34 thoughts on “Put Your Metal To The Petal.

  1. nice work….I’m considering getting something similar.
    I really don’t like the way Modblog is set up now
    please change it back

  2. I like it, but one thing that caught my attention was here navel piercing x)
    If I were her I would deffinatly change the ball on the top since it looks like it’s infected or something haaha ;p

    ps. yea, I prefered the older look of modblog to 🙂

  3. The cherry blossoms are pretty, very nice work…but I have seen similar designs on many others. What’s up with the belly button? Scarring?

  4. Lovely. I’m a sucker for cherry blossoms anyway.

    I’m with # 1&2, liked the old look better.

  5. If you’re commenting on the new site, could you restrict them to this post and not the ModBlog entries please. Thanks guys.

  6. I also thought her navel was inflammed until I realized that it was just the colour of the jewellery.

  7. I think some of the marks might just be stretch marks/cellulite not scars,
    and I think she looks awesome with it.

  8. yep the marks are faded stretchmarks
    and this is gorgeous, i love the way it flows with the shape of her body

  9. yes, i think the way this picture was taken makes me look fatter than i actually am.there are better healed pictures on my page. as for my navel piercing its just the color of the jewerly nothing is wrong with it,as for the stretch marks i used to be about 50-60lbs heavier.comments about my not so perfect body are rather rude keep it to yourself. alot of the reason i got this done is beacuse i wanted something pretty to look at instead of my stretchmarks.

  10. #18-Way to be harsh…
    Constructive critisism and voicing your opinion in a mature manner=good
    Brutally bashing someone while name calling=bad

    That being said I think this scarification is lovely; it complements her body and her shape nicely.

  11. i’m not sure i know anyone that doesn’t get pubic hair stubble uhhhhhhhhhh. you’re all assholes. its beautiful and im sure this girl doesnt feel like apologizing for not being 95lbs.

  12. Go talk shit somewhere else. it’s a beautiful piece, and the girl is gorgeous. Why waste your time saying rude things? Get a fucking life.

  13. Why is it that so many people act repulsed by stretch marks? They are a normal part of pregnancy for most women. I think stretch marks are beautiful, they are testament to the incredible changes that a woman’s body undergoes to bring a new life into this world. And yet, women are taught to be ashamed if they get them. If men had babies, I bet stretch marks would be a symbol of pride, and they would compare who had the biggest “scars”!

    And she is not even remotely fat. Beautiful body and beautiful scars (all of them)!

  14. esther, i can only assume you are not a women or a man with stretch marks.

    you get stretch marks when you grow too fast for your skin. i have tons of them on my body from my boobs to my lower back and i know for a fact i have never had a kid.

  15. No 18 – b.

    How is her body repulsive? I think shes beautiful!
    You can tell in this pic she is in no way fat, yes, she has a little bit of a belly but dont most people?
    I know as soon as I eat anything – be a a carrot or whatever – my belly bloats up like a big balloon
    And pubic hair stubble? Doesnt that happen to everyone when you shave your bits? Or are you too young to have pubic hair and no any different

    Grow up, shes beautiful inside and out

    PS. That is a beautiful scarification piece (:

  16. Its comments like #18 that make me start hating this site more & more. Seriously. What an uncalled for immature fuckin comment. Don’t think ill be visitng “modblog” very much from now on.

  17. I think it’s lovely, floral scarification always looks awesome, but I wonder how it’ll be once healed, as it seems quite small (I mean, the lines are quite thin and the design is spread out quite far). If it were me I’d want more pattern and thicker chunks taken out! But then I’m not for the subtle.

  18. i see that the rude comment about me has been removed,and now you have to sign up to post things on here.

  19. Kaitlin-
    Yes, I know that stretch marks can occur for numerous reasons, from puberty to body building, and yes I know that men can get them too. However, the most common cause of stretch marks is pregnancy. And yes, I have had a baby and my stomach looks EXACTLY like Liz’s (minus the badass scarification). I also know many women who have had babies and their stomachs look the same way. That is why I recognized them as being pregnancy stretch marks (and Liz I apologize if I am wrong).

    My main point is that people should not be ashamed of their stretch marks, or their bodies in general.

  20. i don’t have any kids , i just gained weight quickly from medication then lost it quickly.i plan on getting my other side tattooed with koi fish and turtles.

  21. I’m tall and thin and always have been. I have stretch marks on the backs of my legs from the growth spurts I had in my pre/early teens and years of running track. People evolve and so does their skin. No biggie. No shame.
    The cherry blossom scarification looks great.

  22. Beautiful scarification! And can I just say that your midriff is really nice as well, I would kill to have such a defined waist, but I just go straight up and down 🙁 love the cherry blossoms 😀

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