B(ME) Boy and B(ME) Girls – II

From left to right – Nick and Cere having it out at the NYC Tattoo Convention in May, 2008.. Gary and his husband Glenn posing with Buck Angel at Goodhandy’s, and lastly two of IAM: Aim High‘s favourite people – Who I’m sure will make themselves known soon enough..

From left to right again – “The First Kiss”, Marla Singer (featured previously) showing off after a play piercing session with Kev (pictured), and finally Naypi and Thiago from Brazil!

19 thoughts on “B(ME) Boy and B(ME) Girls – II

  1. I’d love to see that Long Hair’s chest tattoo at a more informing angle.

  2. Holy.. I was about to say the middle picture had 3 attractive men but wow, 2 gays and one ftm.. bizarre and awesome! Where is this place and why have I never been there before?

  3. Who are the unnamed guys and why can’t I see their tattoos better? The little part I can see looks awesome! *The one standing up is REALLY cute, btw*

  4. Oh, darnit. It’s always Canada. Or some far distant place. You’d think maybe California would have a good bodmod community but nope. I’m so moving to Canada dude.

  5. They did an awesome job on Buck’s breast augmentation. He is hot. Nick’s facial tattoos are blossoming brilliantly.

  6. the girls girls from brazil are freakin hot im even thinking about getting my tongue split it looks amazing

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