The Streets Are Alive..

With the sound of Michael and IAM: lanileegarver (it’s her birthday today, go wish her well and compliment her choice in eyeballs!) enjoying a photoshoot in Fell’s Point, Baltimore, MD. Clickthrough for another..

See more in Double and Multi-Labrets (Lip Piercing)

54 thoughts on “The Streets Are Alive..

  1. also not liking this new layout. i like seeing the photos, and if i’m interested in what someone has to say about them, then reading. this whole ‘click to see what you might not want to look at anyway’ thing isn’t working for me. before, the content was redundant… now i have to click to see if it’s redundant? no thanks.
    and, #4, comments on the blog are on topic because we are looking AT the blog.

  2. Why don’t we see more modified black people outside africa? I mean, it’s hawt as hell, has it something to do with people not wanting to get racist comments about lip-plate tribes etc? Can’t really figure it out, more sexy modified black people :)

  3. granule – I wasn’t quite sure what you meant my “redundant” anyway :).

  4. *mono toned voice* Roo I am deeply offended by this! I can’t see her modifications well enough, how dare you do this to us! We the masses want up close and in your face modification work! We don’t want to see pretty T’n'A or C’n'B! We want to see the work and the work alone! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah *end mono toned voice*

    ;) yes I’m tonging your cheek, you know you like it ;P

    As for the picture its really well done, I like the contrasting colors and the blue eyes really pop out at ya.

  5. Aw, thank you!! I didnt even know this was going up haha,
    and dear lord yess, that was a veryy good skin day ^_^
    i was pretty happy about it

  6. I agree with several others, I prefer the old layout of seeing multiple posts on the page, all with the main image and lead in there with no clicking.

    Here there’s only the one entry (at least as of 10:20 PM CDT) and I have to click to see it, not so good.

    If there was a “click here and get basically the old list of posts style layout” for the old “modblog” type entries feed (separate from the rest of the news on this page, which is fine) that’d be awesome.

  7. Oh wait… I see clicking on “MODBLOG” in grey there just above this post does that, as “archives.”

    So… I think I’m okay with things, then.

  8. #7 and #9 I was thinking the exact same thing!

    i want more sexy black people PLEASE:)

  9. Sade: I processed a few more images today of sexy women of color so those should start to be up in regular ModBlog rotation soon.
    Note to Sexy Women of Color! Send in more photos! please… Sexy Men of color too! We do not discriminate unless you don’t have any visible mods in the photograph of course. If you want to see more, send in more and we will have more to post, hell you might even get your own 15 minutes of ModBlog Fame!

  10. is it wrong to disagree with everyone and say there should be less, if any blacks on modblog?
    maybe it is best to be a stereotypical mod person on these issues.

  11. i don’t mind seeing more or less black or white or asian or whatever people, i just like sexy people in general. but thats all subjective heeey. i wish i had her eyes, what a stunner!

  12. infowar: i can’t tell if you’re talking about black people or black backgrounds… i only hope it’s the latter.

  13. Infowar, you stupid fuck.

    Give me a fucking break you racist loser.

    Our ancestors have been doing this shit longer than you can imagine, you dumbass.

  14. Um, she’s hot, but do people not know there is a thing called colored contacts?
    Either way, they’re hot but I get the same damn thing.

  15. my sister had those same contacts, and these make me feel the same way as my sister’s: horrified, yet happy

  16. She is gorgeous!!I hope to see more of my people on here and more people of color in general.Oh,and info do us all a favor and never post on here again.There are enough ignorant assholes in the world,we don’t need or want them on modblog.Thanks

  17. Damnit, and here I thought I had my sexuality figured out as a straight girl!
    Seems I was wrong.

    Stunning looks aside, this girl has an inner power that comes through even in photos.

  18. omg she’s gorgeous and yea i’m jealous about the skin too lol

    co signin sara about the blk thing
    so whoaaness
    <3s blk folks w/ mods!

  19. Plenty of black people have bodymodifications we just don’t have many pictures. Yeah I’m in DC so I’ve seen a few. And she’s not that hot, its the photoshop.

  20. ick. so fake and photoshopped.
    not attractive in the least.

    and her lobes were rushed, you can see how mangled they are, regardless of the photoshop.

  21. [email protected] So true.
    Cosign with the photoshop BUT (and it is a very large BUT), almost every single photo that makes it on Modblog IS photoshopped and I don’t see people making those comments on every single photoshopped modblog photo. Just because photoshop is used doesn’t mean she’s unattractive…

    Her lobes do not look more rushed than anyone else’s I have seen gracing Modblog’s existence. And thank you Maya lol

  22. Hey #39! I know where you live! Don’t you lie to the masses. Oh and ignorant people are always awesome,
    i just wish that people that full of crap and think that highly of themselves would post a nice little link
    so we can have a nice little link to know, “Hey- Lets never be friends.”

  23. She’s beautiful, photoshopped or not. I wish I had lips like that. Women with lips that beautiful rule the world!

  24. No you don’t Lani I moved remember you’ll never find me mwuhahhahahahaha By the way you coming to Ty’s event?

  25. Pshht, like they wouldnt tell me. and of course i am ^_^
    AND yess! yay for lips, 19yrs later and i finally accept them <3

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