Holy Genius, Cat Girl.

Haha, this awesome (and informative) DIY tattoo is by IAM: PiercedPussyCat, clickthrough for a lovely shot of the lotus suspension that caused the injury..

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22 thoughts on “Holy Genius, Cat Girl.

  1. oh goodness. such strong words.

    keep it up, roo. i know there are those of us who believe in you.

  2. I’ve considered an “insert hooks here” themed tattoo for a while since I like hooks like another hooker in my area, but this is much better. I wonder if she simply was tired of explaining how the “injury” came to be since I do get tired of pointing out my now fading suspension scars to strangers who want to know what a suspension is and can’t find the numerous dots on my back from the hooks.

  3. thats a lovely suspension picture on the clickthrough. She looks so happy and content. I’m assuming the hook hole is one on her legs, it would be pretty hard to do a DIY tattoo between your shoulder blades.

  4. Roo, don’t get discouraged! I look at all the pics, and i DO have a membership because i contributed and love the hell outta this blog!
    Cant we follow this one thing….?
    If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here.

    community of friends
    community of friends
    community of friends

  5. Top of the page, there is a girl with pierced nips and a really nice tattoo in the banner. there are other pics up there alot that look great as well. is there a way to talk about them as well? some of them are really interesting/beautiful/intriging/post worthy!
    any idea Roo?

  6. Haha that’s wicked! I also love her other tattoos, they look very weel done.

    And Roo, you’re rad.

  7. I like the clickthrough picture better. I hope everyone makes sure to see it rather than just skimming over this post.

  8. SpeedoApe – I believe that picture has been modblogged already.

    But I could be mistaken…

  9. yeah, the photo(s) in the banner at the top have generally been blogged about before, so if you want to discuss it get yourself a time machine or look through the archives.

  10. That banner was posted, I’m pretty sure most/all of the banners have been.
    Diggin’ that click through.

  11. I think the click through and the main picture should have been in a different order, I like leopard print tattoo’s more then hook holes I guess.

  12. Having a hook piercing my knees? Holy shit. Those are some serious sensitive spots

  13. dude missed out bigtime…
    I would’ve “stenciled” “LOAD LIFT POINT” and make it look all rusty and military,still pretty cool to note a former suspension and the scars to prove it out

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