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  1. i think it’s one of those cgarette packs from the netherlands.they print lungs,legs,mouths and eyes of smokers on it to “scare” young people so they won’t start smoking.
    As far as i know the number of smokers has increased because it is “cool” to carry such a picture with you of something like that

  2. but what’s more interesting is the circle sleeve on the right…would love some good picture of it

  3. a pack of cigarettes with a picture of rotting teeth on it :)
    don’t know if those “warning” pictures are also on american packets, but over here in Europe it’s quite common.

  4. If you at the dudes at the back ground they look a bit south american ore caribean and the houses also don’t look european

    and yeah nice sleave!!

  5. Cigarette packs here have a little bit of text that says smoking causes lung cancer. It’s really tiny. On the side. In Canada (at least when I was there) the surgeon general’s warning consisted of “WARNING: SMOKING CAN KILL YOU” or “WARNING: SMOKING MAY CAUSE IMPOTENCE”

    Do cigarettes come in little tins like that over there? I want some.

  6. Ciggs are farrrrr too huge of an indu$try in the states. There will never be anything like that here, I’m sure.

  7. Added: in the states, there was apparently a real statement made by a cigg corp that “babies may be born smaller due to smoking.. some women prefer smaller babies”. Mmmm, that sounds about right. Durrrr where is my idiot hat.

  8. all cigarettes in australia have those pictures of rotting feet, arms, lungs, teeth, fetus’ all that stuff.

    i love the funky sleeve.

  9. all cigarettes in australia have those pictures of rotting feet, arms, lungs, teeth, fetus’ all that stuff.

    i love the funky sleeve.

  10. I’m gonna guess it’s Brazil because the text looks like portuguese. I was in Singapore last summer and they had those pictures to, but they were far more gorey! I bought at least one of each picture and the people selling tobacco always looked at me funny because I was like: “No, not the rotten baby one, can I have the one with the dying foot, please? I don’t have that one yet…” XDDD

    On a side note, that abstract sleeve is awesome! I wanna see a full pic!

  11. Right now in Canada, we have pictures of a cancerous mouth, a half brain during autopsy showing a major bleed (stroke), a guy coughing with a smoke in one hand and an oxygen mask in the other, a really pregnant woman with a smoke in her hand, a kid copying his mom with the “monkey see, monkey do” type thing written on it and I think there’s also one with kids coughing when mom is smoking. And one of post-autopsy lung cancer obviously.

    The pics take up the entire top portion of the pack (ours are cardboard, generally), and the “SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING” is printed in big bold letters with an smaller explanation underneath.

    They’re currently trying to get the warnings and photos entirely printed on the pack, but that’s a stretch away.

    They just passed a law stating now that it is illegal for vendors to have the classic “Smoke wall” behind the counter. They have all ben taken down or covered up now. There are no cigarettes in view anymore.

    All I have to say about all this is that Dennis Leary said it best in one of his stand-up acts: “They could make a cigarette called ‘Tumor’, and package it in a black box with a skull and crossbones on it, and smokers would STILL be lining up everywhere just to get a taste of it!!”

    sad, but true. lol

  12. yes, thats from brasil, over here all packs have some pics of what the cigarret can do to you.

  13. It’s Brazilian!!
    It said: “Smoke causes mouth cancer and theets loss”
    i guess..
    Lots of people stop smoking since this signs apears on the back of the cigarrete packs..

  14. we have more of this.. like one legged guy, and brain autopsy just like in canada. Cancer is a big problem for brazil, costs milions of dollars for the goverment, that don’t have it too much, so it’s more easy and cheap care about the peoples health saying what NOT to do..

  15. Uhuuw, gostei! *-*
    Até q enfim mais um post de brasileiros :B
    Só ta dificil os comentários °.°

  16. In UK They Just Have Labels That Say “If You Smoke These Your Balls Will Turn Blue And Fall Off” The Sleeve Is Real Nice On The Right!

  17. I was about to say it’s from Brazil, but I guess I’m too late.
    The packages here are getting even stronger and more explicit.

  18. isthat pack made out of metal? that pack is fucking dope-looking. why the fuck does it always say my comments are awaiting moderation when i put the word “fuck” in them?

  19. 16:courtney: They did actually do that in england for a short while, they where called “Death” though.

  20. Wow, I didn’t even notice the sleeve until reading the comments- that’s very nice, any idea who’s art it is yet? I dig it.

  21. Essa foto sou eu , q viagem ……coloquei ela no bme zine e nao aqui…….
    eh no brazil sim , em uma cidade chamada Pirenopolis , perto de Brasilia….
    valeu pelos comentarios , agora tenho q descobrir como ela veio parar aqui ….

  22. good match up, both Aussie and New Zealand have the pics, some of them are really bad.

  23. Funky sleeve, great/hilarious/clever photograph.

    +1 to 12./13. and 39., it’s kind of funny that when I used to work in a newsagency here in Oz, and almost everytime without fail, whover bought cigarettes would ask for a “nicer picture” than the one I gave them. Apparently the picture of a girl on a ventilator is nicer than one of a gangrenous foot or a tiny baby hooked up to monitors in a special crib?

    - I think perhaps thats the reason they brought out an anti-smoking commercial with a slogan something like ‘ you can hoose your packet, but not what damage smoking does to you’…

  24. its me on the photo …..
    i want to know who post this pic???
    it is from brazil in a city called pirenopolis, near from brazilia
    who is RooRaaah ????i post this pic in bme zine not here…

    thanks for the comments

    kisses from brazil

  25. the gangrenous foot on tha aussie ones grosses me out the most. thats a cool shot though, props for thinking to do that :D

  26. we have grusome pictures and bi-lingual warnings here in NZ, but that miro-esque sleeve is amazing! I want to see more of it!

  27. Simpson, RooRaaah eh o dono do site (ou um dos donos, nao sei). Algumas fotos do BMEzine sao selecionadas, e vem pro blog, por isso essa foto tah aki. A proposito, ficou massa a foto mesmo!

  28. all i could see wre teeth then some oen said funky sleeve and then i saw the arm its hilarious

  29. Muito massa ver coisas tão familiares no Modblog. Cada vez mais os brasileiros marcam presença no site.
    Comentários em português são ótimos também!

    Very nice to see such familiar things on Modblog. Each time there is more brazilian presence on the site.
    Comments in portuguese are great too!

  30. roo…i’m curious about the sleve .x…wanna see more of it x| it’s beatiful…

    ca em portugal os packs de cigarros vêm com avisos, mas sem imagens..lol…ainda ñ chegamos a esse ponto xD..agr só falta mais posts de portugal :x

  31. Jair , Acho q era uma caixinha de metal , promocional do hollywood….
    galera, vou ver se consigo alguma foto do braço do meu amigo….

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