In a couple years, baby, I’m-a bring you some Nets

By way of Williamsburg comes this cutting by Brian at PURE:

By my count, we’ve got characters from the Brooklyn Dodgers, Brooklyn Cyclones, the Knicks and the Mets. Am I missing any? Islanders, maybe?

Also, upon seeing this piece, an inspired Stephon Marbury had a Starbury logo branded on his ass and set up a shoe kiosk on Fire Island. True story.

17 thoughts on “In a couple years, baby, I’m-a bring you some Nets

  1. It’s close, but I’d be willing to bet the “B” is supposed to be for the Dodgers …

  2. “Fuck you, okay? I was born in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, okay? My accent is a fucking Brooklyn accent, okay? Okay? “

  3. sacrilege. (red sox & yankees together? no.)

    decent cutting though, could have been spaced out a little better

  4. I happen to know it took you some time to remember what was missing yourself Brian!

  5. You’re all right, okay? The “B” for the Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Red Sox is the same font. Geez.

  6. Actually Brian they are slighty different. See, winners use the Dodgers font while only a complete loser would ever use the Sox font, because you know, thats what sox fans are.

  7. I thought the L and Y should of been closer together. Either way… I’m from boston, and baseball bores the hell out of me. ZZZZZZ

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