BME Update – Images and Experiences

BME Update Update time! We just posted 1,890 new images and 88 experiences, with our lovely cover model featuring piercings by Mirka from Warsaw, Poland.

Many thanks to Phil for his work processing images and to all the experience reviewers! Some technical difficulties on my end this week — computer issues, Internet issues … but I only had to switch ISPs once! I guess that’s a victory of sorts.

Anyway, this got posted a little later than I would have hoped, but at least it’s here, and big thanks to Jonathon for his help behind the scenes on that front.

Long day. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go let John Mayer make sweet love to my ears for a few hours.

(Not like that, you sickos!)


7 thoughts on “BME Update – Images and Experiences

  1. Super Purple Cult Abstinence Rings Are Cool Indeed, But Cereal Box Decoder Rings That Can Turn You Into Various Things Related To Water Or A Lame Imaginary Animal……Like A Chinchilla

  2. my account died 🙁 im waiting for coupons from stuff submitted on saturday. are they on their way?

  3. 2,000 new images and not one of them in the lettering tattoo gallery 🙁

    I guess I should just hurry up and get mine, take a photo and post it up.

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