B(ME)Boys and B(ME)Girls.

The first and last photos on the top row are Shawn Porter, kissing (as usual, he can’t keep his tongue in his pants) Jordan and leaving his sloppy seconds for Paul King. Sandwiched happily between are ASSid23 and his boy Marthy.

The next row belongs to (from left to right) Jason Hinchee when he corsetted Grace at the AM-JAM Tattoo Convention, 2008, then it’s doggy and clockorange (who sends in lots of photos, thanks!), and last but not least it’s marzia rocking a corset by Ze (the guy hogging the limelight with his dashing smile).

11 thoughts on “B(ME)Boys and B(ME)Girls.

  1. ….wath a bad pic!!,I was very drunk that night!!!!!he he he!!!(and she’s not my girlf!)

  2. Aww.. they’re all so cute! And yay for boy kisses! The couple in the second row, middle, are both gorgeous. ^_^

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