He’s Pretty Simple, Really..

Last week I posted this entry about Chase‘s DIY BMEzine cutting..

Here’s the lad in question standing in a bath, pretending to be shy and clutching his “drain rod”.

Read more for a bloody brilliant photo of his tongue split.

34 thoughts on “He’s Pretty Simple, Really..

  1. ohhh u can see inside the tongue sick! but cool
    show some of the healing in btw pictures

  2. I love how his septum ring ball is all up in his nose. Every morning,I wake up with mine up in there, and it always freaks me out. Being half awake, I just sort of assume my nose is all broken and fucked up.

  3. Oh man. He is hot. He looks like my friends boyfriend. :)

    Hot tongue split.

  4. Well…Well…Well.
    Maybe You Should Clean The Back Too…….If You Know What I Mean!
    Love From Saint Albans MotherF……
    I Was Just Talkin’ Bout Chase.

  5. the only thing that would make this series of photos hotter would be one with the hands removed. (yes I totally tried to click through too)

  6. I wanted to question why there are coffee cups in the tub, but I just think he is too cute to even ask.

  7. wow, that tongue picture is absolutely incredible
    and damn is that boy amazingly cute.

    So now he has 2 BME icons on him?

  8. I want to feel his tongue splitting..with my tongue. And can you take a picture without the hands? thanks.

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