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  1. Is a photograph all it takes to get on modblog these days?

    I mean come on, his junk looks like it has self tanner on it, save the tip, and having it out for the photo was hardly necessary. After this and “bandanna man” I have to question why I visit this blog anymore. :(

  2. Yeah, too far to the right (his left, our right) by half a character and a bit wonky.

  3. Agreed with all of the above. No genital piercings or anything…the penis doesn’t add anything to the picture. Tattoo is unimpressive…just meh.

  4. You know, this would have been a sexier picture if he was just pulliing down the elastic, rather than it sitting there like, y’know, the last turkey in the store.

    Also, he needs cock piercings, and the font is an odd choice.

  5. lmao, i didn’t get the title or anything of this post, because i’m a huge idiot and thought that was chinese… granted, when i first saw this post, i had just woken up…. but NOW i see it. wow, how embarassing…. ah well!

  6. Roo – Even scratcher-level tattoos with a fairly unneccessary inclusion of random genitals? It’s not even a very flattering presentation of the aforementioned junk. I understand throwing this into bmeink, but to cull it from the herd for modblog, where it was until quite recently the “cream of the crop” (mostly) that was posted, makes little sense to me (or many readers it seems). I keep visiting modblog because I continually hope for an increase in the quality of the pictures and posts, but as of late it has been very hit or miss. And I must say, this is a miss. I applaud your efforts at keeping modblog alive, but I decry the apparent lack of interest in finding the high quality/thought provoking/interesting mods to post that were much more prevalent in the past (not that there weren’t naked folks posted all the time, but generally they included some form of noteworthy mod, be it on the naked parts or not). I’m all for checking out random cocks, but if it isn’t pierced, tattooed or otherwise modified, it doesn’t strike me as worthy of the space on modblog, where again – I come for the unique, “cream of the BME crop”, not some random guy’s off-center scratcher tattoo and his unneccessarily featured wedding tackle. My two cents as a long time modblog reader.

  7. audente – I’ve addressed this in previous comment forums and don’t really feel like regurgitating what I’ve said previously to be honest.

    I haven’t been posting to ModBlog (apart from the videos) for long and I’m still probably a little wet behind the ears but I am listening to what people are saying. This is a free blog sponsored by BMEzine.com and I found this tattoo funny because of the text they included with it. Simple as that.

    If I’d have left the wang uncensored people would have complained, as I’ve said before, it’s impossible to please everyone.

  8. I mostly agree with you, 19, but I *also* come here to see weird, dorky, messed up, silly, and failed mods, because I’m interested in everything going on in this eclectic culture, and the more you know…*rainbow with star arches overhead*

  9. i think we can all deal with a picture that is a little ‘off’ every now and again. if you cant and you get upset enough to write paragraph after paragraph to complain instead of just letting it go. leave. its just that easy, no one is making you look at this blog, and no one is making you leave a comment. if you dont like the picture, look past it. its just that simple.

  10. Let me clarify – I’ll still be here enjoying what there is to enjoy, and I truly do applaud you and thank you for taking the reigns Roo, that much I hope to make clear. And I’m not denouncing nudity – by all means bring on more :) I’m also a fervent believer that the “owner” of the blog is entitled to post whatever the hell they want. I was simply dissapointed with this particular one. All in all, you are doing a bang up job and look forward to watching the evolution of modblog under your direction.

  11. I think if we all would just decide to walk around with our junk hanging out the would would be a less uptight place….

  12. This has got to be the Modblog equivalent to jumping the shark.

    A stupid tattoo, done terribly over a dick? That sounds perfect for BME!

  13. You know, I’d say most people DO look past the occasional so-so picture, it’s the stupid arguments like this that put most of us off =/

  14. A if their was a vagina i’m sure their would be less complaints. pierced or unpierced.

    B if your going to complain about anything, then at least provide a viable solution. why don”t you post something of your own? i have.

    C i find the subject and placement entertaining.

  15. This is a community of friends
    This is a community of friends
    This is a community of friends
    This is a community of friends
    Whats up Amigos? :p

  16. Why do “bad” posts inspire the most attention? blah blah blah, my pussy hurts, blah blah blah

    I found this entertainingly bad.

    just like the movie showgirls… So bad…. it’s good

  17. He should have gotten it ON his penis. Then he could really say “you’ve got a little captain in you.” Except it’s not really little.

  18. that is a shit tattoo and i have not a clue as to why it is on modblog. it’s like… a dollar store quality tattoo.

  19. I agree that this is a bad picture, and that penis does look a bit sad, or maybe just bored(then again, I am viewing modblog on my phone), but the tattoo is hilariously silly. I’m amused. Every now and the we need to take a break from the super fancy, and enjoy some lowbrow humor.

