42 thoughts on “Tattoo Allergies?

  1. Not to post the same thing in 2 different sections BUT! she would lookSO awesome if she was wearing just that (nothing) and working in my flower beds……

  2. nice nice nice. flower tattoes are not my cup of tea, but this is quite awesome 🙂

  3. Hey Will has his own shop in Seattle now called Cicada Tattoo, check it out! Also I believe his name is Will Bodnar, not “bolnar”!

  4. This is so so beautiful. I love the use of coloured line work and the placement is phenomenal!

  5. The tattoo is floral, and many people are allergic to pollen.

    Big tattoos on girls is super hot.

  6. looks beautiful specially because of the size and how it flows with the body

    (awesome there is a “submission form” below roo’s info now! i already submitted some photos like a couple of days ago by the way)

  7. wow. this is really pretty. 🙂 I have always liked flower tattoos. i seriously she’s one of those girls that doesn’t gain a pound no matter what she does though. haha

  8. this is the most uniquely stylized floral tattoo ive seen in ages. simply wonderful! absolutely.

  9. it’s about time someone took art, real art, and applied it to tattoos. black outlines are elementary.

  10. Beautiful flower tat, although kinda strange choice for a kanji tat … house?

    It did distract away from the entire beauty of it unfortunatly, although she also should be very proud to have such a beautiful body.

  11. WOW!! I love the glowing outline!! Overall though, this is one of the most beautiful floral tats I’ve ever seen.

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