Belly Button Turn-Off.

Warren recently removed this poor quality piece of jewellery from a customers navel.

Clickthrough for another shot..

Why you should always buy quality implant grade pieces with a mirrored polish!

67 thoughts on “Belly Button Turn-Off.

  1. yeah…. i like intelligence :) watch this be on one of the people that get it for a cool factor and not even cause they want it and they didnt know anything about taking care of something even as simple as this….

    oh well.

  2. I like it when stuff like this shows up because then i can show it to the type of people that still try to defend their use of cheap jewelry as being just fine.

  3. @ 6: it’s got kind of a wrecking-ball consistency… yum.

    that’s disgusting though.. girl probably got it done at a Claire’s somewhere

  4. Again, another reason to be absolutely terrified of cheapo jewellery! X__x

  5. mmm yummy, I was looking at jewellery today and even in my skint stae refused to buy it because it didn’t mention anywhere what metal it was. There’s no excuse for ignorance, you only get one body, why do people do this to themselves?!

  6. why is it that poor quality jewelry filled with scum makes me feel sick but none of the other stuff bme shows does?

  7. that looks like mine did.
    lesson learned, though it was learned far too late

  8. That looks like it was plated with silver and the silver has worn off the back from the acidity of the wearers skin. That’s why it’s all funky and pitted on the back. I’ve had lots of (Non-piercing) jewellery mess up like that because people told me it was sterling silver when it was just plated. Ugh.

  9. … ewe. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    What grosses me out, truly, is that this obviously didn’t get this gross overnight. Being clean is cool, kidz!

  10. Actually, it kind of looks like someone inadvertently swallowed it and that French guy pulled it out of a big hunk of shit while raking through dirty nappies. That’s even MORE hot.

  11. It obviously wasn’t just the fault of the jewellery – the way it looks rusty around the joint between barbell and ball suggests that the person hadn’t been cleaning their navel for quite some time.

    Just my two cents but the world doesn’t come in black and white. Not all cheap jewellery is automatically bad; if a person pays attention to and takes care of their body they should be able to notice what works and what doesn’t.

  12. what an unfortunate turn of events that must have occurred for that jewelry to have been used in the first place…

  13. i would like to add to my comment (#20) that although i do not believe that materials other than implant grade metals or possibly borosilicate glass should be used in fresh or healing piercings, there will always be cases of people who can heal with almost anything in their piercings. ive personally healed piercings with sterling silver, 14k gold, and 316L stainless steel. but until i started using implant grade stuff as initial jewelry, i just thought i took forever to heal. turns out about 80% of my healing discomfort was from the inappropriate jewelry and other problems arising from the poor quality jewelry.

  14. It grossed me out when he first posted it, and it still does. And my opinion still remains the same; that regardless of how shitty your piercer is, or how poor of quality your jewelry is, at the end of the day, it’s up to YOU to recognize when something is wrong.

  15. Ugh, it almost looks like someone spray painted the finish onto it. It looks like those ancient cannons i saw once in old San Juan.

  16. Xenobiologista: This actually IS about the body jewelry manufacturer.

    When the manufacturers make the jewelry they can choose just to mass tumble polish a piece of they can hand polish the piece properly.

    Most low-mid level jewelry manufacturers mass tumble polish which gives irregularities in the jewelry surface thus allowing matter to adhere to the jewelry. Whereas in a properly made hand polished jewelry the surface should have very little if none irregularities thus being very smooth to the point that virtually NOTHING can adhere.

    The individual WAS clean and well-kept and I inspected the navel even before removing the jewelry and it was clean…The issue was that the jewelry was literally STUCK inside her body and even with a technicare scrub (also tried sterile saline compresses),etc I could not coax the jewelry out except by force.

    If jewelry is RUSTING its not the clients fault its the shoddy manufacturing as body jewelry SHOULD NOT RUST AT ALL.

    Scarlete: There was rust as xenobiologista said where the post and the larger bead met…However what you’re saying is accurate its not “gunk” though its skin cells that created around the jewelry and then connected with the fistula. It occurs from: A) Not taking the jewelry out for a long period of time (which you shouldn’t HAVE to, take the jewelry out that is) and B) Improper surface polish thus allowing the skin cells that form to adhere to said jewelry.

