30 thoughts on “Choose Your Envy!

  1. I like the house in the background and the creepy-looking birds. Reminds me of the Munsters and the Addams Family. (Don’t all yell “Who?” and make me feel old…please)

  2. I’m more envious of the stretched Septum…

    Also, I never understood the Munsters. I’m not the first person to point this out, but a Frankenstein’s Monster and a Vampire have a kid… And he’s a Werewolf? Doesn’t make much sense to me, I’m afraid.

  3. Definitely the beard. My genetics prevent me from growing any kind of respectable beard.

    Oh, and the septum. very nice.

  4. I’m adoring the painting in the background!
    & I envy the ears… I ripped mine so they gotta heal :(

  5. i’d have to go with the beard.
    you can always poke a hole and get a couple of cheek piercings, but you can’t just go and get a beard done just like that. it takes time, dedication and a hairy father.

  6. @Will,
    don’t worry you aren’t that old, I’m young (in the 13-17 range, closer to the latter) and i enjoyed the Munsters and Addams family. =P
    my envy is the plugs and septum…
    need septum done now…

  7. I’d say the hat right off the bat but I really like the beard too!
    I want to pet it.

  8. I quite like the glasses and the little ‘uh-oh!’ grin. naaaawww, bless.

  9. @coffee – Regarding the Munsters, I have been told that Transylvanian vampires can turn into wolves… that is the best explaination I have received and have agreed not to question, just accept haha

    On subject, cheek piercings look adorable <3

  10. I am also envious of his cheek piercings.
    I really want mine done >_<

    And I wouldn’t mind having the hat either ^_^

  11. aww roo, i want my cheek piercings back too! why’d you take yours out? i had emergency surgery and HAD to take them out and didn’t have anything to put in them to keep them open, so they closed. :(

  12. Its like looking in a mirror. Except his beard doesn’t look like pubes and my hat (the same) is wavy from torrential downpours.

  13. D’aww, what a cutie
    Personally, in this order, beard, septum, cheeks, lobes and THEN hat. But just because my grand-dad has a hat like that that I steal all the time xD

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