I actually stumbled across these photos of IAM: xbanditax performing with Psycho Cyborgs (after the break) when I was researching another post, and thought they were pretty, and hot, and thought-provoking and pretty..

Read on for a few more, but a friendly warning, they do get a little gory and bloody! Seriously, if you have a weak stomach just have a cup of tea instead (I’m not joking)..

xbanditax, smelling the roses.


63 thoughts on “Bandit-Aaaah.

  1. D:

    Ok, the third picture got me. I don’t know why I still eat while reading ModBlog. But as eww-provoking as that one is, they’re still all gorgeous pictures.

  2. Siiiiickness!!!! I love it. Dia i am with you here. xbanditax is definitely hot stuff…

  3. Yeah, I admit I feel a certain cat-killing curiousity about the abdominal cut…


    1. Why?
    2. How was it cut?
    3. How well did it heal? How long did it take to heal?
    4. Are there any negative side effects from this mod like infections and whatnot?

  4. I love this girl so much…I’ve been following her “modblog career” with interest. So great to see!

    Keep it up! You’re amazing!

  5. First thing I thought when the pictures loaded: “She must have some really tough tits!!”

    Not my thing, but bravo to her for having the guts (maybe if we open that gash a little more we will see them!) and the passion to do it.

  6. I’m curious about the scar visible in the 3rd picture. From something similar to this maybe?

  7. Wow, exposing a kidney without (What looks like without) any anesthesia….mmm….not the safest thing in the world but they dont call em psycho for nothing.

  8. Well done! Those aren’t guts, Thats subcutaneous fatty tissue, Tho she has much less than most abdominal lacerations I’ve seen! It’s completely superficial, and if kept clean and sutured, no risk at all!!!

  9. I must break the habit of viewing Modblog while I eat my breakfast! Seriously though, these are awesome pics. Wow!!! And I have the same questions as other guys who’ve posted.

  10. NICE.

    You really weren’t kidding, Roo. The warning sort of had the opposite effect, though; I just had to see what could be so bad it needed such a warning on ModBlog. :)

  11. Sweet zombie Jesus! Please for christ’s sake someone tell me that the video is full of effects. If that’s actually that chick’s kidney or whatever I’m gonna die. That’s totally fcked up… Still, didn’t put me off my breakfast, thanks modblog…

  12. Besides the fact that the kidneys are located back by the spine, the cut is way too low. The only organs really located in that area are intestines and an ovary. Cut isn’t deep enough to get to any of that. As Psylocke already mentioned the laceration is subcutaneous but that’s about it. My guess was that something was inserted…besides the fingers for the shot. Maybe trying to represent cutting out an ovary? I’m interested to find out.

  13. Really beautifull, thou a bit extreme also. I can only imagine the pain of all your mods and pulls and everything else. You go really deep in everything.

  14. the only thing i can think of is ravaging infections and IV antibiotics…

    i probably watch too many mystery diagnosis shows or something…

  15. It’s really very unlikely that anything is being pulled out in the video, at least not anything that is naturally in the body. And to say something internal must be being pulled out is just silly, after all, it wouldn’t exactly be the most unfeasible thing in the world for them to have had inserted something or another to pull out for the video for appearances.

  16. That bit with the drill looked ouchy. I’ve done that to my hand by accident and it was a bummer.

    Anyone know who the band is in that video?

  17. i just cant understand these…i dont understand why the attraction…the risk of cutting too deep and nicking somthing is too much…i can see doin it with somone who has alot of knowledge of anatomy and physiology but whew… and then the risk of infection and complications of healing and the scar tissue forming…

    but im a worrier and i think to much about things… but i do say being able to have mind over matter during the cutting and skewering is VERY impressive. if i saw a blade or a skewer coming after me i’d scream like a little girl, lol