    The reality is there is no rules/regulations/sanctions on how a manufacturer makes body jewelry. Companies can choose to meet current industry standards or they choose not to…Sadly MOST choose not to follow industry standards as it keeps costs down so they can sell more, not re-invest in making shop upgrades, and just enjoy all the profits they get (and trust me this is a profit making company that sells worldwide)

  17. ugh that just makes me want to vomit. i can’t even imagine how much pain that girl must have went through to get that thing out. i guess she’ll only be wearing implant grade materials from now on. it should be ILLEGAL to sell junk like that!

  18. It’s amazing how on modblog, a picture of a crappy barbell will prompt universal, apoplectic condemnation, but a picture of some 17 year old kid with a tattooed face is way more likely to give everyone a massive, throbbing scene-boner.

  19. #27: Please don’t insult those poor cannon. They don’t deserve to be associated with this thing. :(

  20. paleblue: bah that’s all talk…it will prompt universal apoplectic condemnation on here, but you and I both know that the sad reality is that nobody will even think to care/question this in the real world/life.

    hehehehe you said scene-boner lol is that complete with the sassy one eye completely covered by parted pubic hair?

  21. nasty stuff. why do some people insist on buying poor jewelry for their clients, and then don’t advise about bad places to get other jewelry, like hot topic?? come on now, be smart!!

  22. Ugh, that’s gross.
    I’m one of those lucky people who can heal with and use any metal whatsoever with zero problems. However, as a nice counterbalance, I’ve never been able to wear wood or horn without having painful reactions to it.

    Of course, when I choose to wear cheap, shitty jewelry it gets cleaned daily. I’m not a pig like this person.

  23. Xenia: As I said this isn’t about “the person being a pig” they were VERY clean and well taken care of body wise.

    Jewlery if made properly DOES NOT need to be taken out and cleaned daily…If the jewelry is made properly it should be able to be inserted from the day you get it pierced, to the day you die, and have ZERO issues like what’s shown.

    lolo_at_heart: most shops will advise against buying jewelry anywhere else but that shop…and many shops just try to buy the CHEAPEST jewelry they can afford because they are not informed/educated properly about jewelry metals,etc.

    ie: For $5 I could probably go to Thailand or Bali right now and buy a bag of 500 barbells…Or for like $5 I could buy 1 nice implant grade internally threaded hand polished piece.

  24. Warren, tell the truth: You pulled that out of my ass, and put it up on the internet for all to see. Oh well.

    Seriously though, holy shit, that’s terrible.

  25. and of course this is of a piercer’s mindset where I’m hoping that most people would use their fucking brains for once and buy QUALITY jewelry all the time…Not just buying whatever cheap crappy garbage bicycle spoke into jewelry piece because that’s all they can afford.

    Its your bodies people REMEMBER that its YOUR BODIES…Your bodies deserve ONLY THE BEST no matter how much of a cheap-sake you think you are…Save those pennies and only buy/insist on quality

  26. how could you not even notice that was starting, let alone let it go till this. jesus thats nasty

  27. I have used cheap eBay jewelry for over 5 years without any problem. Hand polishing seems like a waste of time / $. I have never had any problems like this.

  28. i feel sorry for warren for having to pull this out of someones navel, seriously that would have been nasty

  29. Warren you said she was clean/healthy and took good care of herself.

    If she did though, wouldn’t she have noticed this occuring over time? Unless this happened overnight or so, which is highly doubtful, if she was taking ‘good care’ of her navel, she would have noticed before it got this bad, no?

    At the same time though I imagine her maybe being in that “I have so much shit to do and the shop is only open these hours and..” state of mind and never actually managing to fit in a visit to you until it was to the point that it was actually impeding on her regular activities. I’ve been there a few times, so I can definitely see that happening.

    Anyways… question is: How long did it take to get to this point? (I imagine the client must have filled you in?)

  30. I really really want to know which company made this jewelry so I can avoid it.

    I feel so bad for that girl. =[

    I’m curious about how the piercing is healing now.

  31. To quote a girl who got pierced with a gun using a nickle earring in her cartilage “I thought £3.50 was a good price for a piercing…..” The aftermath of that looked a lot worse than this, but like this case, it was the piercer who was negligent putting that piece of crap in her body, she may have just taken a little while to want to admit that something was wrong and was embarrassed to seek help.

  32. Damn, this resembles my favorite belly button ring.

    BRB changing jewelry. And vomiting. DX

  33. Amber: You’re better off asking that question the other way around… I.e. who *should* you be buying jewelry from. The shitty companies far outnumber the quality companies, in the fine style of capitalism. If you want to know if a company is reputable, myself or any knowledgeable piercer can help you out.

