Those Are Not Tattoos!

That’s more a note to myself than anything else, because at first glance I thought they were! It’s actually the aftermath of Jackeelynn‘s suicide suspension!

Helped by The Local Hookers Suspension Team, Edmonton, Alberta.

See more in “Suicide” Suspension (Ritual)

28 thoughts on “Those Are Not Tattoos!

  1. What is with all the abuse on mod blog these days, sometimes it seems nobody has anything positive to say and just attack all the pictures

  2. ouchh! you think you’d need something more heavy duty than a band-aid aye?

    no offense to her, but this picture reminds me of after evan (bootle) got suspended and he wanted to take a shower so he got me to peel off the bandaids, it was not pleasant.

  4. This would make a fantastic series of tattoos.. get them over old scars… love the idea… but pretty overall…

  5. I don’t know man! I’ve been starring at the picture for the last couple of minutes and I still think it looks like tattooes…

  6. torra luna – thats a pretty kick ass idea.

    but i did think it was a tattoo and i was like sweet! thats an amazing idea. but its not a tattoo soooo idk. but i think someone will do this now lol, or someone has it done and will send in a pic.

  7. amazing.

    As much as I wanna try a suicide suspension as my first one, this scares me! This, and the pictures of pushing out the rice crispies! HAHA!

    In some weird way though, I just wanna try it more – cuz then I can be like BIATCH! I got through all the gross stuff!


  8. anametamystik: what would you cover them with then? theres a variety of different bandage styles that people use but usually it’s covered with at least something

  9. superdirk… maybe my piercers either forgot about that step or felt that it wasn’t necessary once the token bleeding stopped as I’m not much of a bleeder. I do make a point of at least changing my shirt.

  10. wow, you’re right… it does look a lot like they are tattoos instead of band-aids.
    I love it!

  11. it looks fantastic… would make a cool tattoo… tho’ i must say, bandaids?.. wasnt that a charity music band….. over here there called plasters… all this different lingo is mad…. next you yanks will have a different word for ‘tattoo’ and ‘piercing’….


  12. Local Hookers? I lol’d. :D
    But I agree, I too though it was a tattoo as well.
    Gorgeous either way.

  13. I love love love the spirals in her ears. I’ve never been a big fan of honey/amber colored glass, until recently.

    They look like Gorilla Glass to me. I might be wrong. Anyway, I want some!

    Tattooed plasters would be pretty awesome though, only if they looked exactly like theses. lol

  14. oi number 20 you must be a pom? we call em band-aids also in australia.

    THIS MUST BECOME A TATTOO! it would look unreal.

  15. @Amber: Steel Navel has a sale on Gorilla Glass if you want to try =) [am I gonna get banned for directing people away from the BMEstore? it's not even up at the moment tho.]

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