    p.s. the healed scars do look pretty gnarly! :0D

  18. I will certainly go with #49 Bonnie but for Bandit-Aaaah you are awsomeeeeeeeeeeeee. HELL YEAH.

  19. Yeah, having any knowledge of anatomy and physiology is not a good thing in such a context. Ignorance is bliss, as some would say.
    I’m looking forward to see her getting pregnant and developing nice, fulminant mastitis, due to skewering-retalted scar tissue blocking milk ducts. In such cases it is quite typical to see the abscess formation – and guess what: healing of them oftenly involves surgical means, which means nice, deep cutting to ensure proper drainage – and that is the kind of pictures that I eager to see here.
    As to what was pulled out in the video – it’s quite obvious it was not an organ of any kind; I suppose that they have used sterile latex glove, which properly folded and bloodstained may look quite shocking when pulled out from a deep cut. But that’s not my point. My point is that contetn like this, although it may give boner to someone, pushes the boundaries far more, than I would expect, and I suppose it is only a question of time to see some blissfull (I mean ignoratn) kid, with no idea about the way human body works, wanting to be featured on a Modblog and opening one of his body cavities, trying to eviscerate him/herself with no anaesthesia, but with a set of cameras to document the event.
    When a similar content was featured on BMEzine, it contained a very clear message: don’t do it at home, it is potentially dangerous. This entry lacks even this kind of statement. For your own safety, I suggest you should consider this.

  20. the stomach was cut twice by samppa, once for the videoclip and once for the tokyo show.
    we did it without anasthetics.
    he cut it, elevated the skin, then inserted a fake baby ( about 10cm in lenght) for the purpose of it being pulled out later so it would look as it was actually being cut out. afterwards he sutured it with 9 or 10 stitches. healed perfectly well, never had any problems with it.

  21. Until we hear back from Bandita herself or Samppa himself, I’m not going to speculate even further about what appears to me to be highly likely to be either a real evisceration or a very good illusion combined with a very real and deep cut.

    I highly doubt that Bandita would have fake body parts implanted in her for being repeatedly cut open, but I would not dismiss that as impossible.

  22. No idea what that was, I just know I totally loved it!! Wowo, I couldtn dare ever to do something like that, if I barely survive to a 1.5 inch surface… Way to go grl!! That was totally hot!!

  23. You just have to love how these discussions grow and grow with speculations, and then in the end it turns out it was just a large implant, therefore, a larger incision. It couldn’t have been an organ anyways, because you would have to cut through muscle layers. Also, #49, I’m pretty sure that they have a good knowledge of anatomy, and are well aware of the risks. All in all crazy performance.

  24. @57: I’m sure those guys do know something about anatomy and do have some idea about how surgical procedures look like – it’s obvious for me, as I’m a doctor. But most of the people commenting here, as well as a vast majority of modblog readers don’t know anatomy well enough to try to duplicate such a performance. It might not be easy to reach peritoneum, but if you are lucky/unlucky enough – you can do it. The same goes for pleura. I can easily imagine some attention whore dying out of pneumothorax when trying to produce a material for a great modblog entry. The same goes for accidential damage of large arteries, which might be the case when you mess around with sharp tools in inguinal region, or causing peritonitis.
    That being sad, I believe that as long as Psycho Cyborgs know what they are doing, and subject of their performance agree to participate in this voluntary, it’s fine, as long as “don’t do this at home” statement is still around.

  25. I’d think stitches were needed for the cut in the pic.

    But its the BOOBIES that give me a twinge in my stomach Ow ow ow yet I can’t look away…and I’m actually envious that she can have mind over matter like that…and I wish I could do that but I know I can’t.

  26. Whatever the thoughts on what was pulled out of Bandita’s gut and the risks that have been discussed so far, the performance itself remains mind-boggling … I keep being amazed about what Bandita can take and how she pushes out her boundaries. She has an incredibly high pain treshold and the “operations” that eventhough they seem executed with proper knowledge, the whole procedure still look rather iffy to the unwitting spectator. Well that being said, I admire Bandita’s dedication to her mods and the groundbreaking perfomances during her shows. The skewering of women’s breasts being a rather familiar sight to those enjoying that part of the SM scene, leaving the (sometimes deep) cutting and scarification to be a whole new spectator experience. Even going through such lengths as repeat cutting and suturing of the same wound for a second show … Bandita is not for the faint hearted, so much is clear!

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