  34. #49 Courtney: The issue you are seeing was INSIDE the fistula so she did not see the issues with the jewelry. She showered properly and normally every day she just never felt the need to remove the jewelry, which as I’ll keep saying till I’m blue in the face: “You don’t NEED to take the jewelry out provided its made properly”

    The client wore her jewelry in her navel for a couple years, like I said though its not a matter of how long jewelry is left in teh body. If the jewelry is made PROPERLY, which so many shops claim (ie: that their jewelry is made properly and is the best)…

    As far as she knew the piercing was fine, there was a bit of scar tissue but nothing insane at least visually. And she only came to me because she wanted a different piece of jewelry, it wasn’t until I pointed out the issue that she realized it.

    Sadly the MAJORITY of people simply don’t take the time nowadays to analyze their bodies or piercings… Gotta remember not EVERYONE is hip with the piercing knowledge/information/education.

    Sure it might have been a bit of “her fault” for not checking her piercing every day/week/month…But again that argument is pointless, the argument should really be: “How can we allow body jewelry companies to make such poor standards”

    #53 deadlypoison: Looked like a typical navel that I see in an average 30-40 year old woman…Not the PERFECT looking navel but it wasn’t very red, visibly scarred up,etc.

    #55 Depiné: That TOTALLY looks identical to a ball I’ve removed from someones face:

  35. 13 – mariess : Probably because most of the other stuff on BME is actually sterile and not putrefying.
    Admittedly this does not bother me. But then again I can watch the Pain Series and Pain Olympics and not flinch.

  36. Hey Warren, as this is proving to be a bit of a hot topic at the moment any chance you could tell us where to get more detailed info on the topic of jewellery manufacture/ materials and processes other than the small bits that are on the BME encyclopedia already. Not that we dont trust everything that the jewellery manufacturers or retailers tell us or anything.

  37. This is really god-awful. I feel so bad for the woman that Warren had to break the news to. If y’all think you’re puking/grossed out, imagine how this poor girl felt!

    Warren, could you provide a list of TRUST-ABLE jewelers, maybe?
    Enlighten the peanut gallery.

  38. Joy: it was not poor hygiene…

    we’ve already pin-pointed that fact that it’s not the hygiene its the body jewelry manufacturers inability to make proper jewelry.

    Zander & Lola: As much as I’d like to point out what companies are shit and what companies aren’t,etc. I’ll simply say this is what clients should look for:

    1) Is the jewelry Implant Grade Steel or Titanium (Steel = ASTM F-138 316LVM; Titanium = ASTM F136 6Al-4V ELI)

    2) With Barbells or Labret Studs (Anything threaded) it SHOULD be Internally Threaded.

    3) All jewelry should go through a hand polishing to make sure it has a mirrored polish to it. This means less irregularities in the surface so the skin and jewelry won’t attempt to bind/stick together.

    4) All gem stones SHOULD be lab grown synthetic stones that are NOT Swarovski lead crystals

    5) All gem stones should be HANDSET and guaranteed NEVER to fall out.

    This all means you’ll end up paying a bit more for jewelry (not much though), but with paying that bit more to insure you get quality your body deserves. It means you’ll have less complications in the future.

    And if you find a shop that is lying to you when they say they buy from companies that provide this info above…Its clients duties to stop dealing with said companies(shops) and find ones that DO use/sell said jewelry…

    and make sure all individuals you know that are thinking about getting piercings/buying jewelry, that you bought jewelry from that shop/company and they lied to you about the quality,etc.

    Demand Quality because your body DESERVES Quality.

  39. PS: Dear Roo, Rachel,etc…Just an idea…

    Remember when Shannon attempted to have interviews with “industry people” voted the best in their local area’s,etc. And then proceeded to ask them questions about jewelry, placement, materials,etc to better inform the public?

    Perhaps we can rehash that because Shannon did only like what 1-2 maybe 3 interviews and then scrapped it.

    I know we got AskBME but posting stuff like that here on ModBlog would reach out to those who don’t use AskBME,etc…Maybe end each one with “if you got any further questions go to AskBME,etc?”

  40. Poor dear!! I have a belly ring that looks like that one too, but I bought mine from a reputable piercing studio in my area. Please, please, buy only from a reputable studio or a store that you can trust.

  41. I’ve been buying body jewelry from a specific seller on eBay since I started stretching my ears. The jewelry is usually around $8-9 each and is made from implant-grade steel. I hope this kind of thing never happens to me.

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