Gimme Some Skin!

Thinking of a fairly large skin removal? This is what you should be expecting to take home in a doggy bag!*

Clickthrough to see the piece a week after the procedure and here for the first time it was featured on ModBlog.

By Ron Garza on IAM: skod.

* – Anything less and you’ve been swindled.

15 thoughts on “Gimme Some Skin!

  1. Cool, this is a bit “behind the scenes” when it comes to scarification. For the ones who are planning to get lost oof some weight, plan a HUGE scarification, results guaranteed!! :D

  2. i met ron when they were here in guatemala with john durante, very nice guys.
    so when is he finishing the rest of it? and i’m only curious on how having one side of it done so long later will affect the final results since scars tend to be always-changing as they age

  3. Kay. So. Maybe I’m stupid. I’ve never had a piece of scarification work done.

    …but what is the goo?

    Fat? Some sort of clotting gel? Pain relief? Ogre spit?

  4. Whoah. It’s been quite a while since something on modblog messed with my head, but that definitely made me feel a little nauseous.

  5. I agree with Tiroskan. It’s been so long that I’ve been taken back from something posted on here, but it definitely messed with my head a bit :)

    I like it

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