride and says, “Want one?” I feel kinda bad for laughing so loud, but pretty comfortable with my decision.

  4. P.S.
    These girls are totally cute and I think lip tattooing can be interesting and pretty! Just sharing my experience with some.

  5. Was that much sarcasm really necessary…? *ahem* (!!!)

    It just all seems to be more of the same, that’s all. Give us something new, original, exciting, like the sun-powered branding. Something to make us think. There’s only so many emo-style myspace artsy pics one person can take, and though they’re great photos, I’m not disputing that, it just isn’t thought-provoking stuff. Sorry.


  6. I second Nicola and the first commenter.. Honestly, I haven’t seen any original seeming lip tattoos. It’s pretty much always a myspace girly picture. And Roo, The snark wasn’t really needed seeing as the first commenter was just stating their opinion without insulting the girls in the picture. Honestly, I would like to see more unusual or unique mod work on here.. It seems to have diminished from a month or so ago.

  7. If I had a dollar for every “scene kid” with a lip tattoo I’ve seen… I could buy a couple of gallons of gas.

    But you know what- it’s ok. Because one of those girls might be the daughter of some big whig business executive that’s going to employ one of our weird looking asses because of it. When weird becomes normal… weird becomes easier.

    And I’m not selling out, but hey, let’s break down as many barriers as we can.

  8. i dont see how so many people want more new things.. there is only so much one can do. and within a site like this you are exposed to SO much. i know if i showed this site to nearly any random person on the street most here would be new and unheard of to them. if youre unsatisfied with there things are, then why dont you go out and invent new ways methods, or find some new way to modify your body. i hate to say it, but for the most part, its pretty much all been done. i mean, people are tattooing their eyes here… i just dont get what yall are complaining about…

  9. If you want to see something new and interesting, do something new and interesting.

  10. Nicola – The *ahem* was meant in jest but also to say that every modification is a modification, and that’s what ModBlog focuses on, if you (for whatever reason) had a matching inner lip tattoo with your cousin or lifelong friend, wouldn’t you be proud of it? Isn’t this making you think?

    As I’ve said before there’s only so much, oh, I’ve just skimmed over allison’s comment. I agree with her. It’s a balance.

  11. Oh and Nicola – Do you think that the comment freekyeyes made was necessary, in the grand scheme of things? I meant no disrespect to them with my sarcasm either, but you know, these are peoples tattoos and they mean a lot to them obviously, no matter how many other “scene kids” also have a tattoo in the same area.

  12. Roo, I’m not saying I disagree with the concept. If they’re pleased with the result, regardless of how many other people look the same, then that’s what matters. They have every reason to be proud, but at the end of the day it isn’t anything ground-breaking. I appreciate that it would be impossible to fill these pages with blood, guts and gore every day, and frankly that would be overwhelming, but it just seems that all we get now are pretty little pictures. I agree we need a balance, but at the moment it’s tipping.

    And it would be a very close-minded person to say that everything’s already been done before. The beauty is in that these things evolve and change, with new ideas created all the time.

    Don’t just show me a nostril piercing, show me a nostril piercing that was done by someone’s trained pet chimp to do with their feet! hehe.


    PS. My *ahem* was also meant in jest.

  13. And whilst I’m at it :P

    The rather lengthy post below this one discussing Canadian regulations regarding sideshows and the like has thus far received three comments.

    I know it’s impossible to please everyone but it seems a little odd to be saying that we’re not posting anything that makes you think.

    Just sayin’.

  14. Hey, what can I say? Consider it a bit of feedback for you, whether other people are thinking the same or not. Just my two cents worth, and we’re all entitled to that.


  15. Nicola – I understand what you’re saying, in a sense, but even though BMEzine is the largest site out there devoted to body modification, it’s the practitioners that come up with new concepts and methods. Granted we probably inspire people and are fundamental in collecting these resources in one place but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I can’t post about something that’s not happened yet.

    I’m posting regularly each day with photos that I think are either pretty/nice/interesting/hot or thought provoking.

    Body Modification has gone through it’s ground-breaking stage in my opinion, a long time ago.. Now it’s time to innovate, and yes, lip tattoos are not innovative but then neither are split tongues or genital implants but we still post them when there’s a photo or a story that is interesting. It’s not up to me to create ideas, it’s up to you guys.

    I’m just the computer chimp.

  16. wow. someone i know in real life. i went to sunday school with beena. oh, how times have changed.

  17. You ain’t artsier than me, with your lip tattoo’s and your bad attitudes

  18. I spent the time I was reading whole comment discussion idly wondering ‘what does NBD mean?’ – heh. Some people don’t read the accompanying text on an entry, evidentally I don’t read the title.

    Ah, wankery. Where would ModBlog be without it? The world is large; everything is overdone.

  19. I appreciate and read everythng that Roo publishes every day.I have never left a comment before but i read the back and forth between Roo and Nicola.Now i guess Ill put my 2 cents in now.

    This is a web site that consists of open minded people who do things that make them selves more comfortable in thier own skin or do things that not many dare to do in this world blandness and trends,that is being original by joining alternative scoiety of the modified.I have never met anyone in my life who are as open minded and excepting in my life as the individuals of this site.I love BME.I love ModBlog.Not every post has to be the next original body mod.That isnt the only way we can appreciate bodymods.We can also appreciate a well done tattoo or septum piercing.Nothing has to be the newest thing it can just be a beautiful picture or an astonding picture that inspires us.Or it can help us to understand the bodymod more.

    Thank you for your time.

  20. I’m guessing “Never Back Down” or “No Big Deal”.

    In this case, I don’t care if lip tattoos are generally overdone and a waste of the artist’s time because of their permanent expression of their bond. Paired tattoos seem rare enough to merit attention, even if in an overdone location.

  21. Oh, and Roo, don’t spin your head off (unless you want to be in the freakshow as Roo the Wondrous Spinning Head) trying to please everyone or figure out why a sideshow article didn’t generate as much chatter as this one.

    Modblog should try to cover the best of every kind of all modifications, not just the “approved” mods.

  22. Haha it amazes me how controversial a picture of two cousins with tattoos hugging eachother can be.

    I think it’s cute =].

  23. The more general body mods are becoming so common that some people seem to get bored by them. However, even the most common type of body mod displayed on this side takes this interesting personal decision and courage to do so, and this is what makes the whole thing so interesting. To me, body mods are interesting because of the person and the fun they have with and the choices they make about their body, and what it means to them. Simple as they may seem, I like these lip tattoos!

  24. First, My cousin and I both love our lip tattoos, no matter how “Scene kid” they are.

    Second, I think it is important to respond to what Tricky dick said in his comment. Both of us are children of “Big Whigs” (her mother is a Sr. VP and my Father is the CEO both of Fortune 500 companies) and I know for a fact that our tattoos have made our families more accepting people. They may not be running out to the tattoo shops with us, but my dad has since hired someone with a tongue ring because she “reminded him of me”. We also do not feel the need to hide who we are from our parents or our families, thus the N.B.D…Do I think these changes are groundbreaking, no, but I do think that they are steps in the right direction.

    So in conclusion, I love my lip tattoo, and I don’t care if other people don’t.

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