    Also, fuck, maybe I’m a jerk, but I don’t think that if you aren’t submitting stuff, or at least paying for an IAM subscription, then you really shouldn’t be bitching about what is posted on modblog. The stuff posted come from the bme galleries, so if you don’t like what’s getting posted, why don’t you go out and do something to change that? Get a sweet tattoo, or some spectacular piercings, and submit them!

  20. Eh. Not much on here lately feels very mod-bloggy. It seems like it used to be an honor to be on here and now just random stuff comes up. Sometimes it’s interesting.. I guess. We need more “not everyday” stuff, methinks.

  21. So, let me get this straight, its A-OK to post a naked chick in all her glory, with a tiny little piercing that’s barely noticeable, but it’s blasphemous to include *gasp* male nudity when submitting a humorous tattoo?
    WoW. Talk about double standards.

  22. As someone who is a fan of captain Morgan but not so much cock, I can proudly say this gave me a laugh. I have to ask though, why?

  23. Emaline I am not a subscriber (Yet.) but I -AM- a long time contributer to many areas of the site. I’m not gonna stop supporting modblog and bme because one post is not to my liking, and Roo has 99.9% done a fine job. And I was not meaning to offend, so apologies if I did, but this post just made me kinda go “..huh.?”
    Jade- just to be fair, I am also discouraged by a naked female with nothing but a belly stud or a tiny tattoo on the hip or something to that effect. No double standards here! xx. :)
    I think I agree with 43 best. “Nothing against this,… just a boring, unimpressive shot.”

  24. to the people claiming, before Roo became one of the major modblog updaters, that modblog ONLY posted the cream of the crop.

    I bet it was also you delusional people who believed the American government when they said: “SADDAM HAS WMD’S! Ok, we don’t have proof but we KNOW its there”

    Jesus christ people simply thumb back through ALL the entries and look for yourselves, not ALL the posts were “cream of the crop”…In fact quite a lot of “shit” was posted.

    Granted I don’t see the point in the cock showing, perhaps it was to try and make up for the sketchy tattoo work? To take your eyes AWAY from the tattoo a la: “If you look closely you’ll see a cock in this picture!”

    But realistically be it good, be it bad, be it whatever…If its modified in some way shape or form it has the potential to be modblog worthy…Because with an unbiased approach on the subject matter only then will the people see: The Good, The Bad and the downright FUGLY.

    ps: Captain Morgan is the lamest rum ever produced and doesn’t even deserve to be toilet water in my eyes.

    ANYONE who’s a true rum drinker knows its either: Cockspur Special Reserve Old Gold or Mount Gay Extra Old….The pun is most intensely intended but the reality IS it’s true.

  25. He looks like he has the same problem when shaving that I do. Dumb tattoo but funny. I like the dick especially because it’s unmutilated.

  26. HAHAHAHAHA okay everyone needs to relax, some dude named his junk “captain morgan” and then got it permanently inked over his wang… if none of you can seriously find any amusement in that, im sorry :) the majority of the stuff Roo posts are “serious” mods, it’s okay to show a frivolous tattoo sometimes, just enjoy it!! :P

  27. Seriously, this isn’t the blog of the modded “elite”. This (as Roo has stated plenty of times), is the place to show every kind of modification out there. Personally, I’d find it so, so boring if everything on modblog was breathtaking. As someone said earlier, the funny mods belong here too. If you want perfect tattoos, and amazing piercings all the time (the quality, OH the quality!), then modblog isn’t really the place for you I’m guessing. Apparently, this community is about “diversity”. Or am I in the wrong place?

  28. Funny how, when it’s a naked guy, everyone is complaining this doesnt add anything to the picture, but when one of the “BMEgirls” posts a suicidegirl style photo showing half a tattoo and 2 breatst 80% of the responses is “Gorgeous”. If I wanna watch porn, I’ll look up porn, on here, I’d prefer to see good quality images of funny/awesome/cutting edge bodymods.

  29. i agree with post 29. people need to complain less and submit more.

    hey pirate, what are you doing with that steering wheel in your lap?

    “arrrgh, it’s

  30. hellonightmare – Are you suggesting I remove content from the BME submissions pile and post them on my personal blog? I don’t think that would go down very well :P

  31. I really don’t see the problem.. this is ‘Mod’Blog after all, and I do believe this is a modification, even if it may not be up to some people’s holier than thou standards that seem to of become so prevalent round here.

  32. I like the tattoo and I like his dick – he’s certainly well endowed. Some lucky person will be sure to remember his nick-name if they keep their eyes open in a certain situation. Can’t understand why so many people are making snarky comments. He’s modified; surely he’s one of the gang. This is a community of friends, allegedly.

  33. In response to Will’s (#61) post…Does anyone happen to even REMEMBER when this was a community of friends.

    I sure do and I can pretty much pin-point the exact year that we lost that…It can be re-gained however the attitude that being brought forth, like in these posts, need to be ended ASAP.

  34. he has a tattoo, not sure what people are bitching about. i think the man is doing a damn fine job. if you don’t like what he posts don’t look at it.

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